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Error: QuickBooks Can’t Complete the Current Action due to a Missing Component

    QuickBooks missing component

    When requesting a print invoice, checks, or reports you may encounter an error QuickBooks can’t complete the current action due to missing components.

    It generally happens when QuickBooks is unable to communicate with the default printer. You can easily fix it using the QuickBooks print and PDF repair tool.

    QuickBooks accounting software runs of the operating systems like Apple and Windows. In that case, while running on the operating system, it faces issues like utilities and drivers.

    QuickBooks can’t complete the current action due to a missing component is a common occurring issue usually happens when requests to print checks, invoice, or reports. In simple terms, we can say that when a QuickBooks Desktop application is not able to communicate with the default printer. However, there could be many possible reasons due to which QuickBooks users get this error like damaged, outdated or missing Adobe Reader, outdated QuickBooks version. This article clarifies further reasons due to which this error happens including the all possible troubleshooting to fix this issue.

    Causes of QuickBooks can’t Complete the Current Action due to a Missing Component

    The below are few listed reasons due to which this error repeatedly crop up on your screen:

    • You might be using an outdated QuickBooks Desktop version.
    • The Adobe Reader’s components may be missing, damaged or outdated.
    • In your Windows settings, Microsoft XPS Document Writer (MXDW) is turned off.

    Prerequisite things need to follow before you begin the fixation methods

    There are two important pointers you must have to consider and that are:

    Update your QuickBooks Desktop Version with the most Updated Version

    • First, close your QuickBooks application
    • Simultaneously press and hold the Ctrl key from your console
    • After that, perform a double-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon
    • Make sure that you do not release the keys until the QB is open
    • Now, you can see No Company Open window will open
    • Locate the Help menu and then look for the Update QuickBooks Desktop
    • Hit the Update Now tab which is at the top
    • Click on the Get Updates
    • Click the Close button once the QuickBooks successfully update.

    Generate a Backup of Company File of QuickBooks

    • Initially, open QuickBooks Desktop
    • Next, go to the File menu >> Back up Company >> Create Local Backup
    • And then perform the on-screen instructions in order to create a backup of the company file.

    Steps for Fix QuickBooks Can’t Complete the Current Action due to a Missing Component

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Download and Install QuickBooks Tool Hub

    💠 The very first, you have to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub
    💠 Then move to the Download section by pressing the key Ctrl + J
    💠 Hit QuickBooksToolsHub.exe under the downloads list
    💠 Allow to make modifications by clicking Yes
    💠 Next, hit Next and then Install
    💠 At last, click Finish once the installation is successfully done.

    Reset the Temporary Folder Permission

    💠 Simultaneously, press the Windows + R keys in order to open the Run command
    💠 Type %temp% and then click Ok
    💠 Perform a right-click on the blank area to select Properties
    💠 Now, go to the Security tab
    💠 Confirm that all user name and group have complete control permissions

    Verify that the XPS can Print

    💠 To start with opening the Run command by pressing Windows + R keys simultaneously
    💠 Next, type Notepad and then hit Ok
    💠 After that, type TEST in your notepad and then go to File >> Print
    💠 Now, select the Microsoft XPS document Writer
    💠 Once selected then click the Print option
    💠 Save the file on your Desktop after giving a name to it
    💠 Finally, close your Notepad then move to the Desktop and open Notepad which you want to print using the XPS Document Writer.

    If you want to print outside from your QuickBooks then make sure you select the correct printer in QuickBooks. In case, you are unable to print outside the QuickBooks then you may require fixing other printer issues or consulting the printer manufacturer support service.

    Check the Printer Settings

    💠 Firstly, restart your PC as well as Printer
    💠 Next, open the Run window by pressing Windows + R keys
    💠 After that, you have to type Control and then hit Ok
    💠 Select the Hardware and Sound >> Devices and Printers
    💠 In case your printer status says offline then you have to make a right-click on the Use Printer Online
    💠 If many of the documents is in the queue to print then cancel all of them
    💠 Finally, you have to print the test page once again.

    Download QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair tool

    💠 Download the QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool software, click on run
    💠 Once the installation is complete, try to open the pdf file which was not opening earlier.
    💠 If it still doesn’t open, restart your computer and then try to open PDF.
    💠 If it still persists, log-in with admin credentials.
    💠 Now, check whether you working windows XPS in your system or not or it is able to open PDF file or not.
    💠 Connect with QuickBooks Support Team in case your windows server is unable to respond to your command or it still fails to open PDF file. You can make use of Adobe Reader. It can help you resolve the issue.

    The printer may not be supporting Microsoft XPS. You need to check whether your printer supports your XPS software or not

    💠 Try to open any webpage and server and print it.
    💠 Print using Microsoft XPS as a mode of carrier.
    💠 Now, click on the file that you have saved on the desktop.
    💠 It is good to have file saved on the desktop.
    💠 If the QuickBooks is still unable to print the pdf file, you need to download and install Microsoft XPS.
    💠 For further assistance in your Microsoft, call us on our Technical Support Number.

    If there is a missing component that you require to print PDF, follow the steps to solve the issue from your QuickBooks Accounting Software.

    💠 You need to install Microsoft XPS writer to start printing your pdf document once again.
    💠 Double-click on the explorer and open it. Select the installation option. If necessary, cancel it.
    💠 Turn on/off the viewer and service as per your requirement in XPS.
    💠 Now, you need to recheck the file, to do so, open the file and check whether you are able to perform the printing option or not.
    💠 If there is an issue still with printing, you may need to check your printer setting.
    💠 If necessary, re-install your printer.
    💠 You can easily uninstall printer from the control panel; the better is you get permission from the window to proceed further in QuickBooks.
    💠 Now, create a PDF file in QuickBooks once again and then try to print it.


    Hopefully, this blog covered the major information regarding QuickBooks can’t complete the current action due to a missing component. To know more about accounting software & best resolution for QuickBooks errors or any other functional glitches, you can easily reach the team of experts to get better assistance with less delay

    If the error still remains in your computer, you need to get in touch with our team via modes that we have enable to QuickBooks support you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. How do I repair the damaged Adobe Reader?

    Ans. Repair the damaged Adobe Reader step :

    💠 first, close all the open windows as well as web browsers
    💠 Simultaneously, press Windows + R keys to open the run command
    💠 Type appwiz.cpl within the Run text Window
    💠 Go to the list and look for the Adobe Reader and make a double-click to select the Uninstall/Change option
    💠 Hit next followed by Repair tab
    💠 Once again press next and then select Install
    💠 To end this process, you have to click Finish once the installation is done
    💠 Finally, attempt to restart your Windows.

    Q2. What are the steps involved in turning-on Microsoft Document Writer?

    Ans. Steps involved in turning-on Microsoft Document Writer :

    💠 Press Windows + R simultaneously to open the Run command
    💠 Type appwiz.cpl within the Run window and then hit the Enter key
    💠 From the left side panel, you have to hit the “Turn Windows features on or off”
    💠 Verify whether the checkbox beside the Microsoft XPS Document Write is marked or not
    💠 If not then select the box and then try once again to print the PDF from your QuickBooks.

    Q3. How can we update our QuickBooks outside the software?

    Ans. First, you have to visit the web page of QuickBooks Download and Update. Choose the QuickBooks desired version from the Select Product drop down list and then hit Search tab. Now, click on the Get the Latest Updates followed by Save and it will download the file on your desktop. To proceed with the further installation, you have to make double-click on the downloaded file.