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QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 8.0

    QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

    The latest QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool version 8.0 can be downloaded without paying any cost. It’s free to download software which works well with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0. Users can download the current installer, occupying 1.7 MB space on the disk.

    QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 8.0

    The free QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool installer, also known as QBServerUtilityMgr, has been gaining traction amongst users. It is, in fact, considered as the most popular PC program owing to a built-in antivirus, which makes it secure and virus free. This tool is typically developed to help users diagnose and correct a plethora of problems averting suitable connections across a range of QuickBooks application, files, and Database Manager. By using this tool, you can troubleshoot any networking/ multi-user error (usually occurs while attempting to access the company’s file). If you are looking to upgrade to this latest version, follow below instructions:

    Go to QuickBooks website -> search “Connection Diagnostic Tool” -> click on the required look and download this free tool

    Users can download/run QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool to seamlessly fix error messages received while installing the QB Desktop, as depicted in the picture below:

    QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Helps in Resolving Issues Such As

    • User unable to connect QuickBooks to the company database
    • Inability to open firewall port
    • Connectivity issues related to QuickBooks Database’

    To know more about this QuickBooks tool, you can expeditiously connect with our helpdesk support team. Our squad of QuickBooks experts is trained to wipe out all sorts of errors that QB users can encounter and offer right support in no time.

    How to Use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

    You can download as well as extract this free diagnostic tool from your device and follow the troubleshooting steps, as given below:

    Total Time: 15 minutes

    Diagnose the Connection Tab

    A user can use this tab to test the set-up of their computer in order to make sure that all their critical information and data files are accurately accessible from his/her system as well as configure himself as a single/multi user. However, if you fail to correctly set permission or unblock firewall ports, you may come across errors.

    Check for Firewall Status

    For this, look for the status displayed in the firewall area and follow the basic instructions to unblock the firewall.

    Verify Test Connectivity

    In order to determine your workstation’s connectivity, you may need to test your system’s connectivity by referring to below instructions:

    Go to Company File -> click the next tab located to the field -> locate a suitable company files -> select “Change Hosting Server” -> select “Ok”

    Please note, as you run this connectivity test, validate that all statuses are displayed as ‘Not Applicable’ in a blue color.

    Test Connectivity

    As you run the test, if there is no error the status will be Green, else Red for the problems detected. Henceforth, select the correct “Test Connectivity” button. If the displayed status is Red, it indicates that the test has failed. You may need to look at the areas that need to be checked for errors. As the errors are fixed, run this tool again to check if the error continues to occur. Check for File Open Status, if a successful message displays on the server, repeat the aforementioned steps on each QuickBooks installed computer to automatically diagnose and resolve errors containing components like:

    💠 Microsoft .NET Framework
    💠 MSXML
    💠 C++

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    The above errors can be resolved by:

    💠 Installing QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool for troubleshooting issues related to C++, Microsoft.NET, and MSXML
    💠 Updating Windows to install the missing updates related to above errors
    💠 Manually fixing Microsoft components’ errors
    💠 Install QuickBooks in a Selective Startup

    However, if you are unable to fix the issue by yourself, get help from our QuickBooks helpdesk by calling. Call our QuickBooks helpline team now at our 24*7 active toll-free number.