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How to Use QuickBooks Conversion Tool

    QuickBooks Conversion Tool

    QuickBooks conversion tool is one of the best tools used in QuickBooks for the conversion of files. As you know QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software, hence it is equipped with many tools that simplify the process of file conversion. In the below article, we will cover about QuickBooks Conversion Tool, advantages, system requirements, and process to use the QuickBooks Conversion tool. So, without wasting time let’s start our article.

    What is QuickBooks Conversion Tool ?

    Although, there are several tools available in QuickBooks, but QuickBooks Conversion tool is one of the best tool available. Users should allow this program to convert the company file from other different programs. In spite of how much data is complex, it follows the conversion process without compromising with the data security. With the help of the QuickBooks Conversion Tool, users can convert the file without wasting too much time.

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    Characteristics of QuickBooks Conversion Tool

    • This tool helps to convert data without negotiation with security
    • It doesn’t affect or change your existing files
    • It helps to import your data to a new QuickBooks company files
    • Helps to setup the process to convert data to QB files
    • Creates a log file which keeps records of the conversion process
    • Explain the existing status of your business

    What are the Restrictions of QuickBooks Conversion Tool?

    Sometimes, while using the conversion tool you may get the message like “ QuickBooks conversion tool not working”. It happens because the conversion tool has some limits to import business data, transactions, etc. Below is a list of items that can’t be converted.

    • Payroll Item
    • Paycheck
    • Job Costing
    • Purchase Orders
    • Fixed assets items work clients
    • Employee wage
    • Estimates

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    System Requirements for QuickBooks Conversion Tool

    Below are the system requirements which need to be available for this tool.

    • RAM should be 512 MB or greater.
    • .NET frame 2.0 framework installation needs.
    • Operating System should be compatible such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, 8, 10.
    • QuickBooks needs to be properly registered and installed.
    • Microsoft SBA 2006, Peachtree(it needs to be version 2001 or later), or Microsoft Accounting 2008.

    Steps to Use QuickBooks Conversion Tool

    Before using the QuickBooks Conversion tool make sure that your system meets above-mentioned system requirements.

    Now let’s see the steps to use the Conversion tool mentioned below :

    • Double click on the QuickBooks Conversion tool icon on the Desktop.
    • Now, select the option from my own company and my client company to go ahead.
    • Select your account software from the given drop-down list which you are going to convert.
    • Click Next.
    • Select a company file using the browse option and after that click Next to proceed ahead.
    • Choose your QuickBooks edition and change the location where the company file will be saved.
    • Click Next.
    • Select the conversion level from “ list and transaction” or “list only” and then click Next.
    • As per the date and Name select Accounting preferences >>> click Next.
    • Check your details and remove the errors, if everything is ok and there is no error, go ahead and click the Start button.
    • Depending on the file size it will take some time, and once done you can see the conversion list.
    • Finally, click Finish.

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