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How to Fix QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server

    QuickBooks Could not Connect to Email Server

    QuickBooks is one of the fantastic accounting software, which helps every user to manage the business. It is one of the crucial parts of managing accounts and finance. Sometimes, you also are required to send the details, transactions, invoices through emails. This can be overcome through using webmail, but have you thought that what to do if QuickBooks couldn’t connect to email server. Today, we will be going to discuss the issue “QuickBooks couldn’t connect to email server”, its reasons and solutions. Let’s start one by one.

    Causes for QuickBooks Could not Connect to Email Server

    Before jumping to the solution part, first, we need to check about the causes. Some of the areas of the causes:

    • Email settings are not configured properly.
    • This error can also because of unstable or improper internet connection.
    • While logging to email using the wrong email and password.
    • QB software is outdated.
    • IE incorrect settings might affect connection to the email server.
    • If you are not having admin credentials to log in to Windows, then also you might be taken to this error.
    • Outlook has been damaged.
    • QuickBooks documents have been damaged.

    Let’s move to the solution part now.

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    Methods to fix QuickBooks Could not Connect to Email Server

    Update to Latest Release

    After updating QuickBooks to its latest release, it automatically solves too many problems. It is always advisable to be updated to the latest release. Just follow the below steps for the same.

    • Open your QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Go to Help >> Update QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Now on top, click on Update Now.
    • In this step, click Reset Update and then >>> click on Get Updates.
    • Depending on the internet speed it may take some time to get an update.
    • After updating the process, click on

    Check Settings in Webmail

    • Open your QuickBooks.
    • Go to Edit menu >>> Preferences.
    • Now at the left side select the option “ send forms”.
    • Go to “ My Preferences” option >>> select email account which you are using and click the Edit option.
    • Open Edit email information screen, go to SMTP server detail, and then fix the server name.
    • Port the email provider settings.

    Steps for Resetting Internet Explorer Settings to Default

    • Open your Internet Explorer >>> go to Tools option /Gear Icon.
    • Click Internet Options.
    • Now, go to advance settings and click on Restore Advance Settings option.
    • Finally, click OK and close the browser.

    Windows Firewall Blocking QuickBooks Access

    It could be possible that your Windows firewall prohibiting QuickBooks Access. In this scenario, you need to go to firewall settings to configure the settings so that antivirus doesn’t block QuickBooks access.

    Check Your Login Credentials

    It might happen that you are getting this issue due to not entering the correct username and password. If you don’t remember the details you can contact your service provider to reset the same.

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    Need Help?

    Still, looking for any information? Dial and get connected with the QuickBooks team. QuickBooks Helpdesk is available 24*7 to give you resolutions with complete satisfaction. QuickBooks team members are polite, professional, quick listeners and have many experiences in the same field. They are always eager to help you out with anything related to QuickBooks. You can also email at [email protected] or fill the contact form or QuickBooks live chat with the QuickBooks executives.