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What’s New Features in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018

    QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018

    Finally, the wait is over as QuickBooks accounting software is now updated to a new version. Download QuickBooks Pro 2018 is the latest with all new features. With the main features like storing of data and software online now available, it’s a GST geared up cloud software for accounting needs. Earlier also the QuickBooks was one of the perfect accounting software for all size of businesses.

    Now with the updated features all the day to day jobs can be done in a simplest form.

    Few Features in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018

    • Automatic Past Due Stamp: The work can be done in a simple and easiest way as now one can place past Due stamp with the automatic feature on all the unpaid invoices. With the notification “the invoice is due and yet it is to be received” you will be always updated. This way one will always be updated about past due invoices and customers.
    • Improved Reporting Feature: It has become easy to toggle between cash and accrual basis reports with just a single click. The management decisions will be taken in a single click as now one can view cash basis reports that help in planning the tax. Also, the management decisions are taken based on accrual basis. This is one of the important reporting features of QuickBooks Pro.
    • Multi-Screen Bolster: This new feature of QuickBooks allows 7 users the right of entry at the same time. One can send invitation to the accountant to way in books for effective teamwork as well as now it’s easy to review more than two reports all together. It makes easy the payment part easy as on one screen one can view payment while on another screen one can review a bill.
    • Easy Merge of Vendor Records: This feature of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 grants permission to combine windows that are easy to identify and joins records of other vendors. One can easily navigate and sort the information presented for both vendors whether they are active or inactive. At the same time four different vendors can be chosen in which one can be assigned as the one handling all the records and then combine the other data.

    System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018

    To make best use of the features, check for the basic requirements for your system:

    • Installed windows 10 with all the versions comprising of 64-bit
    • 2016 windows server
    • 2012 R2 windows server
    • 2011 R2 windows server
    • 2008 R2 SP1 windows server
    • Supportive operating system

    Why Accounting Problem

    With the new features of QuickBooks, now it’s easy to get many of the tasks done very fast. While getting your hands down on QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 and taking full advantage of the QuickBooks new features, if you come across any errors then feel free to get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical Support Team. You can seek help from QuickBooks Helpdesk anytime. Even you don’t have to look at the clock to get in touch with them. The QuickBooks Enterprise Support Experts are 24*7 available to help you out with all your queries. You just have to give them a call by dialing Quickbooks Support Phone Number.