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QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020

    QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020

    QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 gives you a better finance management solution from a single place. It is user-friendly accounting software with ease of simple setup process. It contains enhanced options to allow you effortlessly managing expenses, invoices, importing process, and clear reports. There is ample time-saving functionality available, like getting automatic reminders related to payment or scheduling to customize reminders for further notifications. Here in the below article, you will find insights about QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 and its core benefits.

    Prerequisite for Downloading QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020

    • Minimum 2.4 GHz processor
    • Recommended 4 GB RAM
    • 5GB Disk space, sometimes there may require additional storage space
    • Supports Windows 8.1, Windows 10/update
    • 4 x DVD-ROM drives are required until users download it through the official Intuit website
    • Need product Registration
    • 1280×1024 optimized Screen resolution or higher
    • Compatible with one screen Workstation, or permit addition up to 2 extended displays
    • By default, optimized DPI settings
    • Need recommended internet speed of minimum 1 Mbps

    What Features Available in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020

    If you choose QuickBooks Desktop pro, then here is the list of features:

    Schedule Payment on-time

    The feature of automated payment reminders is beneficial during reviewing, scheduling, processing payment, or in sending payment reminders. It helps in preventing bills due or other late payments.

    Simplify Payment Handling

    It introduced combined multiple invoices for the ease of managing customer payments through consolidating many invoices into a single email. It usually lessens the possibility of missing important invoice emails from the client. It helps to send multiple invoices with a single email.

    Increase Accessibility

    An enhanced accessibility feature is available to boost the user experience with a clear visual appearance. It helps in saving time in planning invoice payments and writing check screens

    Get a Clear Picture of Business Growth

    In QuickBooks Desktop pro, you get productive features to track the business. For instance, tax trackers. It helps you in collecting accurate and essential information regarding tax or insights Home page to monitor the outcomes in a few clicks.

    Ease of Resetting the Admin Password

    No much effort is required to reset the QuickBooks Admin password! It is quite simple; just require entering a list of facts and selecting an email from the list. You will receive an OTP; use it for resetting.

    Get Assistance Smartly

    It provides a Smart assistance option to get better search experiences and enhance content. There are F1, message, or callback options available to get Assistance from the help desk.


    That’s all about QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020! It contained several amazing features to cover the small organization. However, it may not address every organization’s requirements and might seem difficult to handle complicated solutions. QuickBooks Desktop Pro is incredibly provided improvement in cash flow. Hopefully, the above information is useful for you. If you need any further assistance on the same, give a ring to QuickBooks Help desk number. The team is available to help you rectify all your concerns related to accounting solutions and provide you better advice.