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QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 no Subscription

    As a small business owner, it can be difficult to decide on appropriate accounting software that fits your needs. Among multiple versions, pro is one of the best options for your accounting and bookkeeping processes. QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 is non-subscription accounting software that allows you to organize finances, track performances, and export financial data. QuickBooks Pro is capable of tracking up to 14,500 customers, vendors, and items. Moreover, it includes 2 user licenses for installation up to 2 devices per user. In this article, we will discuss features of pro, system requirements, and the complete steps to download the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 no subscription.

    Features of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021

    The below are the main features of QuickBooks Pro 2021:
    Automatically send statements
    2. Improved Bank Feeds
    3. Create Customer Groups
    4. Customize Payment Receipts

    Track Inventory

    Track products, costs, and receive alerts when inventory levels are low.
    Adjust inventory easily to account for theft, loss, and shrinkage.
    To keep track of what’s on order, create purchase orders.

    Track Sales Tax

    Determine which customers and products are subject to taxation.
    Automatically track sales tax throughout the month.
    Run sales tax liability reports to find out how much you owe.


    Estimates, invoices, and payment receipts should all be done professionally.
    For services, items, and billable time and expenses, create an invoice.
    Accept payments directly from your invoices and receive automatic reminders for unpaid invoices (requires QuickBooks Payments).
    Stay on top of your cash flow with real-time access into invoice progress.

    Manage Bills & Accounts Payable

    Keep track of all of your bills and purchase orders in one spot.
    Maintain cash flow and take care of delinquent invoices quickly.
    Automatically receive early-pay discounts.
    To make payment management easier, look at a vendor’s unpaid debts.

    Track Income & Expenses

    Connect your bank and credit card to download and categorize transactions automatically (requires QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll).
    Import prior financial data from Excel and other programs quickly and easily (i.e. Quicken 2016-2020, QuickBooks Mac 2016-2021, and Microsoft Excel 2013-2019, or Microsoft 365).
    Customer, Vendor, and Employee Centers help you organize your business.

    System Requirements of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 no Subscription

    2.4 GHz processor
    Windows 8.1 Update 1, or Windows 10 update/version supported by Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (or R2), 2016, or 2019 (Mac users: see QuickBooks Desktop for Mac)
    4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
    4x DVD-ROM drive (unless user is downloading from Intuit server)
    2.5 GB disk space recommended (additional space required for data files)
    Optimized for 1280×1024 screen resolution or higher. Supports one Workstation Monitor, plus up to 2 extended monitors. Optimized for Default DPI settings
    Payroll and online features require Internet access (1 Mbps recommended speed)
    Product registration required

    Integration with Other Software

    Integration with Microsoft Word and Excel requires Office 2013-2019 or Microsoft 365. (32 and 64 bit)
    Transfer data from Quicken 2016-2020, QuickBooks Mac 2016-2021, Microsoft Excel 2013-2019, or Microsoft 365 to Quicken 2016-2020, QuickBooks Mac 2016-2021, Microsoft Excel 2013-2019, or Microsoft 365. (32 or 64 bit)
    Estimates, invoices, and other forms can be emailed using Microsoft Outlook 2013-2019, Microsoft 365, GmailTM, and®, as well as other SMTP-compatible email clients. QuickBooks POS 12.0, 18.0, or 19.0 integration.

    How to Download QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 no Subscription?

    The below discussed are the complete steps to download QuickBooks Desktop Pro edition.
    Let’s execute one after one:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Purchase QuickBooks Desktop 2021

    To purchase QuickBooks, go to the Intuit official website
    Then click Buy Now after selecting the QuickBooks version and number of users
    If you want to pay with payroll, choose the appropriate payroll subscription
    Or simply click Continue without Payroll if you don’t want to pay with payroll
    After that, select the Checkout option
    If this is your first time purchasing QuickBooks, please fill out the required fields, such as Contact and Payment information
    If you’re already a QuickBooks user, select Sign in to access your account
    To finish the purchase order, follow the on-screen instructions.

    Download QuickBooks Desktop 2021

    After purchasing QuickBooks Desktop 2021, you are now ready to begin downloading it. A confirmation email with your product details and a download link has been sent to you.
    You can also manually download the software by following the steps below:-
    Go to the QuickBooks Downloads 2021 page
    Then select Standard Setup from the drop-down menu
    Now, choose a country
    Then select a product, such as QuickBooks Pro
    Then choose 2021 as the version
    Click on the Search button
    At last, select the Download option.
    The file is huge, and depending on your internet speed, it may take some time to download. Please continue to install QuickBooks after the download is complete.

    Install QuickBooks Desktop 2021

    To install, double-click the .exe file
    If prompted, select Yes to provide UAC permissions
    You are prompted to click Next in the next windows
    It begins to extract files
    Accept and proceed by clicking the Accept & Continue button
    Then click Next after accepting the License Agreement
    After that, fill up the License and Product Number fields
    Once done with that, click on the Next button
    Select the Express or Custom installation type, as well as the Network options.

    Express Installation: – Intuit itself recommends it. Use this installation type if you’re using QuickBooks on a single computer that also houses the company files. It also assists with the replacement of the current version and the retention of existing settings.

    Custom and Network Installation: – When a company is located on a network or server, this option is used.
    After that, click on the “Next” tab
    You may now see a window asking you to replace the current version on your computer
    Again, click “Next”
    Now the software installation process may take some time
    Once you’ve finished, click Open QuickBooks.
    Once QuickBooks Desktop is installed on your computer, you can begin using it. It’s time to put it into action.

    Activate QuickBooks Desktop

    After you’ve installed the product, you’ll be prompted to activate QuickBooks. You can also manually activate the product by following the instructions below:-
    QuickBooks Desktop is now open
    To activate QuickBooks Desktop, go to Help >>> Activate QuickBooks Desktop
    Verify the information by following the onscreen prompts
    QuickBooks is now ready to use. It’s time to either make a new company file (for new users) or restores the old one.


    Hopefully, this post has covered all of the important details about QuickBooks Desktop pro 2021 No Subscription. You can easily contact the ProAdvisor to learn more about QuickBooks accounting software and its editions. The team will be dedicated to resolving all your doubts or queries regarding QuickBooks version or its editions at QuickBooks Customer Helpdesk.


    Is QuickBooks Desktop a One-Time Purchase or a Subscription?

    In the past, QuickBooks Desktop had a “one-time” purchase license option (the license included customer support for three years, but you could continue to use the software after that). QuickBooks Desktop no longer has a license price. QuickBooks Desktop requires a yearly subscription.

    Where Do I Look for My Product and License Numbers?

    The following is where you’ll locate your license and product numbers:
    Your license and product numbers are contained in the Intuit confirmation email for the purchased product. After signing in to your account, you can also find it under the Products & Services section.
    On the original QuickBooks on CD box, look for a scratch-off label next to the UPC code.
    QuickBooks Online Accountant has a ProAdvisor feature.
    The License Look-Up Tool can also be of assistance.

    How Can I View My Current QuickBooks Edition?

    Open up your QuickBooks program. To see the product window, use F2 or Ctrl + 1. Then you may look up your current edition and any other relevant information.

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