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QuickBooks Desktop Security Update 2021

    QuickBooks Desktop Security Update Info

    This article describes the process of QuickBooks desktop security update. Once the current QuickBooks has been installed, users will be prompted to create a company file password for keeping sensitive information safe. This is an addition to a security feature in QuickBooks to protect data.

    Customers with supported versions of QuickBooks have been notified about the steps to be taken for installing the update. If the notification hasn’t been received, users must update to the latest QuickBooks release.

    • Release 6 (R6) – May 2021
    • Release 5 (R5) – April 2021
    • Release 4 (R4) – February 2021
    • Release 3 (R3) – October 2020

    NOTE: The security update doesn’t affect QuickBooks for Mac (US) and QB Online.

    Password Protection in QuickBooks

    If users’ files have sensitive data related to credit cards, social security, employer identification, or Credit Card Protection, will be prompted for creating a complex password when they access the files after the update.

    NOTE: Administrators will be required to change passwords every 90 days.

    Here are the requirements for creating passwords, which are case-sensitive:

    • Password must be 8-32 characters long
    • It must have at least 1 uppercase character: A-Z and all characters found in Latin-1 Supplement Set
    • It must have at least 1 lowercase character (specifications are the ones for uppercase letters mentioned above)
    • It must have at least 1 special character: (! ” # $ % & ‘ ( ) * + , – . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ { | } ~)
    • It must have at least number between 0 and 9
    • The password must not have the username (case-sensitive)
    • Similarly, the username must not have the password (case-sensitive)
    • There shouldn’t be any spaces in the password

    If users don’t want to set a password

    It is mandatory that users with sensitive data or Credit Card Protection set a password. This helps in keeping the data safe and only allows authorized people to use the data. If customers use QuickBooks Desktop Accountant or Enterprise Accountant, they can use QuickBooks File Manager to manage the passwords for every file.

    Other Information

    • The Administrator will receive notification about all users that have not set passwords. This will allow the Administrator to make the file secure by asking or assigning password to other users.
    • If users don’t remember the Admin password along with the hint for resetting the password, they must enter the email ID that was used for registering QuickBooks. This will let them use the Automated Password Reset Tool in QuickBooks.
    • If QuickBooks is being used in multi-user mode, it should be made sure that every user is using a version of QuickBooks Desktop that’s supported. It must also be ensured that the security update has been installed.
    • QuickBooks 2016/Enterprise 16 (R7) customers who are running SDK applications that require QuickBooks to be accessed in unattended mode must log in to QuickBooks after the security update. This will let them apply the changes.

    Additional Information

    • If more than one identified version of QuickBooks has been installed, each version will have to be updated.
    • All QuickBooks trial versions that have expired must be uninstalled. If there’s any trial version on the system that hasn’t expired, the security update must be downloaded and installed.
    • Even if Internet is only used periodically, the security update must be installed.
    • If QB has been uninstalled, users will not be affected by this problem. When multiple versions are uninstalled, the most recent version of QB must be uninstalled.
    • The security update ahs been designed for providing strong password controls so that anyone trying to access QuickBooks is authorized.

    When the application finds out that a company file has sensitive information, another layer of protection is added.

    But if credit information and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are removed from the file will turn off the configuration that adds the additional security and users won’t have to set up a password.

    • If the password is changed in the .QBA file, it won’t affect the client’s original file.

    Final Words :

    Our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Technical Support Team can be contacted at this toll-free helpline number . The Accounting Problem QuickBooks tech support experts are available 24X7 to assist with all QuickBooks issues.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. Apart from Security Updates, does QuickBooks Desktop 2021 also have new Vendor Reports?

    Ans : QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 20.0 introduced the alternate vendor option. This feature provides consumers with an information centre that includes vendor contact details and price information, allowing them to make better educated purchase decisions. Purchase orders may be quickly created with vendor data automatically included. The Alternate Vendor column has been added to particular reports in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0, which improves the user experience.

    Advanced stock serial/lot number general preference setting, or track of stock item setting, to demand serial/lot number input before submitting a transaction.

    Q 2. What are the Improved Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2021?

    Ans : Landed charges have been added to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 20.0. Landed Costs allows the user to add freight, shipping, and other charges to a product’s price. With the release of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0, users have far more freedom and influence the way they calculate and distribute landing expenditures.

    QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 20.0 introduced landed costs capability. The user can add cargo, shipment, and other expenses to the cost of a product using Landed Costs. Users now have additional flexibility and control about how they estimate and share landing expenses with the introduction of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0.

    Q 3. Can I also add Barcode Labels with QuickBooks 2021?

    Ans : To enhance the item title and description, QuickBooks now automatically adds the sales pricing on printable barcode labels. By adding sales prices on barcodes, staff and customers will have a better understanding of pricing. Furthermore, offering your customers crucial price information on each stock improves their browsing experience.

    Q 4.  What other Security features are available with QuickBooks Desktop 2021?

    Ans : The ability to batch remove sales invoices that are not connected to an invoice will help you manage client files more efficiently. QuickBooks Desktop’s previous year’s version gave accountants the ability to cancel or invalidate invoices, cheques, bills, and even sales orders in bulk.

    Customize a user’s ability to see, edit, or remove data from a certain category of customers, suppliers, or data. Restrict user access to only the information, transactions, and reports that they are accountable for to enhance security and confidentiality.