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QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 Firewall Error

    QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 Firewall Error

    QuickBooks enterprise 2020 firewall error happens when the firewall creates issues. You can see the error message when the Windows firewall blocks some specific QuickBooks program. Once you know that QuickBooks enterprise 2020 firewall error is happened due to a firewall, you can set up your firewall or can manually set the firewall.

    Steps to Sort out the QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 Firewall:

    Steps to Configure the Firewall Manually

    Add Firewall Port Exception for QuickBooks

    If you use more than one versions of QuickBooks Enterprise on the same computer then you need to perform the steps again and again for each version:

    • Go to Window Start menu and open it
    • Now you can see the search box, in that box type “Windows Firewall” and hit enter
    • Go to Advanced settings option
    • In the inbound rules option do the right-click and select New rule
    • Now select the Port Option and click Next option
    • Check if the TCP is selected if not, select the TCP
    • Mention the specific ports required for QuickBooks year version in the specific local ports field
    • Once mentioning the port number click Next
    • Click on Allow the connection >>> click on Next
    • Now if you receive any message, check that if all profiles are marked. Select Next
    • Create a new rule and give it a name like QBPorts (year)
    • Once it is done, select Finish.

    Now repeat the steps above and create outbound rules. Do follow the same steps only the change is on step 4 you need to select Outbound rules. Open the QuickBooks and switch to multi-user mode. You can also open the QuickBooks over the network from any of the host computers. Check the error message, if still showing go to Step 2.

    How to Create Windows Firewall Exceptions for QuickBooks Programs

    QuickBooks uses many executables files to perform many tasks. To create the exception for every file you need to simply follow the below points:

    • Click on Start menu
    • In the search box, type Windows firewall and open the same
    • Locate the Advanced settings and select this option
    • Now right click on Inbound Rules and select New rule option
    • Select Program and click on Next
    • Select the option This program path and click on Option Browse
    • Now select one of the files and click on next
    • Select option Allow the connection >>> click on Next
    • Do remember to mark all the profiles and after that click Next
    • Create a rule and give it a name such as QBFirewallException(name.exe).

    You can repeat the steps and create the outbound rules, all the steps are the same except in step 4 select outbound rules.Now open your QuickBooks and change to multi-user mode, still see any issues or error message go to set the antivirus settings.

    Set Antivirus or Firewall

    First, check if you have set your firewall but issues are coming, then check your antivirus settings. Make sure it Antivirus is not blocked and QuickBooks has general permissions.

    Adding QuickBooks Ports Exception on your Antivirus and Firewall

    Still, if the error is coming or getting the problem while opening the file in multi-user mode or in a network then you need to add port exceptions for specific.

    Remember to select the TCP and enter the ports needed for the QuickBooks version. If you have multiple versions of QuickBooks Enterprise, then you need to add each year’s ports.

    Restart the Computer

    Once you are finished with the settings of firewall, antivirus, simply restart the computer as some program needs to restart your computer to save the changes.

    If you have static port number and you want to get a dynamic port number, the below points needs to be followed

    • Open the Start menu
    • In the search box enter “QuickBooks Database server manager” and open it
    • Locate and go to Port Monitor
    • Now find your QuickBooks version
    • Take the note of the Port Number, which will be used for firewall port exception

    QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 Firewall Error – Video Tutorial

    Need Assistance?

    Hopefully, QuickBooks enterprise 2020 firewall error resolved the following methods. Still, for any assistance dial QuickBooks support number and get connected with the QuickBooks team. QuickBooks team is a certified, professional, polite, and quick issue resolver. QuickBooks helpline is available 24*7 to assist you with all the solutions related to QuickBooks. You can also email at [email protected] and soon one of the QuickBooks technician contact you with the resolution.