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QuickBooks Enterprise Force User Logoff

    QuickBooks Enterprise Force User Logoff

    If multi-user mode is enabled in QuickBooks Desktop, then multiple users can simultaneously be logged into the accounting software. QuickBooks offers a great deal of control to admin users so that they can force users to log off whenever necessary. The options for the same don’t really take much time.

    In this article, you’ll learn to QuickBooks Enterprise Force User Logoff.


    If you find working through these steps challenging, then you can reach out to our accounting and software experts via live chat.

    What is QuickBooks Enterprise Force User Logoff

    Like the other versions of QuickBooks, QB enterprise enables admin users to simply log off all the users currently logged into a company file.

    Note: before you log off users from the company file, inform them to save their data so that they won’t lose on the progress they made on the current login session.

    Admin account required: to force logoff of other users currently logged into the QuickBooks company file, you must use an admin account, which has the rights to perform such actions.

    Follow the steps given below to force user logoff in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise:

    • Log into QuickBooks with an admin account.
    • Go to Company from the main menu.
    • Choose Chat with a Coworker, which brings up the QuickBooks messenger app.
    • Ask all logged-in users to save their progress because you’ll log them out. If they don’t save their progress, then the changes they made will be lost.
    • From the Action dropdown menu, choose Close company file for all Users.
    • Click on Close Company File.
    • When the confirmation window appears, select Yes.

    You’ve successfully logged out all of the users currently signed into a QuickBooks company file. The steps are the same for all the versions of QuickBooks be it pro, premier, or enterprise. The inbuilt chat option is designed mainly to inform users whenever you’re changing user mode or forcing account QuickBooks Enterprise Force User Logoff.

    End QuickBooks Messenger Process using Task Manager

    In rare instances, the QuickBooks messenger may cause an error that prevents the other user from being logged off by the admin user. Despite going through the aforementioned steps, admin users can view the other accounts as logged into the company file.

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    A simple solution for this problem is to close the QuickBooks messenger via the Task Manager present in windows. The task manager lists all the currently running processes and services. Once you’ve located the process for QuickBooks messenger, you can end the process so that you won’t have to restart your system just to log users out of the company file.


    You can access the task manager by right clicking on the taskbar and selecting Task Manager. The processes tab lists all the currently running processes.

    Restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager

    The QuickBooks Database Server Manager enables multi-user mode and syncs changes made from different workstations. In such a case, the company file is stored on a separate server, and all the workstations can access the company file. All changes made are synced finally to the company file stored on the server.

    The database server manager keeps track of the changes and syncs them.

    If you can’t log out all the users from your company file, then the database server manager may be causing the error.

    Here are the steps to restart QuickBooks Database Server manager:

    1. Launch QuickBooks Desktop installed on the server.
    2. From the File menu, click on Open or Restore Company.
    3. Click on Open a Company File.
    4. Select Next, and choose the Company File from which you want to log off users.
    5. From the provided options, check the option ‘Open file in multi-user mode’, then select Open.
    6. Enter username and password to log into the company file.
    7. Go to the File menu and select Close Company/Logoff so that QuickBooks can close the company file on the server itself.

    When you close the company file on the server, all the users are automatically signed out. However, you’ll have to sign back into the company file using your authentication details.

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    Admin users in QuickBooks Enterprise can easily force user logoff. However, sometimes users have to use additional methods to QuickBooks Enterprise Force User Logoff all the users currently logged into a company file. We’ve provided two such options that always work. Just make sure that you have the ability to sign in to an admin account or access QuickBooks Enterprise installed on the server.


    If you couldn’t QuickBooks Enterprise Force User Logoff all the users, then get in touch with accounting and software experts via live chat or call.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    🔰 What is QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

    ✅ To enable multi-user mode and sync changes from multiple workstations, you can choose to install QuickBooks Database Server Manager when you’re installing QB Desktop on your system. The server manager scans all of the company files present on the server and ensures that all changes are easily synced.

    This facilitates multiple users to work simultaneously on the same company file. Any conflicts that occur during the session can later be synced easily.

    🔰 What is the cost of QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

    ✅ QuickBooks Database Server Manager is available for free. The installation files are included in the setup for QuickBooks Desktop. While installing, you can choose network installation to install the server manager on the server.

    Before moving on to install the software on all the workstations, ensure that you’ve installed and configured it on the server.

    🔰 Will Updating the Software Enable me to Log off all the Users?

    ✅ No, it won’t. If you want to force logoff users from QuickBooks Enterprise, then you require an admin account. Only an admin user has the authority to QuickBooks Enterprise Force User Logoff the users currently logged into the company file. Also, before you force log out users from QuickBooks Desktop enterprise, inform them via QuickBooks Messenger to save changes.

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