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QuickBooks Enterprise Support

QuickBooks Enterprise business is highly managed software to give boost to all essential tools and features that makes your financial activities and other business activities simple. These automated tools give push to tasks saving time that you can utilize in other business work performance.

QuickBooks Enterprise has made available all new products to meet industries’ requirements and other specific demands. This QuickBooks Enterpriseedition is among the most popular QuickBooks Enterprise editions available in the market to provide smooth business. Among all the versions of the QuickBooks, it is technically advanced version. The software provides all type of swift support to maintain smooth and efficient flow.

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Tools and Features QuickBooks Enterprise Edition.

  • Delete Batch Transaction: With this feature, the user can easily delete and remove transaction in the form of batch and all in just one go.
  • Transactions Batch Reclassification: All the items and transactions which are under wrong head can be categorized in batch. You don’t have to do it individually. You can do it in batch.
  • Period Copy Structuring: The auditors to create period copies within the time frame with the help of this period.
  • This software allows you to work on more than one file simultaneously.
  • Fixed Asset Manager: You can very swiftly and accurately calculates value of depreciation under the Fixed Assets Manager.
  • Commented Report Tool: allows you to add comment on the report.
  • Accountant Copy Tool: All required changes can be made and the updated file can be given back to client with the help of accountant copy tool.
  • Exchange Journal Entry: You can easily exchange Journal Entry information between accountant and client according to the details mentioned.
  • Work on Cloud: You can ask important questions and respective query with the help of this tool regarding transaction and items of the company file. You can find these queries related to QuickBooks file with the clients. Both the client and the accountant can properly check and keep track of notes and changes. You need log-in credentials to work on cloud.

System Requirements for QuickBooks Enterprise

Basic System Requirements to Run QuickBooks Enterprise onto your System?

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1(Update 1) and Windows 10, ,32bit and 64-bit including all versions, natively installed
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1, 2011 Service Pack 1, 2012 R2 and Window Server 2016

Database Servers

  • Linux:While working on QBES Database Server-only– Red Hat 7 (Update 3), Fedora 25, OpenSUSE 42.2.
  • Windows:Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1, 2011 Service Pack 1, 2012 R2 and Window Server 2016, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (update 1) or Windows 7 Service Pack 1(Professional and Enterprise Edition only). It should be natively installed.

Browser Requirement

  • Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit)
Hard DriveSystem Requirements
ProcessorMinimum 2.4 GHz
Required Disk SpaceRequired minimum disk space of 2.5GB
As by QuickBooks CD (
4.0GB RAM (Minimum Requirement)
At least 100 MB (Twice the size of the company Backup file)
RAM (Random Access Memory)4GB minimum, 8GB Recommended
Server RAM Requirements
> Users (up to 1-5): 8GB RAM
> Users (up to 10): 12GB RAM
> Users (up to 15): 16GB RAM
> Users (up to 20): 20+GB RAM
Optical DriveFor CD Installation: 4X DVD-ROM (Minimum Requirement)
WindowsWindows (US Edition) (For QuickBooks US users)
Windows (Canadian Edition) (For users having Canadian Edition)
Set Regional Language to English (For Both US and Canada). Apply it on your Keyboard Settings.
For Multi-User Mode, user needs to have Administrator Rights.
Natively installed suggests that your software is specifically designed and installed on a system. It should not be through remote access or virtual environment.
Screen ResolutionOptimized Screen Resolution of 1280 x 1024 with an extended monitor Go for Default DPI Settings.

List of QuickBooks Enterprise Version

QuickBooks Enterprise VersionQuickBooks Enterprise Year
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 22.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2022
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2021
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 20.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2020
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 19.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2019
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 18.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2018
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 17.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2017
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 16.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2016
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 15.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2015
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2014
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2013
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2012
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 11.0QuickBooks Enterprise 2011

List of Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Errors & Error Codes

QuickBooks Enterprise Installation ErrorsEnterprise Common ErrorsEnterprise Critical ErrorsQuickBooks Enterprise Data Errors
QuickBooks Installation Error in Windows and MACQuickBooks Desktop Update ErrorsCritical QuickBooks Update is Waiting for InstallationIssue During Data Conversion from QuickBooks Pro
QuickBooks EXEAdapter ErrorQuickBooks Cannot Communicate with the Company FileQuickBooks Event Log ID 4 ErrorRepair Damaged Data from QuickBooks Company File
Critical QuickBooks Update is Waiting for InstallationQuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118QuickBooks Upgrade ProblemsQuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error
QuickBooks Error 1903QuickBooks Error 1612QuickBooks Payroll Update FailedQuickBooks Company File Used by Another Application
QuickBooks Error 1305QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111QuickBooks Error 6000 83QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error
Quickbooks Error 1328QuickBooks Error 324Unauthorized Intuit Account ErrorIntuit Data Protect Backup Failed
QuickBooks Error Code 1324QuickBooks Online Login ProblemsQuickBooks Error 6189, -816QuickBooks Error 6000 78
QuickBooks Error 1712QuickBooks Error 1406QuickBooks Error Code C=51QuickBooks Failed to Send Usage Data Error
Register QuickBooks Library Files Failed ErrorQuickBooks Error 1711QuickBooks Unable to Connect Remote ServerQuickBooks Won’t Open or Doesn’t Start Error
QuickBooks Error 1935QuickBooks Error 61102QuickBooks Pro to Enterprise Data ConversionQuickBooks error 6150
QuickBooks Install Error 1920QuickBooks Bank Error 101Reset QuickBooks Default Admin PasswordQuickBooks ND File Error

QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Support

QuickBooks business management software developed and manufactured by Intuit, reigns the market and proves to be the excellent accounting program to manage business financial matters in haste ending up with enhancing the business productivity and saving time. There are different requirements of different businesses. Taking into consideration the different requirements of different businesses, Intuit has developed different versions were developed that deals with the daily financial and accounting transactions, also handle the payroll and tax processes of the company. The user can select different QuickBooks versions – Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise edition. Choosing the right QuickBooks version determines the growth and success of the business.

The versions are featured accordingly so that they cater the best possible way to fulfill the business needs without creating any hassle in completing the business requirements.

One of the most preferred version is QuickBooks Accountant version. This QuickBooks version is considered much more advanced than both QuickBooks Pro and Premier version if combined together.

Special Features of QuickBooks Pro and Premier Version

  • Delete Batch Transactions: QuickBooks Accountant authorizes the user to remove/delete the transactions in the form of batch from the software. It means it is not restricted to a single item. It is removed in batch form.
  • Recategorization of Transactions in Batch Form: The user is allowed to classify the transactions and products under a wrong title rather than performing individually. The different classes of the transactions can be included as well in batch.
  • Grouping Period Copy: With the help of this tool the are able to auditors to create period copies within stipulated time period.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Accountant edition acknowledges the users to work on multiple files on the same time.
  • Fixed Asset Manager: With the assistance of Fixed asset tool the user can accurately calculate depreciation value of all item listed in a very short time.
  • Commented Report Tool: The user can add comments to the reports by using Commented Report tool.

Also there are some more tools and features which are developed specifically for Accountants who also work on the company file copy under QuickBooks. The different tools are:

  • Accountants are allowed to move ahead and bring instant alterations and return the edited file back to client via the Receive Accountant Copy tool.
  • The complete Journal Entry details can be exchanged between clients and accountants according to the information provided under QuickBooks company file.
  • Client Collaborator Tool authorizes the accountant to ask important doubts and queries related to a particular item or transaction listed in the company file. These queries are listed in QuickBooks file with the clients. Both the accountant and client can keep a track of these changes and the notes.

QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit Support

Non Profit organizations also require business management’s software. QuickBooks Premier Version and the Enterprise version is specially recommended for the nonprofit companies. Implementing the Non Profit version of QuickBooks Enterprise Solution is incorporated with advanced tools that assists in smooth handling of all the operations related to finance and accounts without any hassle. Donors is an advanced feature that is an additional language along with reports and forms that enhances the productivity of your business.

The QuickBooks Enterprise for Nonprofit accounting comes with simple usable features that do not demand technical expertise. With the help of the desktop version of the program the user is authorized to channelize the main functions of the business that escalates the growth of the company via the embedded tools within the software to order the transactions, customize the reports giving to the clear business picture.

Features of QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit

  • Complete details of the budget analyzed under applications.
  • A specific statement of expenses involved and requires to be presented in the IRS form.
  • Making business more important with the by allowing largest funds making them imperative to all businesses.
  • Detailed analysis of cash flow via Income & Expense Statement.
  • New features like Donors & Grants helps to assists funds made by sponsors.
  • Fetch exact business picture in the market by correlating the recent balance sheet of the prior year via Statement of Financial Position.

Add-on Tools to Escalate the User Experience

Advanced Reporting Tool: Advanced reporting tool is included in all the three versions of QuickBooks Enterprise. The feature helps in building customized report depending upon the requirements of the user. The tool can be customizable add on program that allows the advanced filtering options to the user.

Enhanced Payroll: The other integrated tool provided with QuickBooks Enterprise software by Intuit is Enhanced Payroll. This tool is restricted to the Gold version and Platinum version users of QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit Edition. It authorizes easy dealing with the payroll activities and tax related tasks. It is backed with the following benefits:

  • Easily facilitating the paychecks for the 1099 Contractors and W-2 employees instantly.
  • Tax calculation is totally authentic.
  • Advanced Direct Deposit feature
  • E-payment and e-filing of taxes at the year end.

QuickBooks Enterprise Non Profit Full Service Plan

  • Latest Software Updates & Upgrades: The latest QuickBooks versions QuickBooks Enterprise is provided automatically that comprises of latest updates for the latest version.
  • QuickBooks Technical Support: The users are provided 24*7 support by Intuit certified ProAdvisor’s who are competent and experienced to deal with QuickBooks Enterprise issues.
  • Automatic Data Backup Online: Online Data Backup and Restore Support is accorded smoothly within the system for regular and automatic backup.
  • Data Recovery: To avoid Data Loss, Intuit provides support in form of tools and professionally qualified and trained team that are proficient in data recovery.

QuickBooks Enterprise Manufacturing Support

QuickBooks business accounting software acts as a skeleton for the manufacturing startup business. The accounting software is incorporated with strong features that help your manufacturing business to flourish. The reporting feature in QuickBooks is that offers you real time analysis of your business through the data you record and store in it. QuickBooks business management software enables you to customize reports of your manufacturing startup business. This allows you to tailor reports according to your needs and requirements.

The build report feature in QuickBooks application is used to record the items and assemblies required to manufacture the final product. To create a bill is like a child’s play in QuickBooks software. QuickBooks enables you to even personalize build reports.

Features of QuickBooks Manufacture Edition

QuickBooks Enterprise version has features that help in the manufacturing business.

  • Display multiple level bills of products
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Use time-phased MRP to buy things what and when required
  • Tracking of all the BOM updates
  • Create the inventory parts that are components of your assembly
  • Connect with multiple suppliers to a single inventory item
  • Create the inventory assembly and assign it the parts you use
  • Assemble your inventory assemblies
  • Tracking shop floor production

Basic Modules of Manufacturing Edition

Choose the right module to your manufacturing business that meets your business requirements.

  • Advanced Production: This module helps you in tracking the performance and predicting the cost of your manufacturing business.
  • Track Labor: Tracks the production time of the individual workers spend on specific jobs and manufacturing orders and automatically post to the Manufacturing Order.
  • Custom Reporting – For the startup business has limited expertise then you can create a quick report with this version.
  • Mobile Alerts – It sends notifications alerts to smartphones that can also receive email messages.
  • Materials Requirement Planning: With this module you can easily keep check on purchase requirements and production needs just by analyzing current inventory, open orders and sales orders.
  • Basic Manufacturing: QuickBooks dominates over the inventory levels of products and items, use of multiple level bills, attempt in multi-level bills of products and work order production.
  • Advanced Purchasing: This modules makes an auto check of the shortage of the materials and generate the purchase orders that are required to refill the inventory.
  • Control the Shop Floor: This module foresees the production costs that is determined on the criteria like: material costs, labor expenses, overhead costs. Further calculate the the authentic production costs.
  • Track in Serial numbers: You can track serial numbers of the entire purchase and process of production to give in strict regulatory agency demands along with this module requirements with this module.
  • Bar Coding: This module helps you in printing and collecting the coded data with both software and hardware to integrate seamlessly with inventory control functions.
  • Bin Tracking: Keep an individual sub-location for the inventory items like raw materials, sub-assemblies, or processed goods in special containers.

QuickBooks Wholesale Edition Features

The QuickBooks Enterprise wholesale edition helps in keeps the inventory under control. It is specially designed for the wholesale section. The edition comprise of exclusive features like:

  • Mobile inventory barcode scanning
  • FIFO or average cost accounting
  • Manage the on demand and committed functionality
  • Management of Assemblies
  • Order management worksheet

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