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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1014

    Undoubtedly, QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting software across the world. Though, it is an accounting application; bugs and glitches are common to encounter while using the software. Accordingly, there are many errors that keep occurring from time to time and it’s important to fix them as soon as possible. Sometimes, they may even freeze the user’s device and become very annoying. In this article, we’re going to talk about one such annoying error called “QuickBooks Error 1014” that often takes place due to issues with the cache. This makes users unable to access the company file. However, there are innumerable reasons behind this error that you’ll come to know in the below section. Thus, stay tuned till the end to successfully resolve the QuickBooks Error 1014.

    When there is a problem with the cache, QuickBooks Error 1014 is most likely to occur. You may notice that QuickBooks takes longer than necessary to open whenever this problem occurs. In multi-user mode, the company files also hang up. This problem might be caused by a faulty QuickBooks installation, malware, erroneous application removal, or damage to Windows system data.

    It’s possible that your windows will open slowly. It may also be unresponsive to inputs. While working, the computer could occasionally freeze. It’s critical to fix error 1014 as soon as possible. You can ensure that QuickBooks runs well on your system by doing so.

    Why do we Encounter QuickBooks Error 1014?

    A problem with the cache is the main reason behind QuickBooks error 1014. In multi-user mode, QuickBooks takes longer to open the company files and may freeze sometimes. There are other reasons that could also lead to the QuickBooks error code 1014. The below listed few of them:

    • A program is removed from the system.
    • A virus has caused malfunction.
    • QuickBooks installation that is corrupted.
    • Window system damage.

    Steps to fix QuickBooks Error 1014?

    To keep your computer running smoothly and efficiently, you must fix QuickBooks Error Code 1014 as soon as possible. So, here are some methods for resolving QuickBooks Error 1014:

    Do the Automatic Updates

    • First, choose the computer server where the company’s files are stored
    • Next, choose the QBW.ini configuration file
    • Double-click the QBW.ini file to launch it
    • Mention the chosen value in a specific location
    • At last, save the file.

    Repair the QuickBooks Error 1014 with Manual Updates

    • Look for the available cache in the settings:
      • Under the command prompt, type the following command
      • Check the numbers that are available
      • If the existing settings in the numbers aren’t modified, change the description
      • Fill in the blanks with an appropriate verification code
    • Make the following modifications to the registry:
      • Save your work, exit QuickBooks Desktop, then restart it
      • The settings will be instantly restored in the window registry, and if necessary, you may make the necessary registry adjustments with the assistance of an IT specialist
    • Save your changes to the system
    • Select the option for a command prompt
    • Open QuickBooks Desktop to get started
    • In QuickBooks, open the company files
    • Before deciding on an option, make sure QuickBooks is up-to-date.

    Make Use of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

    Intuit offers a tool hub comes with multiple diagnostic tools and one such tool called QuickBooks File Doctor tool that may help you to fix many bugs related to QuickBooks including QuickBooks Error 1014. Let’s run the tools with the help of steps as suggested below:

    Download and Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub

    • First, close your QuickBooks software
    • The QuickBooks Tool Hub has been updated to version
    • Save the file at a convenient location (like your Downloads folder or your Windows desktop)

    Note: You can figure out which version of Tool Hub you have if you’ve installed it before. The Home tab will appear. The latest version will be found at the bottom of the page.

    • Activate the downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe)
    • Install the software by following the on-screen instructions and accepting the terms and conditions
    • Double-click the tool hub icon on your Windows desktop once the installation is complete.

    Run the QuickBooks Tool Hub

    • Select Company File Issues from the tool hub
    • Choose Run QuickBooks File Doctor from the drop-down menu
    • The file doctor can take up to one minute to open
    • If the QuickBooks File Doctor does not open, look for QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor and manually open it
    • Select your company file from the drop-down option in QuickBooks File Doctor
    • If you don’t see your file, choose Browse and search to locate it
    • Select Check your file (just the middle option) and then hit Continue
    • Select “Next” after entering your QuickBooks admin password
    • The length of time it takes to scan your files is determined by their size
    • It can take up to 5 minutes in most circumstances
    • Open QuickBooks and your company file after the scan is complete.

    Summing Up!

    Well, these are methods you can try to resolve the QuickBooks Error 1014. Hopefully, it will help you to fix your error but many times it happens when you’re experiencing difficulties while executing the steps. In that case, feel free to reach out to our Team of Experts using QuickBooks Helpdesk Team.


    How do I Update, Verify, and Rebuild QuickBooks Latest Version to Fix the QuickBooks Error 1014?

    Ans: You need to make sure that QuickBooks is up-to-date with the latest released version. Next step is to conduct Verify and Rebuild on the file. At last, hit the “Sync Now” button.

    When do we need to actually use the Verify and Rebuild features in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans: Here are the common reasons to use the verify and rebuild features in QuickBooks:
    🔹 When using QuickBooks Desktop, you may encounter fatal errors.
    🔹 Invoices or bills that post with negative values cause discrepancies in reporting.
    🔹 The payments to Deposits pane displays deposited payments.
    🔹 The accounts on a balance sheet aren’t always visible.
    🔹 The lists don’t have any names on them.
    🔹 There are missing transactions
    🔹 Check your company files for errors by running a well-data checkup. 

    Can we resolve the QuickBooks Error 1014 by Running Verify and Rebuild Data Utility?

    Ans: Yes, it can help you to fix the error code 1014, if there is damaged or corrupt data. The below steps help you how to run the tool:
    🔹 Open QuickBooks Desktop, then pick Utilities from the File menu, then Verify Data
    🔹 If no problem warning appears after verifying the data, the rebuild tool is not required because the company file is now error-free
    🔹 If you see the error notice “Your data has lost integrity,” it signifies your data file is corrupted and has to be restored
    🔹 Select Utilities from the File menu, then Rebuild Data
    🔹 On the backup company file popup window, click the Ok tab
    🔹 Click “Ok” after selecting a location on your computer to save the backup of your company file
    🔹 The data rebuild process will begin immediately once the backup file has been properly saved on your desktop
    🔹 When the message “Rebuild Completed” comes on the screen, click the Ok button
    🔹 If no issues are found after running the Verify data program, you can restore your company file’s backup by going to the File menu and selecting Backup.

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