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QuickBooks Error 12038 (When Installing the Updates)

    Despite being a highly beneficial and popular accounting software, QuickBooks is not without its fair share of bugs and errors. QuickBooks keeps on releasing new updates from time to time, with solutions to errors experienced by the users in previous releases. The users are asked to install the latest updates so that they can continue to enjoy the enhanced benefits.

    However, several QuickBooks users have intimated that they have faced the QuickBooks Error 12038 while installing the latest updates. This error code often comes with the message that QuickBooks has ‘failed to download the update’. If you are also getting similar error messages while downloading the latest updates, we can be of great help. In this blog, we will look at some highly effective methods to fix this QuickBooks 12038 issue. Therefore, we would request you to go through this blog till the very end.

    First things first! Let’s turn our attention to why this issue occurs at all!

    Reasons Behind Occurrence of QuickBooks Error 12038?

    This QuickBooks error 12038 is caused due to several technical and functional issues. Some of them are listed below-

    • Presence of multiple QuickBooks versions on the same computer
    • Anti-adware, anti-malware or anti-spyware programs recognizing the QuickBooks updates as threats
    • The Image of Windows icon png Windows security or firewall is blocking QuickBooks services
    • The system date or time is incorrect
    • The internet connection settings may not have been proper

    Procedure to Resolve QuickBooks Error 12038?

    Here, we are providing some easy but highly effective methods to resolve the QuickBooks error 12038. But before proceeding with the solutions, we would request you to create a proper backup of your company file.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Verify Whether your System Time & Date are Correct

    🔸 On your desktop, right-click on the System Clock 
    🔸 Click on Adjust Date /Time
    🔸 Navigate to the drop-down menu 
    🔸 Click on the change date and time option 
    🔸 Click Ok twice to continue 
    🔸 Close QuickBooks after confirming your selection, 
    🔸 Open QuickBooks again
    🔸 Try to install the latest updates see if you are getting the error message

    Verify if your Internet Settings are Faulty

    🔸 Navigate to the Help menu
    🔸 Click on the Internet Connection Setup tab
    🔸 From the drop-down box, select ’Use my computer’s internet connection settings to create a connection when this program accesses the internet ‘
    🔸 Tab on next 
    🔸 From the drop-down box, select Advanced connection settings 
    🔸 Click Restore Advanced settings 
    🔸 Click Ok 
    🔸 Press the Done button
    🔸 Run QuickBooks and try installing the latest updates

    If Multiple QuickBooks Versions are Installed on your Computer

    The QuickBooks Error 12038 may arise if multiple QuickBooks versions (for example, QuickBooks Premier 2021 and QuickBooks Pro 2021) are installed on your system.

    🔸 Let us assume you need to install the latest updates only for QuickBooks Premier 2019. Here are the steps to follow in this case:
    🔸 Visit the QuickBooks Downloads and Updates page
    🔸 Select your Country
    🔸 Select the Product (QuickBooks Premier, in this case)
    🔸 Select the Version (2021, here)
    🔸 Click on the Search button
    🔸 Now click on the tab named get the latest updates
    🔸 Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest updates

    Configure Windows Image of Windows icon png Firewall Settings

    🔸 On the keyboard, press the Windows start button 
    🔸 Locate Windows Firewall from the program list 
    🔸 Click it to open
    🔸 Now click the Advanced settings button
    🔸 Right-click on the Inbound Rules tab
    🔸 Click on New Rules
    🔸 Choose the appropriate port
    🔸 Click on Next 
    🔸 Verify if you have selected TCP as the protocol
    🔸 Click Next 
    🔸 Checkmark on Allow the connections
    🔸 Press Next to continue
    🔸 Select all the profiles displayed on your screen 
    🔸 Click on Next again
    🔸 Now assign a suitable name for the new rule
    🔸 Click Finish 
    🔸 Open QuickBooks again
    🔸 Try to install the latest updates see if you are getting the error message

    We hope the troubleshooting steps mentioned above would help you fix the QuickBooks Error 12038. If you are finding it difficult to perform the steps above or if you have any more queries, do get in touch with some experienced QuickBooks experts.


    How to Reset QuickBooks Update and Update Again?

    Here are the steps to follow-
    🔸 Open QuickBooks Desktop
    🔸 Go to the Help section
    🔸 Click on the tab named Update QuickBooks Desktop 
    🔸 Click on the Update Now button
    🔸 Hit the Reset Update tab
    🔸 Click Get Updates
    🔸 Wait till the update gets completed. It may take some time

    What is the Procedure to Update QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 to 2021?

    Here are the steps to follow-
    🔸 Open your QuickBooks version 
    🔸 Select Open/Restore Company.
    🔸 Click the Open a company file tab
    🔸 Click Next.
    🔸 Now select Open.
    🔸 Next, log in to the company file as admin 
    🔸 Click on Update Now. The upgrade process will start. 
    🔸 Once the upgrading process is over, click Done.

    What is the Procedure to Update QuickBooks Desktop Manually in the Mac Operating System?

    Please follow the steps sequentially-
    🔸 Uninstall the older version of QuickBooks
    🔸 Download the latest version of QuickBooks
    🔸 Open the software and go to ‘QuickBooks Product Updates’
    🔸 Select the desktop version
    🔸 Download the installer into your system
    🔸 Now double click the .dmg file already downloaded. Drag the desktop icon of the QuickBooks software into the ‘applications’ folder. The installation process will start.

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