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QuickBooks Error 1305

    QuickBooks Error 1305

    QuickBooks error 1305 error usually indicates a problem that is linked to the disc. If such a case, simply clearing the CD-ROM can often fix the problem. The Error Reading on the file might also occur when attempting QuickBooks installation.

    Causes of QuickBooks Error 1305

    Generally, QuickBooks error 1305 can occur when:

    • The QuickBooks CD is dirty
    • The CD drive is damaged
    • The QuickBooks CD is damaged.

    Steps for Fix QuickBooks Error 1305

    The following lines highlight steps that you can attempt to resolve QuickBooks error 1305. If you find the steps below too complicated and required assistance, then feel free to contact Accounting Problem Support team.

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    Clean QuickBooks CD

    πŸ’  First, remove QuickBooks CD from CD drive.
    πŸ’  Examine the back of QuickBooks CD and clean out smears and dirt, if any.
    πŸ’  Clean the back of QuickBooks CD using CD-ROM cleaning solution, you need to apply straight strokes from center of the CD to the edge.
    πŸ’  Re-insert the clean QuickBooks CD into the CD drive.
    πŸ’  Next, install the QuickBooks in your system and verify the error is resolved. If not, go to the next step.

    Re-install QuickBooks using another CD drive.

    πŸ’  Remove the QuickBooks CD from current System’s CD Drive and then place it on another CD drive.
    πŸ’  And attempt QuickBooks installation.
    πŸ’  If no error arises while installing QuickBooks that means the first computer’s CD drive has been damaged/corrupted. You should contact your network or system administrator, the vendor, the Web site manufacturer, or local IT experts and get your Computer’s CD repaired.

    Install Available Windows Update

    Microsoft is frequently improving or updating Windows system files. Sometimes resolving runtime issues may be as simple as updating your Windows with latest Service Pack or Patch that is released by Microsoft on a regular basis.

    Check for Updates (Windows 8, Vista, XP, and 1305):

    πŸ’  Click on Start
    πŸ’  And enter β€œupdate” in the search box and press on ENTER.
    πŸ’  This will open to Windows Update dialog box.
    πŸ’  If an update is available, attempt to install the Updates

    Perform Clean Windows Installation

    By reinstalling Windows, everything will be erased from the hard drive. This allows you to re-start with a new system. Moreover, a clean Windows install will also clean out any junks that have been accumulated over continues usages of the computer.

    Accounting Problem Support Service

    The above steps should help you fix your error. If you are still facing Error 1305 or facing issues while fixing it, then detail down the problem and share them with us at [email protected], our experts will go through the problem and revert back to you with reliable resolutions. Dial on to get directly connected with our experts and get your problem fixed faster. Our experts will efficiently guide you through the troubleshooting steps and also provide important tips to run your software. Our QuickBooks support service experts are also available via QuickBooks Live Chat Support link provided on our website.