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QuickBooks Error 1328 – When QuickBooks Installing, Uninstalling, Updating, Or Repairing

    Quickbooks Error 1328

    This article is about QuickBooks error 1328 and how it can be solved. QuickBooks Error 1328 occurs when users install, update or repair QuickBooks. The following message appears with the error:

    “QuickBooks Error 1328. Error updating file C:\Config.Msi\PTXXX.tmp”

    Solutions for QuickBooks Error 1328

    The first solution to this error is to reinstall QuickBooks using a clean install.

    The second solution is fixing common QuickBooks installation errors by using the QB Install Tool.

    Using QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool

    The QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool (QuickBooks Install) can be used if QuickBooks can ‘t be installed or opened. Quickbooks Install automatically figures and fixes issues related to .NET Framework, MSXML and C++. QuickBooks Install should be before manually resolving problems, as the tool can cut down the time needed to fix errors.

    The QuickBooks error 1328 provided below occur if the operating system has been damaged or any of the core Microsoft components that QuickBooks uses is either unstable or not functioning properly.



    Once the tool is run, QuickBooks might have to be re-registered or reactivated. If users are not comfortable taking the steps mentioned here, they should seek an IT expert’s help, who should also be contacted if there are errors during installation of Windows updates.

    Running QuickBooks Install Tool

    • After downloading the QuickBooks Install tool, users must save it on the desktop, when there’s a prompt. Then, all open programs must be closed and QuickBooks Install run.
    • This process might need nearly 20 minutes to finish, based on the computer’s processing speed and internet connectivity.
    • After the tool is run, the computer must be restarted to make sure that all the components have been updated.

    Downloading Windows Updates

    Once Windows updates are downloaded, missing improvements related to .NET Framework, MSXML and C++ will be installed.

    In case the user’s Windows OS is outdated QuickBooks might not open or install properly. Windows updates can be accessed by pressing the Windows key and typing Windows Update in the search box. Once updates have been installed, users must restart the computer and open QuickBooks to check if the problem has been fixed.

    Fixing Problems Related to QuickBooks and Microsoft Components Manually

    If the QuickBooks Install tool can’t fix the problem, users can try solving the issue by fixing the Windows components manually. This should be done only if users have very good knowledge of Windows. Else, they should consult an IT expert.

    Repairing Microsoft Components Involves:

    💠 Repairing or reinstalling Microsoft .NET Framework
    💠 Repairing MSXML
    💠 Users can also call the Accounting Problem QuickBooks Support Team for assistance on these issues.

    Total Time: 16 minutes

    Installing/Uninstalling QuickBooks in Selective Startup

    NOTE: If the error still occurs while installing QuickBooks or trying the solutions mentioned above, the problem might be related to the operating system and an IT expert’s help must be sought.

    💠 Before taking the steps mentioned below, the company file must be backed up. Users must also have the license and products numbers at hand. The numbers can be accessed by pressing F2 or Ctrl + 1 in QuickBooks, which will open the Product Information window.
    💠 Users must also have a QB Installation CD or a download installer for the version of QuickBooks that needs to be installed.

    Starting the Computer in Selective Startup

    💠 First, users must press Windows + R to open the Run command and type “msconfig” in the search box and then choose OK. Then, in the General tab, choose Selective Startup, followed by Load System Services.
    💠 Then, in the Services tab, choose Hide All Microsoft Services and then choose Disable All.
    💠 Next, the Hide All Microsoft Services box must be deselected. Then, users must check the service list and verify that the Windows Installer box is selected. If it isn’t, it must be selected and then OK chosen.
    💠 Then, in the System Configuration window, users must choose Restart.
    💠 After the computer restarts, users must install, uninstall or reinstall QuickBooks via a clean install.

    Restoring the Computer to the Normal Configuration

    💠 After pressing Windows + R to open the Run command, users must type “msconfig” and then choose OK. Then, in the General tab, choose Normal Setup, followed by OK.
    💠 Next, in the System Configuration window, choose Restart.

    Final Words :

    For further help, please call our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free QuickBooks helpline.