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QuickBooks Error 15104

    Equipped with many powerful and amazing features QuickBooks assists in handling finances and other associated activities. Moreover, this application has benefited businesses irrespective of their size and gained huge popularity among them. But when it comes to software having technical glitches then it is not immune to any kind of technical errors. QuickBooks Error 15104 is one such error which is frequently reported by users while updating the QuickBooks payroll or Desktop. A corrupted Windows registry entry or corrupted QuickBooks updates are the most common causes of this problem. We’ll go through how to fix QuickBooks error 15104 and other important details in this blog. Stay Tuned!

    What is QuickBooks Error 15104?

    QuickBooks error 15104 is a 15xxx series of error codes which is often seen when users try to update their software or payroll. This occurs when a Windows registry entry is corrupted or when a QuickBooks update is corrupted. It’s also worth noting that these issues are thought to be caused by a corrupted Windows registry. There could be plenty of factors for this issue, which will be covered in the further section of this blog.

    Possible Factors Could Lead to QuickBooks Error 15104

    Due to a number of causes, the user may get update error code 15104:

    • Such an issue may cause problems if the user is using QuickBooks in single-user mode
    • The user will also see Quickbooks error 15104 as a result of a damaged Windows registry
    • It may also display during QuickBooks update installation
    • It is possible that it will occur if the user has performed an incomplete program installation.

    Important Pointers must be Performed before Advanced Troubleshooting

    There are several things you can’t afford to overlook before beginning troubleshooting. A few pointers for QuickBooks problem number 15104 are shown below:

    If you’re currently using QuickBooks in multi-user mode, you should immediately switch to single-user mode.

    Make Sure the Location on the Map is Right as Well

    To accomplish this, adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Open the product information window by holding down the Ctrl + 1 keys at the same time
    • Then select Help menu >>> QuickBooks Update from the drop-down menu
    • Select the Option tab, then double-check that the download location information is accurate.

    3 Prominent Methods to Mend QuickBooks Error 15104

    Though the QuickBooks error code 15104 is caused due to damaged registry entry and it is considered as the main reason for this issue by QuickBooks Experts. To overcome it, you can try executing the below discussed 3 methods. Let’s carry out the steps one by one:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Accomplish the System Restore

    🔹 To begin, open your computer’s System Restore window
    🔹 Next, select the Restore Point option
    🔹 Now, you have to select the “Scan for affected programs” tab 
    🔹 To complete the restore procedure, select “Next” followed by the “Finish” button
    🔹 Also, make a note that the personal files on your computer will not be affected by System Restore.

    Use the third-party Cleaner Program

    🔹 On your PC, download and install a third-party cleaner
    🔹 Run the app on Windows after it has been installed
    🔹 The application will search your system and, if it discovers a problem with a registry entry, it will correct it right away
    🔹 Make sure your system is backed up and restarted.
    🔹 If the problem persists, you can attempt the following additional options.

    Install and Uninstall the QuickBooks in a Selective Startup Mode

    Here are the Given Steps…

    Prepare your Data

    Before you begin, make sure you have everything you’ll need to complete the tasks below:
    🔹 Make a copy of your company file as a backup
    🔹 Make sure you have a copy of your QuickBooks Desktop Product and License Information ready with you.

    Start your PC in Selective Start-up Mode

    It is preferable to use Selective start-up mode to avoid any other apps being affected while doing the task.
    🔹 Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard together to open the Run command
    🔹 Type misconfig into the dialogue box followed by clicking the “Ok” button
    🔹 Choose the “Selective Startup and Load System Services” from the General tab
    🔹 Then select “Hide all Microsoft Services” from the Service menu
    🔹 After that, select “Disable All” from the drop-down menu
    🔹 Now, uncheck “Hide all Microsoft Services”
    🔹 Make sure the Windows Installer Checkbox is checked from the list of services
    🔹 Click the checkbox to choose it if it isn’t already selected
    🔹 Once done with that, click on the OK button
    🔹 With this, it will open the system configuration window, simply select “Restart” to end this process.

    Perform a Clean Install of your QuickBooks Desktop

    Try uninstalling and then reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop as soon as your machine boots up. A clean install of QuickBooks Desktop is what this procedure is called.

    Uninstalling the QuickBooks Desktop

    🔹 To begin, the user must hit the “Windows+ R” buttons on the keyboard to observe the RUN command on their computer’s screen
    🔹 Next, go to the Control Panel and then press the Ok button
    🔹 After you’ve completed the second step, go ahead and pick “Programs and features”
    🔹 Select QuickBooks from the “Programs list” and then hit on the “Uninstall”
    🔹 Finally, the user must follow the prompts that appear on their screen to “Finish” the procedure.

    Renaming the Installing Folders

    The next step for QuickBooks users is to manually change folders in order to reflect hidden files, and then rename the folder location that is provided for the Windows version. All they have to do is replace any old or damaged words at the end of the folder name. By taking this action, users will be able to prevent QuickBooks from recognizing the folder when they create a new one.

    Reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop

    The final step is to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop by downloading and installing it again. This step completes the clean installation process and brings it to a close of this procedure.

    Go to the Normal Startup Mode

    You must restore your system to its usual mode once QuickBooks has been successfully installed on your computer. The following are the steps to do so:
    🔹 To open the Run command, press the CTRL + R keys on your keyboard at the same time
    🔹 Now, type misconfig into the search box and then hit the OK button
    🔹 Go to the General tab where you’ll set everything up and choose the “Normal Set up” option
    🔹 After that, select the “Ok” button
    🔹 On the system configuration window, select “Restart”.

    Additional Troubleshooting Methods:

    Well, QuickBooks Error 15104 belongs to 15000 series code and also an update error. The below are few additional ways to getting rid of the 15xxx series error code 15104:

    Run the Reboot.bat File

    🔹 First, close your QuickBooks Desktop 
    🔹 Next, do a right-click on the QuickBooks icon and choose the Properties tab 
    🔹 Then click on the “Open File Location” option 
    🔹 In the top right search field, type reboot/reboot.bat
    🔹 A reboot/reboot file is shown and then right-click on the file you want to open and choose it with bat
    🔹 After done with the above, select the option “Run as an Administrator”
    🔹 If prompted, say “Yes”
    🔹 Restart your computer and QuickBooks to apply the changes
    🔹 Finally, restart QuickBooks and, if requested, click Update Now to install the update.
    If 🔹 you’re still having problems installing the update, try another way to fix it.

    Install the Digital Signature Certificate

    🔹 Initially, go to the  C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks XX where XX represents the version of QB
    🔹 Next, type QBW32.exe in the upper right corner, then right-click on QBW32 and select Properties from the drop-down menu
    🔹 Go to Digital Signatures and choose Intuit from the drop-down menu
    🔹 Then move to the “Details” tab and select it 
    🔹 After that, select “View Certificate” followed by selecting the Install Certificate…
    🔹 If Finish does not appear, click “Next” and then click “Finish”
    🔹 Once the import has been completed successfully and then start your computer again
    🔹 Finally, re-download the update.

    To conclude!

    Hopefully, this blog covered all the major information regarding how to fix QuickBooks Error 15104. In case you receive any issue during the process or have any other issues, you can contact our QuickBooks Helpdesk Team for quick and precise solutions.

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