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QuickBooks Error 15271

    No doubt, QuickBooks accounting software has some wonderful features and functionalities, but it also has a lot of bugs, which can’t be ignored. However, errors can complicate the smooth operation of updating QuickBooks and its Payroll. This post will cover QuickBooks problem 15271, which occurs when downloading or installing payroll updates and is most likely caused by QuickBooks failing to validate the download file. QuickBooks issue 15271 is part of the QuickBooks 15XXX errors series which is most regularly seen and reported by Quickbooks users. This problem occurs primarily when we update or install applications. If you’re having trouble with this error, keep reading because we’ll go over the quick remedies, causes, and other information about it in this article.

    What do you Understand with QuickBooks Error 15271?

    When a user tries to install the QuickBooks latest payroll update, Windows first verifies the integrity of the downloaded file. If Windows identifies flaws in the downloaded file, it displays the error “A File Cannot Be Validated.” This is a typical problem that can also happen while updating other Windows programs. QuickBooks displays an error message when a user experiences the QuickBooks payroll update error:

    “Error 15271: The payroll update did not complete successfully. A file cannot be validated.”

    “Error 15271: The update did not complete successfully. A file cannot be validated.”

    To get rid of QuickBooks error code 15271 in QuickBooks, Intuit recommends turning off User Account Control on Windows. However, this isn’t the only solution that always fixes the problem; you may need to try other approaches as well.

    Possible Reasons that Could Lead to QuickBooks Error 15271

    There are a bunch of factors that are responsible for Quickbooks error code 15271. The below listed are few of them:

    • If the windows registry becomes corrupted as a result of a recent update to the QuickBooks pro software.
    • Windows files may be corrupted or damaged, and Windows files that require Quickbooks to operate may be damaged or corrupted.
    • If the corruption in the Windows file system or software file persists as a result of a malware attack.
    • If the QuickBooks pro program is not fully installed on your computer or if the downloaded software file is corrupted.
    • Another cause of the issue could be that QuickBooks pro-related files were accidentally deleted.
    • Incorrect SSL settings in Internet Explorer.

    Consider the following points:

    Before you begin the process of resolving the problem, you should follow the procedures below and make a backup of the company file:

    • To begin, launch QuickBooks Desktop
    • Next, go to the file menu
    • After that, select the backup company followed by selecting the “Create Local Backup”
    • In the end, you have to follow the on-screen instructions and back up the company file.

    How to Deal with QuickBooks Error 15271?

    There could be more than one way to fix QuickBooks Error 15271. We’ll go over each of the options one by one below:

    Total Time: 32 minutes

    Modify the System Registry

    🔹 To begin, use a registry repair system to fix any affected registry entries relating to the QuickBooks software
    🔹 Then select the Windows Start menu 
    🔹 In the search dialogue box, type the writing command
    🔹 It’s best to avoid pressing the Enter key
    🔹 Then press the Ctrl + Shift keys, followed by the Enter key
    🔹 The next step is to select “Yes”, which will bring up a permission dialogue box
    🔹 On the screen, a black box with a blinking cursor will emerge
    🔹 Then type regedit and choose an option to hit the Enter key
    🔹 After that, you’ll need to use a registry editor to select the failure 15271
    🔹 From the main file menu, you have to select “Export”
    🔹 After that, choose the folder where the data backup will be saved, and then click on the “Save” button
    🔹 Now, save a file and double-check that the selected branch is included in the export range
    🔹 Then you must address the malware contamination threat
    🔹 Once done with that, utilize the malware removal system to remove the malware from the computer
    🔹 The final step is to clear the system of all understandable as well as junk records.

    Steps to Clear all the System Junk Files

    🔹 Start with doing a complete malware scan on the computer
    🔹 Next, clear off the junk files
    🔹 Now, you can rapidly update your PC’s hardware drivers
    🔹 The next stage is to use the Windows system to restore them and then to correct them as a result of recent system updates
    🔹 With critical QuickBooks error 15271, uninstall or reinstall QuickBooks Desktop
    🔹 After that, you must run the Windows system file checker
    🔹 Also, make an effort to install all of the most recent Windows updates
    🔹 At last, perform a clean installation of Windows OS.

    Turn off the UAC in Windows

    🔹 You can try disabling Windows’ User Account Control (UAC) in your Windows and following are the steps needs to be performed:

    In Windows Vista
    🔹 If you’re running Windows Vista, you’ll need to complete the following:
    🔹 The first step is to go to the Windows tab and then to the Control Panel tab
    🔹 In the provided search box, type UAC and then press the Enter key
    🔹 Then, to turn the user account ON or OFF, click the button
    🔹 After that, click the “Ok” button to complete the process
    🔹 Finally, reboot your system.

    In Windows 7, 8, and 10
    🔹 The first step for Windows 7, 8, and 10 users is to go to the control panel settings

    In Windows 7: Select the Windows start tab and then control panel
    In Windows 8: Type the control panel in the start menu and then click the control panel
    After that, enter the UAC
    🔹 Then select “Change user account control settings” from the drop-down menu
    🔹 Now, disable the UAC and set the slider to “Never Notify”
    🔹 Then click “Ok”, and when requested, enter the password or confirmation code
    🔹 If you want to make any changes, you’ll need to restart your computer
    🔹 After done with that, set your UAC to ON by dragging the slider to the time you wish to be notified
    🔹 Lastly, you have to hit the “Ok” tab.
    🔹 It should be mentioned that this will assist you in a time of need. It is advisable to restart the system if the error persists. If the QuickBooks update service message window opens, choose the install later tab to reinstall the QuickBooks release update.

    Perform a Clean Install of QuickBooks in a Selective Start-up Mode

    🔹 To begin, press the Windows + R keys from your keyboard
    🔹 Then a run dialogue box will appear
    🔹 After that, type msconfig and then press the “Ok” button
    🔹 The next step is to select the selected startup option from the main menu tab’s general tab
    🔹 After that, choose the load system services
    🔹 Then go to the services tab and select the option “Hide all Microsoft services”
    🔹 Then select the Disable All option
    🔹 Uncheck the box that says “Hide all Microsoft services”
    🔹 Also, double-check the service list to see if the Windows installer is marked as checked
    🔹 Check the same box, then click the “Ok” button
    🔹 Now, in the system configuration option, select the restart tab
    🔹 Finally, you’ll need to uninstall QuickBooks and then reinstall it.

    Update your QuickBooks to the Latest Release

    You can also fix the error by updating QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version:
    🔹 Go to the help menu, you should choose the option to update QuickBooks
    🔹 Then, on the update QuickBooks window, switch to the settings tab
    🔹 By simply clicking the update QuickBooks window, you can enable automatic updates
    🔹 After that, close the window now
    🔹 The latest release update will then be downloaded by QuickBooks software.

    Winding Up!

    The troubleshooting outlined in this article is suggested by the Certified Experts. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you in resolving QuickBooks Error 15271 to certain extents. To learn more about accounting software and obtain the best solutions related to issues or any other technical glitches, you can easily contact QuickBooks Helpdesk team.


    How do I Install the Payroll Updates in Windows Safe Mode to remove QuickBooks Error 15271?

    Select Restart from the Shutdown menu by pressing the Start button on your desktop. Continue pressing the F8 key on your keyboard while Windows is rebooting to bring up the Advanced Boot Options page. Select Safe Mode from your keyboard’s navigation keys and hit the Enter key. With this, “Advanced Boot Options” will appear in Windows. After the Windows reboots in Safe Mode, try installing the payroll updates again. If the issue code 15271 persists and if you can install the payroll updates in Safe Mode, it means that other programs on your computer are interfering with the payroll update installation.

    What are the steps I have to follow to download the latest Payroll Tax Tables?

    You can perform these steps to download the latest QuickBooks payroll tax tables:
    🔹 Start QuickBooks and navigate to the Employees tab
    🔹 Click Get Payroll Updates, and then click Download Entire Payroll Update in the pop-up windows that appear
    🔹 Finally, select the Download Latest Update option, and QuickBooks will notify you when the updates have been downloaded.

    How do I identify the QuickBooks Error 15271?

    Identifying signs and symptoms will be helpful in rectifying the Quickbooks error. To identify the QuickBooks Error Code 15271, you can check the following symptoms:
    🔹 Windows will be affected by the latency problem and may respond slowly to input.
    🔹 Computers freeze for a few seconds on a regular basis.
    🔹 Windows starts to run slowly.
    🔹 After receiving QuickBooks Error 15271, the computer started crashing.

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