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QuickBooks Error 193: 0xc1 Windows Could not Start the QuickBooks DBXX Service on the Local Computer

    QuickBooks Error 193 falls under the types of issues you may come across while you are accessing Quickbooks in its multi-user mode. When this error code occurs, it raises an error message that states “QuickBooks error 193: 0xc1 Windows could not start the QuickBooks DBXX service on the local computer“.

    The outcome of this QuickBooks error code 193 is that you will be unable to start the QuickBooks DBXX service manually or automatically. In addition to that, you may also come across such an error when you are trying to start the QuickBooks database server manager.

    QuickBooks error 193 can be a little complicated error for you to handle on your own, so, here in this article, you will get to know about a few simple steps that can be incorporated to resolve this issue. Go ahead with this segment, to unleash the proper steps you are supposed to follow to set your work error-free thereby maintaining its efficiency.

    What Ground Causes can Trigger QuickBooks Error 193?

    No matter what kind of error you come across before you go ahead to resolve it, it is highly recommended to learn about the reasons that cause it prior. There can be ample factors or reasons that can lead to the QuickBooks error 193. A few of them have been introduced below:

    • If your QuickBooks software consists of the same department codes or names, it may raise an error message.
    • You can also face this error code if you are trying to the customer names that are either deleted or merged already.
    • If your database consists of hampered or corrupted .qbt files, it may result in this error code.
    • If corrupt customer lists are present in the remote storage of your QuickBooks software.
    • This error also occurs because of the corrupt or damaged company files in QuickBooks.

    That was all about the major causes of QuickBooks error 193, you now need to know about the resolutions methods to be adopted to troubleshoot this error code.

    Debugging QuickBooks Error 193?

    There are several methods that can be adopted to resolve QuickBooks error 193. Some of them are given below. Get them into use to help yourself out. Let us quickly have a look at them.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Do the Clean Installation of QuickBooks Software

    You will be able to troubleshoot this QuickBooks error code 193 up to a certain extent by implementing this method. It will consist of some internal steps that are as under:

    🔹 The first and foremost step is to press the Windows Start key or just simply tap the Start button on your system.
    🔹 Then you need to go and navigate the Control Panel.
    🔹 After that, you will find two options named Programs and Features and Uninstall a Program, select them in a respective manner.
    🔹 Then you have to check the list of installed programs and select QuickBooks.
    Once done, you are now required to select ‘Uninstall/Change’ and then tap on the Remove option.
    🔹 The final step is to reinstall the QuickBooks after hitting the Next button.

    Follow the steps given above properly and check if the issue is resolved. If not, move ahead with the next method.

    Removing .qbt Files Both from Headquarters and Remote Store

    It is very important to get all the .qbt files deleted both from the headquarters as well as the remote store. The following steps fall under this method.

    Firstly, Delete .qbt Files from Headquarters.

    🔹 For that, you are supposed to follow the path ‘OS: C:\Program Data\ Intuit\QuickBooks Point of sale x.x/STex’ on your server Windows.
    🔹 Once you are done with the above step, you now have to look for the files having the ‘.qbt’ extension in every folder and delete them.

    Secondly, Delete .qbt Files From Remote Store

    🔹 To get this done, you need to go to the Search box and type ‘.qbt’.
    🔹 After you find the results, delete all the files that have the ‘.qbt’ extension.
    🔹 The final step is to exit the Windows followed by clearing the Recycle bin.

    Make or Create a New Remote File

    🔹 In order to do this, you need to choose the options files and company operations respectively, and then tap on ‘create new company’.
    🔹 After that, you are supposed to enter your company name in the space given followed by choosing the remote store and filling in the store number.
    🔹 Last but not least, from the headquarters, resend the mailbag back to the Remote store.

    Perform the Manual Update of Server Windows

    If you are working on a version of Windows 10 and 2013, then follow the given steps to update them manually.

    🔹 The first step is to select ‘Customer’ from the given list.
    🔹 Second and the last step is to hit the ‘Shift’ tab.

    If you are working on a version of Windows 9, then make use of the below-mentioned steps to do its manual update.

    🔹 You first need to press CTRL and A keys simultaneously to select all the customers together and move them to the File menu of the headquarter server. 
    🔹 At last, you need to choose the ‘Utilities’ option and resent the same to validate the mailbag in the store.

    Rechecking the Mailbag after Deleting Customers

    There can be several issues or glitches from the side of the QuickBooks that may also result in a QuickBooks error 193. For example, sometimes it may happen that the software itself shifts or deletes some of the customer names. Therefore, one of the best ways to troubleshoot this error code is by deleting such customers from the customer list in QuickBooks.
    🔹 Firstly, you are required to open the QuickBooks and look for the reports.
    🔹 In the next step, you are supposed to check the customer lists.
    🔹 After that, ensure that you choose the customers properly and open these details to have a check on them.
    🔹 Now, you have to tap on all options, click on the option ‘I want to’ followed by a click on the checkbox to delete the customers.
    🔹 Having done the above step, you are now supposed to choose ‘Files’ and tap on ‘utilities & resend’.
    🔹 Finally, you are required to check the mailbag of the store.

    You can easily troubleshoot the QuickBooks error 193 with the help of the methods mentioned above.

    Conclusion: This article was about the QuickBooks error 193, its brief introduction, ground causes, and the related debugging methods. After carefully following each step mentioned above in a sequential manner, if the error persists and you fail to resolve it manually and help yourself out, do not hesitate to contact the QuickBooks customer helpdesk team for the best possible assistance as the experts have years of experience in handling such errors and their related problems. They are available 24/7 to assist you by doing their best.

    Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

    How can I Change the Install Location of QuickBooksDBXX Service that is not Working and Resulting in QuickBooks Error 193?

    If you want to change the install location of the QuickBooksDBXX service while reinstalling it, you can make use of the default installation path which is like:
    🔹 C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks(year) – for 32 bits.
    🔹 C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks (year) – for 64 bits.

    Which QuickBooks Version is Compatible with Which QuickBooksDBXX Version to Fix QuickBooks Error 193?

    🔹 The QuickBooks 2022 is the version compatible with the QuickBooksDB32 service.
    🔹 The QuickBooks 2021 is the version compatible with the QuickBooksDB31 service.
    🔹 The QuickBooks 2020 is the version compatible with the QuickBooksDB30 service.
    🔹 The QuickBooks 2019 is the version compatible with the QuickBooksDB29 service.
    🔹 The QuickBooks 2018 is the version compatible with the QuickBooksDB28 service.
    🔹 The QuickBooks 2017 is the version compatible with the QuickBooksDB27 service.

    What are Steps to Configure Service of the QuickBooks Database Service Manager after Resolving QuickBooks Error 193?

    🔹 Firstly, you are required to open the Run window.
    🔹 Then press the Enter key after typing ‘services.msc’ to open the service window.
    🔹 Look for the QuickBooksDBXX service that matches your QuickBooks version.
    🔹 Click on the QuickBooksDBXX service twice.
    🔹 Do the changes by setting up:
    🔹 Head on to the Recovery tab.
    🔹 Choose ‘Restart the service’ from the ‘first failure’ drop-down menu.
    🔹 Repeat the above steps for subsequent failures.
    🔹 Hit the Ok button to save the changes. Finally, reboot your computer.

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