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QuickBooks Error 6000 80: When Tried to Access Company File

    QuickBooks Error Code 6000 80

    This article is about QuickBooks Error 6000 80 and how you can resolve it. QuickBooks provides payments, billing & payroll and cloud computing facilities to small and medium businesses.

    QuickBooks Error 6000 80

    When this error occurs, the following is displayed on the screen when a company file is being opened: “QuickBooks Error 6000 80: An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file”

    Causes of QuickBooks Error 6000 80

    • The data has been converted/restored via a network
    • QuickBooks data file is being hosted by several computers
    • QuickBooks can’t communicate with the server
    • Company file has been damaged

    Steps for Resolve QuickBooks Error 6000 80

    For Single Users

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Downloading QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool

    💠 Users must download the QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool and run it. If it detects some damage and doesn’t repair it, users can do one of the following:
    💠 A recently backed up company file can be restored
    💠 All data can be restored with Auto Data Recovery
    💠 If no problem was found in the company file, the file is alright. Yet, if the error still occurs, users must try the next solution.

    Copying File to the C Drive

    Users must first copy the backup file (.qbb) or the company file that needs to be updated (.qbw) to the local C drive. Next, the backup must be restored or the company file updated, and then it must be copied to its original location.

    For Multi User Environments

    There are 4 solutions. The first one might fix the issue, or users might have to try all the solutions. The solutions must be tried in the order mentioned here.

    If users don’t prefer using online tools, they must try the fourth solution.

    Downloading QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool

    Please follow the steps mentioned in Solution 1 for single users above. If no problem was found in the company file, the file is alright. Yet, if the error still occurs, users must try the next solution.

    Run QuickBooks Connection Diagnostics Tool

    After downloading and running the tool, if all advanced statuses have been green check marked, users will see File Open Successful. This indicates that the network connection is fine, and the file should open. But if the error persists, go to the next solution.

    Copying the File to the C Drive

    Please go through the steps mentioned in second solution for single-user environments.

    Fixing the Error Manually

    These steps must be taken if the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool or the QuickBooks File Diagnostic Tool can’t be run on the computer, or if users prefer a manual solution.

    Updating to the Current QuickBooks Release

    If users have the current release, they must go to the next step.

    Configuring QuickBooks Files for Firewall/Anti-virus Software

    If the firewall or anti-virus has been configured, but the error can’t be fixed, go to the next step.

    Checking access Permissions for Company File

    Users must navigate to the Set up folder permissions for sharing company file web page and check that the permissions have been correctly set up. Then, they must set permissions for QuickBooks, Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 80.

    If access permissions to the company file/folder have been set up correctly, but the error isn’t fixed, users must go the next step.

    Scanning Company Files

    The folder containing the company file must be scanned for creating the Network Descriptor (.nd) file, This file contains data about the computer hosting the file.
    After pressing the Start button, select Programs -> QuickBooks -> QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Then, in the Database Server Manager window, choose Add Folder and go to the folders containing the company files.

    After all the folders have been added, select Scan. All the data files will appear in QuickBooks company files found. Now, select Close. Then, go to the folders storing the company files and check that a .QBW .ND file has been created for every company file.

    NOTE: If the QuickBooks Database Server Manager can’t be seen on the Programs list, QuickBooks might have to be uninstalled and reinstalled by choosing “I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer, AND I’ll be storing our company file here so it can be shared over our network.”

    If the error persists despite scanning the folder, go to the next step.

    Verifying Hosting on Computers

    When in a network, the server in which the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is installed should be the sole computer on which hosting feature has been turned on. Hosting is turned on when the company files are scanned.

    For instructions on verifying hosting on workstations and server, please contact the Accounting Problem QuickBooks Tech Support Team.

    Opening Company File and Checking Data Damage from Another Location

    Opening company file from host computer

    💠 Users must first navigate to the location where the company file is saved. If on the host computer Server Install Only is installed, then users must go to Copy File to another location.
    💠 Now, QuickBooks and the company file with the error must be opened.
    If the company file can be opened form host computer, the company file must be verified.
    💠 If the file can’t be opened, go to Copy File to another location.
    💠 Next, the company file must be rebuilt, if QuickBooks requires this to be done.
    💠 If no problems are detected by QuickBooks in the company file and the error occurs again, then navigate to Copy File to another location.

    For instructions on copying file to another location, please contact the Accounting Problem QuickBooks Technical Support Team.

    Some steps in this article haven’t been elaborated for the sake of brevity. Please contact the QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number for the advanced steps and fix QuickBooks Error 6000 80. The Accounting Problem helpdesk personnel can also help you with other QuickBooks related issues and tips.

    What is QuickBooks Error 6000 80?

    When a user tries opening the “QuickBooks Company File”, QuickBooks may be unable to access it. This is because the file user is trying to open is hosted on multiple computers, or has been backed up onto a server computer that QuickBooks can’t connect to.

    What is the Role of the QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool While Fixing the QuickBooks Error 6000 80?

    QuickBooks file doctor is helpful for fixing company files that have been damaged or have network issues. The tool can also fix many other problems with your company file. With a tool that saves time and provides better results with less effort, productivity is increased throughout the company.

    How to Update QuickBooks to Its Current Release to fix QuickBooks Error 6000 80?

    Use the following steps to update QuickBooks to its latest version.

    🔹 Choose the option Update QuickBooks in the Help menu.
    🔹 Head to the Update Now tab and select Get Updates.
    🔹 The download process begins after having done the above step.
    🔹 Restart QuickBooks after the download is over.
    🔹 Finally, accept to get the latest release installed only if prompted.