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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6130

    Frustrated with a technical glitch called QuickBooks error 6130 and need to know how to fix it? If that’s the case, then this article is going to help for sure. It is one such error that occurs when a user tries to open a company file and prevents them from doing so. QuickBooks error code 6130 can have a negative impact on your system’s performance, and if correct troubleshooting is not done, you risk losing important QuickBooks Company file data. In this article, we’ll look into the many factors that are leading to QuickBooks error 6130 and troubleshoot them one by one.

    Introduction: QuickBooks Error 6130

    QuickBooks can be utilized in Multi-User mode, which allows you to host the company file on a server and share it with numerous users through a network. When a workstation tries to access a company file over the network and the file is unavailable or corrupt on the server, QuickBooks error 6130 occurs. When the error happens it displays the message “QuickBooks is trying to access the company file but cannot contact the database server”. However, there are many possible factors that evoke this technical issue that are listed later in the below write-up.

    Major Factors that Could Lead to QuickBooks Error 6130

    The following are some of the most common causes of QuickBooks error 6130:

    • The QuickBooks application is installed incorrectly or is damaged.
    • The file you’re trying to open has become corrupted or damaged.
    • You may obtain QuickBooks error message 6130 if the Windows registry of the QuickBooks associated programs is corrupted.
    • In the background, third-party applications are interfering with QuickBooks files.
    • A computer system is infected with a malicious virus or malware.
    • When there is a problem with the Internet connection.
    • QuickBooks can’t reach the required ports because of firewall settings.

    How to Identify the QuickBooks Error 6130?

    The symptoms of QuickBooks error code 6130 are listed below.

    • One of the most prevalent indicators is that the error code appears on the system and crashes the active window frequently.
    • QuickBooks error code 6130, 0 will repeatedly appear on your screen.
    • When running the same program, the system would regularly crash.
    • After a short period of time, the system repeatedly freezes.
    • If the mouse and keyboard inputs became sluggish.

    Instant Approaches to Deal with this Error, Before Moving to Advanced Troubleshooting for QuickBooks Error 6130

    1. Before proceeding with the troubleshooting, make a secure backup of your company file.
    2. Install the most recent QuickBooks Desktop updates on both the server and the client’s computer.
    3. Install the QuickBooks File Doctor on both the workstation and the server to fix any network and QuickBooks company file damage.
    4. Install the most recent Windows updates.

    Troubleshooting Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 6130

    You may encounter such an error as a result of a number of factors, and the methods are mostly dependent on the causes. So make sure to implement each and every method carefully:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Repair Windows Registries

    🔹 Click on the start tab to begin the process
    🔹 Do not press the enter tab after typing command
    🔹 Hit the enter key while pressing ctrl + shift keys from your keyboard 
    🔹 In a permission dialogue box, you will be requested
    🔹 After that, hit the “Yes” tab 
    🔹 A black box with a blinking dialogue box will appear on the screen
    🔹 Choose the Enter tab in regedit
    🔹 In the file menu, select the export tab
    🔹 To save the QuickBooks Desktop, go to the Save in list and select a specific folder
    🔹 Type the name of the backup file into the file name box
    🔹 Make sure that the selected branch is in the export range box
    🔹 After that, save the file by clicking on the “Save” button
    🔹 The reg file extension will be used to save the file
    🔹 Finally, you’ll have a backup of all QuickBooks-related entries.

    Clean out System Junk Using the Disk Cleanup

    While web surfing and ordinary computer use, our personal computer accumulates junk files. Overtime use generates a cluster of junk files, slowing down and sluggishness down the machine. It’s also possible that it’ll result in the 6130 Error! To optimize the speed of the computer, it is necessary to use Disk Cleanup to eliminate such junk. 
    🔹 To begin, select the Windows Start tab
    🔹 Enter the “command”…. Do Not hit Enter 
    🔹 You must now hit the ctrl + shift keys from your console 
    🔹 Additionally, select the Enter tab
    🔹 A permission dialogue box will appear
    🔹 Select the Yes option
    🔹 You must now type cleanmgr and select the enter tab in the search bar 
    🔹 The disc cleanup will determine how much space the temporary files use up and allow you to delete them
    🔹 Select the boxes of the categories you want to clean and then hit the OK tab to complete the process.

    Perform Full Malware Scan of your System

    Malware is a threat to both the operating system and the programs that run on it. The error-related files can be damaged, deleted, or corrupted by these harmful threats. As a result, it is recommended that you run a thorough system scan to detect and remove any malicious software.

    Install Windows Updates, if available 

    This error code may occur as a result of uninstalled Windows updates. However, Microsoft releases updates and improvements to the Windows System files from time to time, which may be associated with the QuickBooks code 6130. You can implement the below steps to check the Windows updates:

    In Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
    🔹 Start by pressing the Start key
    🔹 Type “Update” into the search field and then press the Enter key 
    🔹 A dialogue box for Windows Update will open
    🔹 If updates are available, click the Updates icon to install them.
    Operating System
    🔹 Any of the following Microsoft Windows operating systems can cause the QuickBooks Error Code 6130:
    🔹 MS Windows 2000
    🔹 Windows XP
    🔹 Microsoft Windows 7
    🔹 Windows 10
    🔹 MS Windows ME
    🔹 Windows Vista
    🔹 Microsoft Windows 8

    Try Uninstalling and Reinstalling of your QuickBooks Software

    If the QuickBooks error 6130 is related with a specific QuickBooks program, simply reinstall the software. To do so, follow the steps below to reinstall:
    🔹 To access the Programs and Features menu, press the Start button
    🔹 On the right side of the menu, select the Control Panel
    🔹 Select the Programs tab
    🔹 Select “Programs and Features” from the drop-down menu
    🔹 Find the program that is linked to QuickBooks Error 6130
    🔹 Select the QuickBooks related entry
    🔹 Finally, on the main menu, select Uninstall.

    Run Windows System File Checker

    🔹 Select the Windows Start tab
    🔹 Avoid pressing the Enter tab while typing commands in the search box
    🔹 Using the ctrl + shift keys, click the enter tab
    🔹 A dialogue window will appear
    🔹 Select the “Yes” option
    🔹 A black screen with the name on the command prompt will appear
    🔹 Hit the enter tab after typing sfc/scannow
    🔹 The system file checker will begin the scan procedure to resolve the problem.

    Undo Recent System Changes using the Windows System Restore

    🔹 First, you must select the Start button
    🔹 In the search box, type system restore and then press the enter key
    🔹 Select System Restore from the menu
    🔹 If prompted, enter any administrator passwords
    🔹 To choose a restore point, follow the wizard’s instructions
    🔹 At last, restore the system as well.  

    Rename QuickBooks file

    Configuration files for QuickBooks, such as .ND and .TGL, allow you to access company files. QuickBooks Error 6130 can result from corruption of these files. You can repair it by renaming these files. Here’s how:
    🔹 Navigate to the QuickBooks installation folder in Windows File Manager
    🔹 The folder is usually found in C:\ Users\Public \Public Documents \Intuit\ QuickBooks\
    🔹 Look for files with the same name as your company file but the extensions .ND and .TLG
    🔹 Select “Rename” from the context menu when you right-click the file
    🔹 Add the suffix .OLD to the end of the file name, for example (CompanyFileOLD.TLG and CompanyFileOLD.ND)
    🔹 To access your company file, save the file name and reopen QuickBooks.

    Restart QuickBooks Database Service on Server

    When the service that runs QuickBooks Database Server Manager Stops working for some reason, restarting it will help fix the problem.
    🔹 To launch the Run window on your server PC, press Windows + R keys from your keyboard
    🔹 Enter services.msc into the search box
    🔹 Look for the QuickBooksDBXX service in the list of services (XX denotes the version of your QuickBooks Desktop software)
    🔹 From the left side panel, select the service and click “Start”
    🔹 Now try to access the company file; if the problem persists and you still get the error 6130, move on to the next troubleshooting step.


    Hopefully, the above-prescribed solutions are enough to prevail in immense knowledge about the QuickBooks Error 6130. However, if you still have some query or are looking for a solution for your QuickBooks technical problem – you can take help from QuickBooks Customer Helpdesk.


    How do I Recreate a Damaged Folder/File to fix QuickBooks Error 6130? 

    It is pretty simple to recreate damaged files/folders that may help you to fix the Quickbooks error code 6130. Let’s see how:
    🔹 On your C:\drive, create a new folder where the company file is saved
    🔹 Next, open the folder which you found
    🔹 Now, locate the .qbw file (for example: company_file.qbw)
    🔹 You need to right-click on the new folder and then select the “Paste” option
    🔹 Set the Windows Access permissions to share the company files
    🔹 Finally, you have to open the QuickBooks Desktop and then open the file from the new location. 

    What to do if a Corrupt Windows User can Cause QuickBooks Error 6130?

    Sometimes, a corrupt Windows user can create this technical issue, you can make a new one by following the steps:
    🔹 Press the Windows Start button and then go to the Control Panel
    🔹 Now press the User Account icon
    🔹 Next, select the option to create a new user
    🔹 Ensure that the Administrator user type is selected
    🔹 Then log out of the current user
    🔹 Restart the computer to ensure that the changes take full effect
    🔹 Log in as the newly created user, and then drag the company file to your Desktop
    🔹 In QuickBooks, try opening the company file from your desktop.

    Can We Use any Tool to Overcome QuickBooks Error 6130?

    Yes, if none of the solutions worked out then you can make use of QuickBooks File Doctor tool. The below steps help you to download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor:
    🔹 Press the CTRL + J keys to proceed to your downloads after downloading QuickBooks Tools Hub
    🔹 Click QuickBooksToolsHub.exe from your downloads list
    🔹 To allow this app to make modifications, select “Yes”
    🔹 Now, click Next to install it, and then Yes to accept the license agreement once again
    🔹 After that, click Next, and then Install (It may take some time)
    🔹 When the installation is finished, click the “Finish” tab
    🔹 Open QuickBooks Tool Hub now (Icon will be available on your desktop)
    🔹 Run QuickBooks File Doctor from the Company File Issues tab
    🔹 Then select Browse to locate your file
    🔹 Click Open after selecting the file
    🔹 Select Check your file and then click “Continue”
    🔹 Then click Continue after entering your file password
    🔹 The scan will now begin; depending on the size of your company’s files, it may take some time to diagnose
    🔹 After the scan is complete, open QuickBooks to see if your problem has been addressed.

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