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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 15242

    QuickBooks Error Code 15242

    During updates downloads, there might trigger several types of issues that hamper the update process. The QuickBooks error message 15242 is one of the payroll update errors that appear on the screen because of the incomplete or corrupted installation, damaged QuickBooks, and more. This error message interrupts the correct functioning of the QuickBooks payroll system. It makes it essential for the users to fix the issue as soon as possible. The below article is compiled with a troubleshooting guide to rectify QuickBooks error code 15242.

    πŸ”° What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error 15242?

    This issue does not trigger randomly. Several factors give rise to this error message popping up on the screen.

    Here is the list of reasons responsible for the occurrence of the QuickBooks error 15242:

    ➀ Wrong or incomplete installation of QuickBooks software or updates
    ➀ Damaged file copy service
    ➀ Blocked FCS service
    ➀ The payroll subscription of the QuickBooks has been terminated
    ➀ Corrupted company file
    ➀ Failed to log in as admin credentials
    ➀ Stopped update procedure because of the unresponsive FCS service of the QuickBooks
    ➀ Payroll updates are incomplete
    ➀ Power failure shutdown the system incorrectly

    πŸ”° How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15242?

    Following is the list of informative steps to resolve the QuickBooks error message 15242:

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Check the Payroll Subscription

    Majority of the scenarios the subscription becomes the main barrier for the occurrence of QuickBooks error code 15242.
    Here are the steps:
    ⇨ Initially open your QuickBooks Desktop
    ⇨ Next click the Employees option
    ⇨ Hit My Payroll Service tab
    ⇨ Choose Billing information/Account
    ⇨ Now you will redirect to the QuickBooks payroll account maintenance window
    ⇨ After this close the window
    ⇨ The system will re-verify the QuickBooks payroll subscription
    ⇨ Once you complete the validation process then update the QuickBooks /Payroll

    Performs the Settings of the File Copy Service

    Changing the FCS settings play an essential trick to fix QuickBooks error 15242.
    Here is the list of instructions you need to follow:
    ⇨ Initially discover the QuickBooks Desktop Manage option
    ⇨ Choose option named Services and Applications
    ⇨ Hit Services tab
    ⇨ Next discover and double click on the option named Intuit QuickBooks FCS
    ⇨ Now hit on the dialog field on the window related to Intuit QuickBooks FCS properties
    ⇨ Click Ok button
    ⇨ Now open the QuickBooks Desktop and then download the advanced updates
    ⇨ Next updates the tax table
    ⇨ Check the error is fixed or not

    Run QuickBooks Desktop in a Selective Startup

    Sometimes the third-party software such as Antivirus interrupts the QuickBooks setup. Therefore it is essential to install the system using selective startup as it let you launch the Windows OS with the selected program.
    For this here are the steps:
    ⇨ Initially Hold Windows+ R key to prompt the Run Window
    ⇨ Enter MSConfig and then press the Enter key
    ⇨ Next, click the General option and then click Selective startup and load device services and products.
    ⇨ Choose option named Services and then verify Hide all Microsoft services tab
    ⇨ Select Disable all button
    ⇨ Next, you require to unselect β€œHide all Microsoft services”
    ⇨ Search for Services & products
    ⇨ Check the checkbox named home windows installer
    ⇨ Press OK button
    ⇨ Open System configuration and then Click the Restart button
    ⇨ Once your computer restarts then uninstall or reinstall the QuickBooks using a clean installation process

    Verify the Missing Updates

    ⇨ Initially open QuickBooks Desktop
    ⇨ Now open the Product information window
    ⇨ Check the latest updates. If in any case, the latest version is not there then here are the instructions to update the QuickBooks :
    ⇨ Open QuickBooks
    ⇨ Firstly click the Help tab
    ⇨ Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop
    ⇨ Next click the Update Now option
    ⇨ It will start downloading the advanced Updates
    ⇨ Once you complete the download procedure then reboot the QuickBooks Desktop
    ⇨ Next, accept the on-screen instruction to install the advanced release

    πŸ”° To Wrap Up:

    Hopefully, the article helped you to fix QuickBooks error 15242. This article contains the common causes and methods. However, there are other causes of the errors. In case you face any difficulty you can get in connect with a professional team for additional guidance.

    πŸ”” Ask Yourself the Following Questions (FAQs)

    What are the Impacts of QuickBooks Error 15242?

    Ans: This error not only slows down the system but also stops the important tasks on the system. This frustrating error appears with a message on the window informing you that the payroll updates failed to download correctly. Once you receive the issue you won’t be able to download the payrolls updates and payroll setup.

    What Error Messages Do I Get with QuickBooks Error 15242?

    Ans: β€œError 15242: The payroll update could not complete. The FCS (File Copy Service) is damaged.
    β€œError 15242: The QuickBooks update could not complete. The QuickBooks is damaged.

    How Would I Restart my Computer to a Normal Configuration?

    Ans: ➧ Open Run dialog window
    ➧ Enter MSConfig
    ➧ Press OK button
    ➧ Click the General tab and then select the Normal Startup tab followed by clicking on the Ok button
    ➧ At last click System configuration window
    ➧ Click Restart button

    What If I Need to Check the Firewall Setting is not Blocking the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll?

    Ans: ➧ Open Run window
    ➧ Enter Windows Firewall in the box
    ➧ It will display multiple options to select according to the inputs
    ➧ Hit option named Windows Firewall to choose
    ➧ It will appear Control Panel Window
    ➧ Hit on the link which says β€œAllow a program or feature via Windows firewall”
    ➧ Search for QuickBooks Application below Allowed Program and Feature
    ➧ Verify the field and then hit the OK tab
    ➧ In case you are unable to discover the QuickBooks program in the list then hit the link named Allow another program
    ➧ Hit select the QuickBooks Application
    ➧ Choose Add button

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