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How to Fix “QuickBooks Error 404” “Page not Found”

    QuickBooks Error 404

    This article is about QuickBooks error code 404 and how it can be resolved. QuickBooks Error 404 appears when users try to access QuickBooks Desktop.

    Causes of QuickBooks Error 404

    Users are trying to access a web page that can’t be found on the server

    • The page has either been moved or deleted, but the URL wasn’t changed
    • First users must be logged in as the Windows administrator. Then, they should check their internet connection.

    First, users have to open Internet Explorer and try to access a website they don’t generally connect to. Sometimes, this might cause a prompt to appear, asking the users to connect to the internet.

    If there’s no internet connectivity, the Internet service provider must be contacted, as the problem isn’t about QuickBooks.

    If, however, users can connect to the internet, they must try to download the update, while Internet Explorer is open.

    Next, Internet Explorer must be made the default browser, if it isn’t already.

    Then, the Internet Explorer settings must be configured.

    Steps for Fix QuickBooks Error 404

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Configuring Internet Explorer Settings in QuickBooks

    If Internet Explorer (IE) isn’t configured correctly, the following issues might crop up:

    💠 A blank page might be displayed or navigation to the web page will be cancelled
    💠 There will be errors while connecting to or performing web-based connections
    💠 There will be problems with QuickBooks connectivity
    💠 Data will be missing or web pages will load incorrectly
    💠 There will be issue related to internet-based connections

    The computer must be restarted if there are problems while accessing web-
    based features. This often solves simple connectivity issues and should also be done if the steps mentioned below can’t fix the issue.


    If the connectivity problems are within QuickBooks and other web access in the software is working, the firewall or anti-virus might be blocking connection to QuickBooks Payments.

    Whatever the default browser settings in Windows might be, QuickBooks will always connect to the internet via Internet Explorer.

    Operating IE in Compatibility View

    💠 Users must choose the gear icon in IE and then select Compatibility View Settings. Users can also go to the Tools drop-down menu or press Alt + T for accessing the Tools option.

    💠 Then, in the Compatibility View settings screen, users must select the Display All Websites In Compatibility View box and select Close.

    Changing IE options

    💠 After opening IE, users must choose the gear icon located on the right at the top of the screen. Then, Internet Options must be selected.
    💠 The following can be changed in the Internet Options window.

    Pop up settings

    💠 First, in the Privacy tab, users must choose Advanced for opening the Advanced Cookie Options window. Then, the Override Automatic Cookie Handling box must be selected. Then, it must be verified that Accept is selected for first and third-party cookies.
    💠 Then, the Always Allow Session Cookies box must be selected. Next, choose OK to close the window.
    💠 In case there’s a Pop-up Blocker section, it must be deselected.
    💠 Next, select OK to save the settings.

    NOTE: Once access to the payments account is complete and it has been added to the pop-up settings, the changes can be reset to default, if needed.

    Security Settings

    In the Security tab, choose Internet as the zone that must be changed. Then, select Custom Level to open the Internet Zone dialog box.

    Next, scroll to ActiveX Control And Plugins for enabling (or setting to Prompt) these items:

    💠 Binary and script behavior
    💠 Download signed ActiveX controls
    💠 Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins
    💠 Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting

    Then choose OK for saving the settings and close the Security Settings – Trusted Sites Zone dialog box.

    Advanced Settings

    💠 In the settings section of the advanced tab, go to Security and unchecked Do not save encrypted pages to disk. Now, select OK for saving the changes and close Internet Options window.
    💠 For enabling TLS 1.2, users must go to the advanced tab and find TLS 1.2 and then choose the Use TLS 1.2 box. Then, they must select Apply, followed by Save.
    💠 After the Internet Explorer settings have been configured, users must open QuickBooks and log in as admin. Then, the internet connection setup of QuickBooks must be checked to see if there’s connectivity:
    💠 In the top menu, select Help, followed by Internet Connection Setup.
    💠 Then the following QuickBooks default option must be selected: Use My Computer’s Internet Connection Settings To Establish A Connection When This Application Accesses The Internet
    💠 Once this is completed, choose next, followed by done.

    This should fix the QuickBooks error 404. But if it doesn’t, please call our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number . The Accounting Problem QuickBooks helpdesk can provide 24X7 assistance on a wide range of QuickBooks related issues.