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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000 304

    QuickBooks Error 6000-304

    QuickBooks has majorly transformed the way businesses carry out their day to day accounting activities. However, the fact that cannot be ignored is that the QuickBooks software is also prone to certain errors, one of which isQuickBooks Error Code 6000-304. This error is usually seen when users try to make an attempt to access the QuickBooks company file. This error showcases the insufficient disk space in the computer for opening the company’s file. This error can be fixed by relocating the company file to a larger hard disk and then turning off quotas as well as increasing the disk quota of the account that is running the QuickBooks.

    What is QuickBooks Error Code 6000 304?

    This type of error is observed when the user makes an attempt to open thecompany file. It pops up on the screen with an error message as given below:

    An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file. Please try again. If a problem persists, contact Intuit technical support and provide them with the following codes (-6000, -304).” Source – Intuit

    QuickBooks Error Code 6000-304 can be very difficult and taxing, as well as confusing for the user to tackle with. There can be several causes of this error. Also, this error can be easily resolved by carrying out just a few simple tactics and steps which will be discussed later in this post.

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    Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 6000 304

    Though, there can be a lot many factors or causes behind the occurrence ofQuickBooks Error Code 6000- 304. Nevertheless, we are about to share with you two of the most common factors or causes:

    • Firstly, the user can face this type of error in case the disk space of the system is running low and this can prevent the software from loading the company file further.
    • The other factor that can lead to this type of error can be that the software has crossed its memory usage limits already.

    Now that we have explored almost all the causes, factors and information related toQuickBooks error code 6000 -304, it is high time to figure out what all methods and steps can be implanted to get rid of this nagging error.

    Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 304

    In order to resolve the error, you can relocate the company file to a larger hard disk, turn off disk quotas, or increase the disk quota of your account that is running the QuickBooks program. For more details let us check out each of the methods one by one:

    Total Time: 10 minutes

    Perform a Clean and Organized Installation of QuickBooks

    The very first method that the user can choose for is to perform a clean and organized installation of QuickBooks desktop on the computer. The clean and organized installation will involve the process to further install and then uninstall the software. The steps that are involved in this procedure are as follows:
    ☑ Sometimes, it is very essential to uninstall and then reinstall the QuickBooks to get rid of the damage and also to avoid any further kind of damages. This whole process is called clean and organized installation of QuickBooks desktop.
    ☑ Next, the user needs to hit a click on the Start button and then move on to the Control Panel option.
    ☑ After that, the user needs to click on the Programs and Features tab.
    ☑ Moving ahead, the user will need to reinstall the QuickBooks file after the uninstall gets completed, and then you are good to go.

    Check If you are Having Sufficient Disk Space on Your System

    In case if the above method is not quite helping you out, then you can carry on with this process. You can also check if you are having enough disk space or not on your system. For this, the user can carry out the below steps:

    ☑ To start with, the user will need to click on My Computer.
    After that, visit the folder that contains the company file.
    ☑ Next, the user needs to right click on the hard disk and then move on to opening the Properties option.
    ☑ Moving ahead, the user is supposed to check for availability of free space by clicking on the General tab.
    ☑ After this, the user can either move the QB company file to a different hard disk or may be clear the space from the hard disk, where the file is kept.
    Next, the user needs to click on the Quota tab only when the hard disk has sufficient space.
    ☑ Once the user is done with that, they can look for the spotlight that is on the left side of the screen.
    ☑ In such cases, if the spotlight is red, then, it would indicate that there are no disk quotas.
    ☑ And in cases where, if it is green, it would mean that the quotas are set.
    ☑ The final step in this procedure is to turn off the disk quotas and then you are done with the entire procedure.

    Repair the QuickBooks Desktop

    One of the other methods that the user can go for, in case if none of the above methods have helped to fix the issue, is to Repair the QuickBooks Desktop. This could fix the issue up to a certain extent. The steps that are involved in this process are as follows:

    ☑ The very first step in the process is to click on the Start button.
    ☑ After that, open the Control Panel.
    ☑ Moving ahead, the user is supposed to move on to the Programs button.
    ☑ After that, the user needs to click on the Program and Features option
    ☑ The user needs to find and choose the QuickBooks option and then choose the Uninstall option.
    ☑ The user needs to click on the QuickBooks window.
    ☑ After that, click on the Repair tab.
    ☑ Finally, click on Next and then hit Repair.

    Rename the .ND and .TLG Files

    rename the .ND and .TLG Files

    The .ND and .TLG files are a crucial part of the QuickBooks files. In case if these files are damaged, then you might encounter several errors, while operating or opening QuickBooks files. Renaming these files can be made possible by carrying out these few simple steps below:

    ☑ You need to open the folder which includes the company file 
    ☑ Next, search the files that have similar name as the company file but with .TLG and .ND extensions
    ☑ Right click on each of these files and select the rename option. Also, add the word OLD to it at the end of each file name.
    ☑ After that, try to open the QuickBooks again and try to sign in to the company file.

    Open Sample Company File

    If the user tries to open a sample company file, they just test if there is any issue persisting with the company file and also with the QuickBooks applications that are using the sample company file. If the sample company file does not open and shows an error, then it means that the QuickBooks Installation is damaged and needs to be repaired.
    ☑ You can choose to open a Sample company file in a No company open option. And then select from any of the sample company files.
    ☑ After you have opened the sample files, you can move to the next step. In case if the file is not being opened and is showing the same problem, then you will need to repair the QuickBooks installation files.

    Final Words :

    The above steps will surely help you in fixing the QuickBooks Error Code 6000-304. In case you are still unable to fix the error or you have some doubt about QuickBooks software , then you can connect with our QuickBooks online support team for the instant help. To clear all doubts, connect via email at s[email protected] or phone number and also chat with us Live chat.

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