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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6073

    Sometimes, when you’re trying to access or use QuickBooks, the error code 6073 might appear. When you get stuck with QuickBooks Error Code 6073, it means the company data file could not be opened because of the wrong file permissions. And when you aren’t able to resolve this error, it becomes more frustrating. But you don’t need to worry. This article will provide you with a complete guide on QuickBooks Error Code 6073 and its causes, along with resolutions on what to do if you ever encounter this error.

    What is QuickBooks Error Code 6073?

    QuickBooks Error Code 6073: QuickBooks is unable to open this company file. It may have been opened by another user.
    QuickBooks error code 6073 happens when someone tries to open a company file in multi-user mode.
    Error 6073 is encountered when you try to open a file that has already been opened by another user.
    And, QuickBooks Error Code 6073 would not allow you to access the company file.

    What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 6073?

    Error Code 6073 could have a number of symptoms, but the following are the most common ones:
    ✔ The user interface may suddenly freeze or refuse to respond to input from the user.
    ✔ The QuickBooks program’s performance decreases or slows down.
    ✔ If the error occurs, the window can also turn white or blank.
    ✔ The ability to open the business data files is unavailable.
    ✔ The QuickBooks window will display a blank, glitchy, gray screen.
    ✔ The multi-user option may cause accessibility problems to start emerging.

    What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 6073?

    There are several possible causes of Error Code 6073, and the most common ones are:
    ✔ Network difficulties occur.
    ✔ Your file is put in a network folder that is read-only.
    ✔ If the file is located on a Linux server and a different set of login credentials is being used to access the shared folder.
    ✔ If the single-user mode for the company file is enabled on a different system.
    ✔ The company file you have is damaged.
    ✔ The user is still logged in on the host computer while your file is accessed remotely by software.

    What are the Resolutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6073?

    QuickBooksError Code 6073 is the most common QuickBooks error code. This error code indicates that there is a problem with QuickBooks opening a company file. If you receive this error code, you should try to fix the problem by following the resolutions below.

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Using QuickBooks File Doctor

    You can automatically check your company file storage using the QuickBooks File Doctor tool and resolve any problems. This file doctor tool’s primary function is to identify and address QuickBooks network issues in your company file. If you think any data has been damaged, you can use this tool.
    The QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor tool is an integrated program that comes with QuickBooks 2016 and later versions. However, you must first go to the QuickBooks tool hub if you need to use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.

    Download and Install QuickBooks File Doctor.
    To download and install QuickBooks File Doctor, follow these steps:
    ✔ First, close the QuickBooks desktop first.
    ✔ Then, download the QuickBooks Tool Hub exe file in its most recent version from the Intuit website.
    ✔ It will be automatically saved to the system’s Download folder. You can also save it somewhere else so that you remember it easily.
    ✔ Now open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file that was downloaded from the saved location.
    ✔ After it has opened, select Next.
    ✔ Additionally, press the Yes button to accept the Intuit license’s terms and conditions.
    ✔ Next, decide where the QuickBooks tool hub will be located and click the Next option.
    ✔ Now to begin the installation procedure, you need to click the Install button.
    ✔ Finally, select Finish from the menu.
    ✔ You must launch the tool when Tools Hub has been successfully installed in QuickBooks.
    Running the QuickBooks File Doctor
    Follow these steps to run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool:
    ✔ To start, choose Company File Issues from the tool menu.
    ✔ Run the QuickBooks File Doctor option after that. It might take a minute for this to open.
    ✔ Now select QuickBooks File Doctor.
    ✔ After that, you need to select your company file from the drop-down menu.
    ✔ Now click on the option “Browse and search” to look at your file.
    ✔ After that, select Check your file (only the middle option).
    ✔ Then click the Continue option.
    ✔ Following that, enter your QuickBooks admin password.
    ✔ Finally, you need to choose Next.

    Resolving QuickBooks Error 6073 Manually

    You need to check for the different criteria to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6073 manually. Check and follow the steps that are mentioned below:

    Method 1: If a single-user version of the company file is open on another workstation, follow these steps:
    ✔ First, you need to see if all QuickBooks Desktop windows are closed.
    ✔ Now, on the host computer, open the company file.
    ✔ After that, go to the File menu.
    ✔ Now on the file menu, just switch to multi-user mode.
    ✔ Finally, restart all workstations if you are having the same issue.
    Method 2: If the host computer’s single user mode is active and the company file is open, then follow these steps:
    ✔ You must first navigate to the file option.
    ✔ Then choose Close Company.
    ✔ After that, you should reopen the company file.
    ✔ Then again, go back to the File menu.
    ✔ Here, go to the open or restored company option .
    ✔ Once done, open a company file.
    ✔ After that, select Next.
    ✔ Once done, choose the company file.
    ✔ Then you need to open the file in multi-user mode.
    ✔ Finally, you need to select Next and you are done.
    Method 3: If your company file is added to a network folder that is read-only, follow these steps:
    ✔ First, select the computer that is hosting your company file.
    ✔ Then the folder holding your company file should then be opened.
    ✔ After that, you need to right-click the folder.
    ✔ Then select Properties.
    ✔ Once done, activate the Security tab.
    ✔ Now select the user having trouble logging in.
    ✔ Then click on the Edit option.
    ✔ The following step is to allow for full control.
    ✔ Now click on the Apply option.
    ✔ Finally, you need to click OK.
    Method 4: If the computer is accessed remotely using LogMein, GoToMyPC, etc., follow these steps:
    ✔ First, you must right-click on the taskbar.
    ✔ Once you select it, go to the Task Manager.
    ✔ Now you need to go to the process tab.
    ✔ Next, make sure the process is executed as the user for whom you are experiencing the error.
    ✔ After that, you need to see if you have a process running under that user name.
    Finally, you must restart the computer.

    Apply QuickBooks Tool Hub to Launch Quick Fix My Program

    Run Quick Fix My Program if QuickBooks Error 6073 is related to remote accessing the computer. It may be found in the QuickBooks Tool Hub, which also has File Doctor there.

    You must take the following steps:
    ✔ To begin with, select Program Problems in the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
    ✔ After that, you just need to click on the Quick Fix My Program option.
    Finally, as the procedure is finished, open your data file and restart the QBD application.

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    Last Words

    QuickBooks Error 6073 is a common error that can hinder your software whenever you try to open your company file in a multi-user configuration. This error appears whenever a user attempts to open the company file, but this status can also occur while opening the file when another user has accessed it from a remote software like LogMeIn. To speed up the process, we must repair the damage in the QuickBooks Company File so that we have access to it again. Now that you have the complete guide on QuickBooks Error Code 6073, you can easily resolve this error. However, if you are still stuck or have any queries, then you can reach out to the customer helpdesk for quick and easy assistance.


    ➤ It is Important to Restart Your System to Resolve the Error. QuickBooks Error Code 6073?

    Yes, it is important to restart your system, Follow the steps:
    ❖ First of all, go to Start.
    ❖ After that, you need to select the Power button.
    ❖ Finally, select Restart.

    ➤ If a Single-User Version of the Company File is Open on Another Workstation, How Can You Switch to Multi-User Mode to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6073?

    If you want to switch to multi-user mode:
    ❖ First you need to go to the File menu in QuickBooks.
    ❖ Then decide between single-user mode and multi-user mode.

    ➤ What are the Primary Requirements for Installing the QuickBooks Repair Tool So that You Can Easily Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6073?

    QuickBooks Tool Hub needs a specific collection of components in order to operate properly.

    The Tool Hub utility requires the following minimum system requirements:
    ❖ The most recent Windows version is required.
    ❖ Framework for Microsoft.NET
    ❖ Redistributable package for Microsoft Visual C++

    ➤ If You are Resolving QuickBooks Error Code 6073 and You Get Stuck Opening the QuickBooks File Doctor, How Can you Solve It?

    Manually open the File Doctor by searching for QuickBooks File doc if it still won’t open after some waiting.
    ❖ You must first launch QuickBooks File Doctor and open your company file.
    ❖ If you can’t find your company file, tap Browse and then type something in.
    ❖ After selecting Check Your File, select Continue.
    ❖ Add the admin password, then select Next.
    ❖ The scanning procedure will begin with the application. The size of your company filing will determine how long it takes.
    ❖ After the scan procedure is complete, launch QuickBooks Desktop and access your company file.

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