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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=51

    QuickBooks Error Code C51

    As you all know that QuickBooks is quite famous all across the globe. With QuickBooks software, various accounting tasks have become easy, be it managing the payroll or keeping the online track of the things. But as you know that there are the chances that you may encounter some issues while working on QuickBooks, and one such issue is, QuickBooks Error Code C=51.

    Reasons for QuickBooks Error Code C= 51

    While using the QuickBooks a notification may appear, where the QuickBooks Error code c=51 message will pop-up. This is the kind of warning message, which means that QuickBooks can’t find TX List. It occurs while you are trying to delete TX List from TX Lists and can’t find it. You may also notice this error popping up, while you are trying to remove the transactions from the report.

    Make sure that QBW is shut down and reports are closed, if required and then try to open it again. Shut down the application including QuickBooks and get all the windows closed within the QuickBooks, when you face the QuickBooks Error C=51. After that restart the QuickBooks and then perform that action again, where you received the QuickBooks C=51 error.

    QuickBooks Error Code C=51

    Steps for fix QuickBooks Error Code C=51 and Instant Recovery of all the Data

    You require all the files that will help you to resolve as well as recover the data files of the QuickBooks immediately.

    🔶 Corrupted QuickBooks Data file that is .QBW
    🔶 Files related to transaction log, which is .TLG to be in folder same as QBW file due to which data got corrupted
    🔶 Backup of older data file of QuickBooks, .QBM, .QBB and .QBW

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    Solution 1

    In order to ensure that QuickBooks Error Code c=51 is troubleshoot and resolved, the vital step you should take is that all the data files are repaired in the QuickBooks same version. Upgradation of QuickBooks version is not needed, as repaired files can easily be used in previous version.

    Solution 2

    🔶 First of all make sure that you exit from QuickBooks software
    🔶 Then make sure, within QuickBooks all the windows are closed
    🔶 Restart the app of QuickBooks software again
    🔶 Try performing the action again during which you received the QuickBooks error C=51 error
    🔶 Then rebuild the data in the format and receive to release and verify

    Solution 3

    🔶 When you are trying to restore the backup files, make use of either the latest or same version of QuickBooks
    🔶 It will help the user to get all the backup files restored in QuickBooks in their latest versions

    Important to Remember: ensure that older version is not user

    Solution 4

    🔶 Get the backup files restored and copy them to the new folder by pressing Ctrl+C
    🔶 Once the backup is created, check the size of the file, which shouldn’t be less than the 6 MB
    🔶 To check the size of the file, right click on it and then select the properties
    🔶 In case you found that the file size is not 6 MB and less than it, then it’s not the correct backup file. You have to now create the backup file again, a new one, from working file

    Solution 5

    🔶 Data file of the company gets affected due to various reasons:
    🔶 Get QuickBooks File Doctor downloaded first. After that first of all identify and then avoid to get the QuickBooks company corrupted files fixed
    🔶In case you are facing some critical issues or have some doubts, while you are working on the recovery data, then get in touch with the Accounting Problem QuickBooks Customer Support team.

    Why Accounting Problem

    Accounting Problem QuickBooks product help will resolve all your issues in no time. QuickBooks Enterprise Support helpdesk can be contacted by dialing our Quickbooks Support Phone Number.