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QuickBooks Error the Attempt to Login with the Username Failed

    At times, users may get a notification in QuickBooks stating that a “Attempt to Log in with the Username Failed”. This error message can be triggered by many technical issues, which can lead to a network problem. There are a number of other reasons for a username login failure with this accounting software. With this article’s information you’ll get to know more about the causes of username login failure. Moreover, multiple solutions for overcoming this issue will also be shared with you. So, if you’re one willing to know why “QuickBooks Error the attempt to login with the username failed”, read this article till the end.

    What is the QuickBooks Error the Attempt to Login with the Username Failed?

    It is necessary to create an account and log into your QuickBooks program in order to access all of the capabilities of QuickBooks, comprehensive accounting software, or to open any QuickBooks file. However, you will see the following error message while attempting to connect into a company file:

    “The attempt to log in with the user name (name of the user) failed. This user is already logged into the company file. Try a different user name”.


    “User ID Admin is already logged into the company file”.

    What Causes QuickBooks Error the Attempt to Login with Username Failed?

    These errors can occur for a variety of reasons:

    • The user or accountant has already logged into the firm file using the same password from another computer.
    • The QuickBooks user or accountant is utilizing Remote Access to access the company data file and hasn’t logged out of his last session.
    • Errors in the network were caused by an issue with electricity or power supply.

    Quick and Simple Approaches to Fix QuickBooks Error Attempt to Login with the Username Failed

    Try out a few suggested approaches to overcome the QuickBooks login error.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Run Quick Fix my Program from QuickBooks Tool Hub

    🔹 Download and Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub 
    🔹 By pressing the CTRL + J keys, you can go to your download in QuickBooks Tool Hub
    🔹 Click QuickBooksToolsHub.exe from your downloads list
    🔹 To allow this app to make modifications, select the “Yes” button
    🔹 Now click “Next” to install it, and then Yes to accept the license agreement once again
    After that, click Next, and then Install (It may take some time)
    🔹 When the installation is finished, click the “Finish” tab
    Open QuickBooks Tool Hub now (Icon will be available on your desktop).

    Run Quick Fix my Program

    🔹 After you’ve successfully installed QuickBooks Tool Hub, you’ll be able to use it
    🔹 Navigate to the QuickBooks Tool Hub (Icon will be available on your desktop)
    🔹 Select the Quick Fix my Program option from the Program Problems tab
    It can take a while before you can open the company file.

    Try Log in as a Different User

    🔹 If you forget your Username or Password, consult your QuickBooks Administrator to get your login credentials reset
    🔹 If you’re a QuickBooks Administrator, you’ll need to do the following: Answer the challenge questions and click the reset option on the login screen
    🔹 If you’re still having issues, go to the Intuit Automatic Password Removal Service website and use the Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop.

    Here is How to Use Tool

    🔹 For QuickBooks Desktop, download the Automated Password Tool
    🔹 In any version of QuickBooks for Windows, use this to reset your Admin password.
    🔹 Choose your QuickBooks Desktop version
    🔹 Select Next after entering the QuickBooks license number and business information you entered when you first enrolled QuickBooks
    🔹 The phone number must be ten digits long, with no extensions. At the start, don’t use a 1 (+1). If the United States is selected as the country, the +1 is automatically added to the phone number. (This is a problem we’re trying to solve.) In this situation, you’ll need to change the nation to Select Country, then manually edit and save the phone number.
    Log in to your Intuit account at if you see a message saying the details you gave don’t match. Make sure the following details are correct:
    🔹 Name and email address of the authorized user (name is not case sensitive)
    🔹 Address for primary mail (especially zip code)
    🔹 (doesn’t need a dash) License number (under Products and Services)
    🔹 Number to call (under Account Details)
    🔹 Note: The information you enter must match the information in our system. This comprises the key contact’s email address, main business phone number, and zip/ZIP code. The access token will only be provided to the principal contact’s email address
    Accept the terms of the license agreement. The Automated Password Reset application will begin downloading automatically. (Select download if the auto download didn’t work.)
    Important: If you’re given the option of running or saving the file, select Store and save it to your Desktop.
    🔹 Run the Automated Password Reset tool and then enter the email token number
    🔹 Select the same QuickBooks version from the QuickBooks Desktop Products drop-down menu
    🔹 Choose Browse for Company File, then the company file for which you wish to reset the password
    Important: Make sure you’ve entered the correct Company File Admin User Name (if it’s not the same as “Admin”)
    🔹 Enter your new password and then double-check it
    Note: You should only create a temporary password because QuickBooks will prompt you to change it when you open the company file.
    To finish the process, select Reset Password.

    Restart Server that Stores and Hosts the Company Data File

    If the problem persists after completing the procedures above, you must restart the workstation or server that is causing the problem. Reopen the company file after the system has rebooted. If the problem persists, proceed to the next approach.

    Restore the Recent Company File Backup

    🔹 In this case, you’ll need to restore the company file from a recent backup
    🔹 Steps to be followed to restore the backup:
    🔹 Go to the File menu to restore the backup
    🔹 Choose either Open or Restore Company from the drop-down menu
    🔹 Click “Next” after selecting Restore a backup copy
    🔹 Again click “Next” once you select the “Local backup” option
    🔹 Go to the backup location for the company files. [Company File Name] is the name of the backup file. qbb
    🔹 Click Open after selecting the backup company file
    🔹 To restore the backup file, follow the on-screen instructions.


    Fixing “QuickBooks error the attempt to login with the username failed” issue is important for QuickBooks to work effectively. It is also important first to determine the root causes of the problem and this article has covered all possible reasons which could give rise to this error including reliable ways available to overcome this QuickBooks login issue. For more inquiries you can reach QuickBooks Helpdesk team.


    How does Automated Password Reset Tool help me, if I don’t Remember my QuickBooks Username and Password? How to Use this Tool? 

    🔸 This tool can assist you if you are unable to reset your QuickBooks Admin password. In QuickBooks Desktop, the Automated Password Reset tool can assist you in resetting your password.

    How do I Check the Login Settings if I Receive “QuickBooks Error the Attempt to Login with the Username Failed” Error Message?

    🔸 It is pretty simple, just follow the below steps:
    🔸 Open the company menu and then go to the “Setup Users and password” tab 
    🔸 Next, move to the Manage login settings 
    🔸 After that, open the Edit menu and select the “Preferences” option 
    🔸 Now, you’re supposed to follow the instructions appears on your screen until the confirmation window appear on your screen
    🔸 In the end, click on the “Yes” button and you’re all done with the process. 

    How can I Change the Admin to Another Existing User if the Attempt to Login with the Username Failed?

    🔸 With the help of a few steps, you can do the same. Here are the steps to be performed:
    🔸 To begin, go to the company menu and pick “Users and Passwords” from the drop-down menu
    🔸 After that, select the desired user and then select Edit from the menu
    🔸 The user must be certain that the sort of access granted is for the purpose of setting up the administrator
    🔸 Then, as the new admin, you must input a preferred ID
    🔸 Finally, press the Save button to close the software.

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