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How to Fix QuickBooks Error “Unauthorized Intuit Account”

    QuickBooks error unauthorized Intuit account error

    QuickBooks error “unauthorized Intuit account error” message pops up while attempting to login to invite an employee to Workforce. Though, this error is related to Company Realm when the access to QuickBooks Workforce Invitation is denied because the realm ID was not found. The most probable reason is incorrect realm ID. However, you can access administrator privileges for QuickBooks Workforce by trying to close and reopen QuickBooks company file.

    In the “My Company” window, sign in with appropriate credentials (Intuit login and password) in the respective fields. In case, if you still are not able to resolve this QuickBooks error then it is suggested you to go through the below write-up as it discusses the most reliable solutions to fix the error.

    Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Message “Unauthorized Intuit Account Error”

    You can resolve this QuickBooks error message with the help of below provided methods. Let’s implement one by one:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Reset Intuit ID Settings

    💠 First, login as an Administrator on your QuickBooks software
    💠 Go to the Help tab and select the “Reset Intuit ID Settings” option under the same tab
    💠 Next, select “My Company” – sign out (which is at the top right) under the Company drop down
    💠 Now, press F2 to make sure that the company Realm is “Null” in the upper right corner within QuickBooks Desktop homepage
    💠 In case, if it is not “Null” then you’ll need to get customer support on phone see below for instructions
    💠 In case, if it is “Null” then go back to your Company and select My Company >> sign in with workforce ID

    Finally, go to the Employees section to manage payroll cloud service and you should be able to login.

    Verify and Rebuild QuickBooks

    If the issue still continues then it is recommended you verify and rebuild QuickBooks Desktop. However, this process resolves fatal errors or broken user login IDs.

    Verify Data:

    💠 Initially, choose Window and Close All
    💠 To verify data and go to the File >> Utilities then select “Verify Data” tab
    💠 In case, if you see:
    💠 There is no need to take any further action because “QuickBooks detected no problems with your results.”
    💠 There might already be an article for a particular error message. For detailed guidance, try searching for it on our QuickBooks Desktop help section.
    💠 The message “Your data has lost integrity” means the file has been damaged. 💠 To fix the issue, keep following the steps below to Rebuild Data.

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    Rebuilt Data

    💠 Go to the File and select Utilities >> rebuild Data
    💠 An alert message will appear, advising you to back up your company file; click OK. A company file backup is needed before a restore because the process may need to remove transactions or list entries to repair the file in rare cases. A backup of your company file ensures that you have a safe copy of your company file before making any modifications/changes
    💠 Select the location where you want to save your backup and then hit Ok at the bottom of QuickBooks Desktop Backup window
    💠 If a message appears asking if you want to overwrite or replace a backup file, select “No”. Enter a new name in the File name field and click Save
    💠 If the backup fails, choose Cancel from the Rebuild prompt and contact QuickBooks Payroll Support for help
    💠 As soon as the backup is completed and immediately “Rebuild Data Utility” begins
    💠 Finally, click Ok when you get a message “Rebuild has completed”.


    Hopefully, the above listed solutions successfully resolve QuickBooks error “unauthorized Intuit account error” message when I try to log in to invite an employee to Workforce.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. Can I Send A Workforce Invitation To An Employee Using My Bookkeeper Login As A QuickBooks Administrator?

    Ans. Yes, You can send an invite using these steps:
    ✔ First, close your QuickBooks and then, enter “Admin” as your User Name
    ✔ Enter your admin password and then hit Ok
    ✔ Set your company file for QB Workforce Admin by going to Employees >> Manage Payroll Cloud Services
    ✔ In the Payroll Cloud Service window, toggle the status On under the QuickBooks Workforce
    ✔ Create or confirm your PIN that is used to send payroll data and then click “Saved Changes”
    Once done, you can now send an invite, just follow the steps below:
    ✔ Go to the Employees >> Manage Payroll Cloud Services
    ✔ Under QuickBooks Workforce, toggle status to ON and then choose Invite Employees
    ✔ Select the employees that you need to give access from the list
    ✔ At last, click Send Invite.

    Q 2. What To Do If I Send An Invite To My Employee But They Aren’t Able To Find It?

    Ans. If your employee not able to find their invitation then you need to do three things:
    ✔ First, check out their spam or junk folder
    ✔ Second, make sure that their email address should be correct
    ✔ Third and the last, try to resend the invitation again.

    Q 3. Is It Possible That My Employees Use QuickBooks Workforce Even After I Cancel My Payroll Service?

    Ans. Your employee will have access to QuickBooks Online Payroll for 12 months after you cancel your payroll. After that, access will be disabled, so make sure the employees print their documents for their own records. But if you start using QuickBooks Desktop Payroll instantly your employees lose access.