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How to Fix QuickBooks EXEAdapter Error

    QB EXEAdapter Error Code

    QB installer installs important components during upgrading or installing QuickBooks. Microsoft .Net Framework is one of the mandatory elements that require to get installed during software installation. When Microsoft. Net installation gets corrupted or not appropriately downloaded; this may give rise to EXEAdapter installation error. This article is rounded up with the effective resolution of QuickBooks EXEadapter error.

    Reasons of QuickBooks EXEAdapter Error

    There are several causes behind this QuickBooks EXE adapter error; some of the apparent reasons behind this irritating error are given below:

    • Incomplete installation of Microsoft .Net Framework on the system you are using to upgrade or installation
    • The installed Microsoft .Net Framework is outdated
    • Important file corrupted in Windows
    • Mistakenly deleted content of Framework.xml file

    Steps for Fix QuickBooks EXEAdapter Error?

    Follow the below resolutions one after the other to resolve the QuickBooks EXE adapter error:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

    This tool is often used to diagnose basic errors in QuickBooks Desktop. Through this, you can quickly fix the damage occurring in different components of Microsoft, for instance, C++ MSXML and .Net Frameworks. To do this, here are the steps:

    πŸ’  Close QuickBooks
    πŸ’  Download the latest version of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool and save it on the preferred location where you can quickly discover it
    πŸ’  In case you have an existing QuickBooks Tool Hub then follow the steps to view:
    πŸ’  Click the Home option
    πŸ’  Navigate on the bottom right side of the screen and Hit on About button to know the version
    πŸ’  Open the downloaded file named QuickBooks ToolHub.exe
    πŸ’  Read the instructions on the screen and proceed the installation process
    πŸ’  You have to agree with the term and conditions which display on the screen like installing other software
    πŸ’  Once installation complete, do a double-click on the icon appearing on the Window Desktop to run the tool
    πŸ’  Restart the system

    Modify Framework.xml File by Adding .OLD at the End

    Sometimes renaming file name can assist in the error resolution, here are the steps:

    πŸ’  Go to the C drive of your system and navigate QuickBooks Folder
    πŸ’  Search for Framework.xml file and then perform a right-click
    πŸ’  Discover drop-down list
    πŸ’  Click Rename button
    πŸ’  Embed .old at the end of a filename
    πŸ’  Save the applied changes

    Execute an Antivirus Scan on the System

    This installation error might be caused by an infection encountered through a malware attack. Scan the system and discover the corrupted files. If found any issue, then remove it and reinstall the QuickBooks installation.

    Repair Corrupted .Net Framework on the System

    If .Net Framework is damaged, then you can download and install Microsoft .Net Framework Repair software. This tool is available in Microsoft Download Center. Once download, execute it for issue resolution. It will find and remove the frequent rising errors while updating the Framework or with the setup.

    Bottom line!

    That’s all; hopefully, the article about the troubleshooting of QuickBooks ExeAdaptor error becomes a helping hand for you. Try all the above-given steps accurately. If none of the solutions assists you in the issue resolution or you stuck anywhere without having any second thought .The professional team is there to address all your issues in less time. Use a QuickBooks live chat support feature while performing solutions for instant assistance or send an email at [email protected] along with your doubts or attach a screenshot of the error. The team members are glad to serve you at any time.