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QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020

    QuickBooks for Mac 2020

    QuickBooks for Mac 2020 comes with business-specific features, improved cash flow, and simplified payment methods. It is best suitable for small organizations. You can get the same features as in QuickBooks Desktop Pro for windows. It is less buggy. You can easily track the income and expenses in it. This article will enlighten the standard benefits of QuickBooks for MAC 2020 and new features associated with it.

    Core Features of QuickBooks for Mac 2020

    • It simplifies the business finance organization from a single place; it results in more productivity.
    • It is associated with enhanced and optimized features for the MAC platform.
    • QuickBooks Desktop for MAC is easy to set up; no requirement of accounting knowledge to organize expenses, getting a reliable report for analyzing tax time.
    • Helps in synchronizing with bank records and in importing data from the spreadsheet
    • There Available a new modern reporting system for customization, presentation, usability, and navigation.
    • A Centralized dashboard option is available to get more visibility into your business and provide customized layouts, widgets, and data ranges.
    • It fastens the payment by accepting credit cards, e-check invoice payments, and ACH.
    • An advanced OS viewing mode is available.
    • Save money and time by scanning key documents with an iPhone camera.

    What New Enhancements did you Get in QuickBooks for Mac 2020

    Dark Mode

    Apple developed Dark mode introduced in macOS Mojave (10.14) for focusing and ease for eyesight. QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020 operates in Dark mode. Here are the steps to use Darkmode:

    • Locate the Apple Menu
    • Click on System Preferences
    • Hit on General Option and then choose Dark

    Company Snapshot

    The Company Snapshot is there to help you monitor your critical business info with movable widgets. To customize the company snapshot, you need to choose the customize option and then embed the widgets you required. After that, go back to the original design and then choose the Reset button.

    Modernized Reporting

    You can simply customize the reports through the Report Sidebar. Here are the steps:

    • There available an options tab to let you choose the date-range and apply it immediately to the report. When you operate with the detailed reports, you can search and embed the columns to the report.
    • Locate filter tabs if you need to search for or want to integrate the required filters like name, particular account type, or even posting status.
    • The format option is there to customize the appearance of the report. You can use preset format for the complete report or choose specific report elements, such as custom headers or negative number display. After this, save the custom setup for further use in company reporting
    • An email option to share the report
    • You can toggle the sidebar by choosing Show/Hide Report Sidebar located on the report toolbar. Changes you applied will get reflected in the report.

    Bounced Check Processing

    If you get a bounced check and already deposited it into your account, there is an option to record and enter an optional bounced check fee. Here is the list of steps defining how it works:

    • Locate Customer and then click Receive Payments option
    • Discover the customer payment containing non-sufficient funds
    • Choose the Bounced check option.
    • After this Record, the charged bounced check fee by your bank & the expense account you need to monitor
    • Fill the customer fee.
    • Choose next
    • Select Record
    • Once done the QuickBooks will select the original invoice(S) as Unpaid
    • Now create another invoice for the customer fee; additionally, the original checks get deducted from the bank account

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    iPad / iPhone Scanner

    iPhone Scanner helps in saving documents, receipts, or photos to your company’s attachment center. You can embed them into transactions or invoices.

    Below-given is the list of thing you require to get started:

    • Both iPad and Mac need to be connected to a Wi-fi network.
    • Bluetooth enables both iPhone and Mac.
    • The Same Apple ID is used to sign-in across the devices.
    • Needed macOS Mojave or Advanced
    • iPad must be on iOS 12 or advanced.

    For Scan Attaching

    • Choose Scan Documents from the listed transactions.
    • Take the device and then choose Keep scan.
    • The scan will display in the attachments as a PDF.

    Need Further Assistance? Give a call

    Hopefully, the above write-up about QuickBooks for Mac 2020 provided you awareness about the features in it. If you are still confused or need to explore more information, Call QuickBooks Technical Support phone number. The expertise team is there for you to solve all your concerns. So without any second thought, take the help and save more time. In case of immediate help, use a live chat option or drop an email with your doubts. The team will get back to you with an efficient and reliable solution.