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Setup QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic

    If you are looking for an ApparelMagic integration, there are many different options. The most common is to integrate QuickBooks with ApparelMagic. In this post, we will take a look at the process of how to do it yourself! Among many largest brands in fashion are supported by ApparelMagic, which serves as their central hub. It is the one-stop shop the fashion industry relies on from style creation to accounting as an integrated inventory solution designed specifically for retailers and wholesalers of garments and accessories.

    Cloud-based ApparelMagic can be accessed from any location using a web browser. Create orders and invoices, perform thorough reports and analysis, and fully utilize PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) to manage items, materials, and manufacturing. Operate internationally with multi-currency accounting and integrate with several of the most well-known service providers such as QuickBooks. This article explains the complete process for QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic.

    First-Time Process for QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic

    The ApparelMagic and QuickBooks integration gives users of the software the opportunity to transmit and receive data to and from QuickBooks. This makes it easier for you to manage your money, get reports, and use ApparelMagic’s sophisticated ERP.

    The integrated solution frequently:-

    ➤ Send a journal entry to the QuickBooks accounting program,

    ➤ Instead of keeping track of the invoice information, payment details, and other financial entries, use numerous journal entries for accounts receivables.

    ➤ You can cross-identify your information when QuickBooks integration with ApparelMagic is fully functional. Reordering and minimizing double entries are made possible. All the critical details between systems are handled by QuickBooks and ApparelMagic, including:
    A. Vendors
    B. Inventory Items (SKUs)
    C. Customers
    D. Invoices
    E. Credit Memo

    Initial Setup QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic

    The basic configurations of ApparelMagic automatically queue up all the records and transactions for uploading to QuickBooks.

    The user interface shows:
    ➤ What the software currently has available for updating,
    ➤ What has already been published and
    ➤ Anything that has been disregarded.
    It is reasonably priced, simple to use, and serves as a bridge to enable business to grow more quickly. All of this is made possible by the ApparelMagic accounting platform, which is fully integrated. It permits companies to proceed with setting up a QuickBooks company file for simple communication with accountants.

    Access your Accounting Information Flawlessly

    ApparelMagic and QuickBooks integration allows for automatic record syncing. This connectivity includes everything from Customers to Vendors, Invoices to Credit Memos, and Payments to A/P Bills. The capability of synchronizing a time period of activity for your Inventory, Cost of Goods Sold Inventory Adjustments, and A/P Clearing (optional) accounts to QuickBooks as a journal entry is provided by the successful integration.

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    Material Evidence: Manage important elements of your styles. Purchasing, expenses, stock levels, and WIP.
    Shopify Integration: Updates orders and inventories automatically, simplifying management of online sales.
    Key performance: Precise responses to help you run your business.
    Attraction LookBooks: You can control your catalogue using the new custom form design.
    Flexible Style Matrix: Specifically created for the fashion sector to ensure smooth business operations.
    Dual-Mode Style Costing: Cut & Sew Mode and Purchase Mode. To increase your margins, use precise cost modeling.
    Precise Order Management: Easy-to-use product selection with real-time availability and inventory displays.
    Reports & Analysis: Utilize the adaptable tools of ApparelMagic to crunch the numbers and identify trends.
    Built-in Form Designer: Personalize reports and prints.
    Real-time Inventory: With WIP and open positions for sale.
    Task Calendars: Keep tabs on client meetings and line schedules. Simple search and updating.
    EDI Integration: Features for UPC management, scan, and packing.
    Production Control: Keeps track of projects and POs with complete cost actualization.
    Vendor management: Total oversight and control over your supply chain.
    Powerful purchasing: Select the manual, aided, order-driven, or demand-driven purchasing mode.
    Smart raw material calculator: For any undertaking or collection of client orders. Compare the necessary items to the available stock.
    Links orders to projects: Send out vendor work orders automatically.
    Order fulfillment: Guide customer orders through each stage with the best possible management.
    Personalized views: With the help of ApparelMagic software, you can see everything.
    Project cost analysis: Keep tabs on the actual project cost per unit. Compare production effectiveness to projections.
    Multiple warehouses: You can manage an infinite number of divisions and warehouses with the sophisticated subscription options.
    Smart order allocation: Process small or big batches of orders.
    Charts of accounts management: Supports check writing, onboard A/R, A/P, and G/L.
    Get future insights: Availability through any date using time-stages.
    Integrated accounting: Also exchanges data with the accounting programs Xero & QuickBooks.
    Accounting period: Handle posting and many open months.

    QuickBooks Integration

    Though it is easy to QuickBooks integration with ApparelMegic but requires much of the technical work, and backend. It won’t be safe to script all the steps as little negligence on your part may lead to data corruption within QuickBooks.


    Hopefully, this information helps you to understand QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic, but sometimes you can face several issues while using or performing the steps. If you are not able to understand any point in this article or you are having some issues while performing the process then you can get our ProAdvisor from our QuickBooks Customer Helpdesk.


    How to Migrate Data to ApparelMagic?

    Data can be migrated to ApparelMagic using CSV (Comma Separated Value) through notepad /Excel format.

    How to Install ApparelMagic?

    ApparelMagic is zero installation system. There’s no installation. All you need is a browser, just log in and set up your company’s basic information. Now you’re ready to create and manage styles, track your relationships with customers, inspire and reward your sales team, and gain insights into your business.

    Is ApparelMagic Only Used for Apparel Products?

    No, apart from apparel products many different types of clients are utilizing ApparelMagic’s advanced product matrix functionality.

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