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How to Fix QuickBooks Invoices are Not Opening

    Sales Invoicing is an important feature embedded in QuickBooks. With this, businesses can create both services and products invoices and send them to their customers over email with ease. They can keep an efficient track of when payments are due and how much to receive from the customers.

    However, some of the QuickBooks users have written to us that they are facing issues while opening invoices in QuickBooks. This is a pretty common issue and you will be able to fix it with some easy solutions provided in this blog. Hence, we would request you to go through this blog till the very end and perform the steps sequentially.


    Before we begin with the procedure, you need to ensure that you have the accurate and most updated QuickBooks data file.

    QuickBooks will operate only with the below-stated minimum systems and internet speeds:

    • Windows PC: Windows 10, Intel Core i3 or a comparable processor (2013 or newer) with minimum 2 GB of RAM.
    • Newer or Mac: OS X El Capitan 10.11
    • Internet connection: 1.5 Mbps.

    Method to Fix QuickBooks Invoices are Not Opening File

    Here, we will look at multiple methods to resolve the QuickBooks Invoices Are Not Opening issue.

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Connect to QuickBooks

    🔸 First of all you will have to log in to your Instant Accept Online account via your browser.
    🔸 After that you will have to go on settings.
    🔸 Tap on Add-Ons
    🔸 Select “Connect to QuickBooks
    🔸 Afterwards, you will have to Log in to your online Quickbooks account
    🔸 Select Company file
    🔸 Hit on Authorize.

    Once the procedure is finished, you will be able to see your invoices and other company information or data.

    Try Opening Invoice on the Incognito Window

    The incognito window does not store data history in cache memory. Thus, it helps isolate web data issues. Here is the command to open an incognito window on different browsers.
    🔸 In Mozilla FirefoxCtrl + Shift + P
    🔸 In Internet ExplorerCtrl + Shift + P
    🔸 In Google Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N
    🔸 In Safari: Command + Shift + N
    If you can open and view your invoices in the incognito window without any issues, go back to your regular browser. Then you must clear the cache of your browser. This will clean up the data on the cache that is leading to performance issues in QuickBooks

    Now open QuickBooks and try to open an invoice. Your issue should have been resolved by now.

    Configure your Browser Settings

    You may face the QuickBooks Invoices Are Not Opening issue if the pop-up window is blocked by your browser. To modify, you should perform the following steps ( we will look at how to do it in Google Chrome)-

    🔸 Open Google Chrome
    🔸 Click the three-dot icon at the top right
    🔸 Select Settings
    🔸 On the next  page, click on the link named Advanced
    🔸 Go to the Privacy and security section
    🔸 Click on Site settings
    🔸 Now select Pop-ups and redirects.
    🔸 On the next page, toggle the Allowed slider.
    🔸 If you wish to keep the pop-ups blocked, you should add an exception for QuickBooks.
    🔸 Click the Add button
    🔸 Type in
    🔸 Click on the Add menu for the changes to take effect.

    Update Quickbooks POS (Point of Sale) Manually

    🔸 Log in to your QuickBooks POS system as an administrator
    🔸 Browse to the Help section
    🔸 Click on Software Update  from the drop-down Menu
    🔸 Click the Check for updates tab to check if any update is available 
    🔸 The update now button will be visible if any fresh update is available
    🔸 Click the Update now button 
    🔸 Click the OK button
    🔸 Once the latest updates are installed, restart your system
    🔸 Start QuickBooks
    🔸 Check if the error is still there

    In this blog, we have described 4 methods with the help of which you can fix the QuickBooks Invoices Are Not Opening issue once and for all. In case you have any more queries, you may consult with some of the experienced QuickBooks experts.

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    Here’s How You Can Clear your Browser’s Cache

    ➤ Firefox

    The Firefox cache keeps images, scripts, and other parts of websites for a short period of time and you can visit them in order to pace up your browsing experience. Go to the menu button and choose Settings.

    1. Tap on the Privacy & Security panel.
    2. Look for the Cookies and Site Data section, and then tap on clear data.
    3. Afterwards, you will have to remove the check mark that is presented in front of Cookies and Site Data.
    4. Now you will see the Cached Web Content check marked, tap on the Clear button.
    5. Subsequently, you will have to close the about:preferences page. All the changes that you’ve made will directly be saved.

    ➤ Google Chrome

    1. The first step would be to open Chrome.
    2. Look at the right in the top and tap onMore
    3. Check More tools and then clear browsing data.
    4. After that, select a time range.
    5. To delete or erase everything, choose All time.
    6. Next to “Cookies and other site data,” check the boxes
    7. Tap Clear data.

    ➤ Safari

    1. In the Safari app on your Mac, go to history.
    2. Clear History.
    3. Afterwards, open the pop-up menu.
    4. Select how far back you want your browsing history to be removed.
    5. Microsoft Edge
    6. Go to the Settings.
    7. After that go to more
    8. Click on the Settings.
    9. Select Privacy, search, and services .
    10. Look for Clear browsing data and select Choose what to clear.
    11. Select a date range from the Date range drop-down menu.
    12. After that select the types of data you want to remove.
    13. Click on Clear now.


    So, this was the list of the solutions or the fixing methods when QuickBooks invoices are not opening and hence we come to the end of this article. We really hope that this article assists you in resolving all your doubts or queries and turns out to be an efficacious article.If you are unable to fix the error or the error still persists even after applying the above-mentioned solutions, DO NOT WORRY! Under that circumstance, you can contact the Customer support team. The Team will assist you in every possible manner.

    👉 Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Create a QuickBooks Invoice?

    🔹 Firstly you need to go to the dashboard and look for the invoicing area. Thereafter, tap on “Send your first invoice”. Later, you need to choose the customer you’re invoicing. If by chance there isn’t a customer you’ve typed into QuickBooks yet, you can enter their details or just tap “Save” to add that name to your Customer List. Now you need to choose the Payment Terms. Later you can type the product or service information. If you want to email the invoice to your customer, be sure to enter her email address. Moreover, If you want to email the invoice to your customer, make sure to type their email address. You can also preview your invoice by clicking on Print or Preview.

    Why is the Customer’s Credit Card Getting Declined While using QuickBooks Invoice?

    🔹 There can be multiple reasons why a customer’s credit card is getting declined. For instance, there can be chances that the data they have typed does not reconcile with what the bank has on file or it can happen that the payment amount might be higher than the limit set by the bank. However, we recommend your customer consult directly with their bank.

    What is the Reason for Undelivered Invoices in QuickBooks Online?

    🔹 When you figure out that an invoice has not been delivered, the first thing you will have to do is please double-check the email address that you have mentioned for the customer is accurate and correct. If by chance you have stated a wrong email address, then you’ll need to edit it and try sending it again.
    If the invoice was sent to many recipients at the same time we will not be able to check which one failed or remained undelivered at this time. Hence according to this, let’s say for instance if the invoice was not delivered for 1 of 3 recipients the status will say Undeliverable. There will be basically two main reasons for bounced emails that remained undelivered. One can be because the email address you typed was incorrect or it might happen there was a temporary bug with the recipient’s email server.

    I have not able to Send Invoices from QuickBooks by Email.  What are the reasons for this error?

    Some of the important reasons why you experience this error are as follows-
    🔹 Incorrect setting of email preferences
    🔹 Domain admin may have been blocked
    🔹 Issues with the email provider’s account security settings 
    🔹 Damaged QuickBooks installation
    🔹 The MAPI32.dll file may have got damaged
    🔹 Incorrect installation of Outlook 
    🔹 Outlook is functioning in the background while QuickBooks  is sending emails.

    To fix the QuickBooks Invoices Are Not Opening issue, I am asked to use the test account and contact the QuickBooks Support team. How can I do this?

    🔹 Click on:
    🔹 Click on Help 
    🔹 Select Contact Us
    🔹 Give a brief problem description such as ‘cannot view invoice’
    🔹 Click Continue.
    🔹 Choose the Chat or Get a callback option. You can avail these options between 6 AM to 6 PM PST on weekdays.

    How to Void an Invoice in QuickBooks?

    Please follow the below-mentioned procedure -.

    🔹 Go to the QuickBooks homepage
    🔹 Click on the ‘Create Invoice’ button
    🔹 You will see the list of transactions made
    🔹 Click to open the invoice you want to void
    🔹 Click ‘Edit’ from the menu bar
    🔹 At the bottom of your screen, locate the options to ‘Delete’ or ‘Void’.
    🔹 Click on the ‘Void’ button
    🔹 Click the tab named ‘Save & Close’ to apply your changes.

    How to Make Internet Explorer the Default Browser?

    🔹 Open Internet Explorer
    🔹 Click Alt + T 
    🔹 The Tools menu will open up 
    🔹 Click on Internet options
    🔹 Click Advanced  
    🔹 Now click on Restore Advanced Settings.  
    🔹 Click OK to proceed
    🔹 Close the browser to finish

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