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QuickBooks Magento Integration

    QuickBooks Magento Integration

    QuickBooks seems amazing accounting software with its great features that play a primary role in enhancing the functionality of financial processes. Among them, its integration option assists in connecting different software with QuickBooks like Magento. You can integrate QuickBooks with the Magento store with a tool such as PowerSync. It is an automated system that tends to create sales receipts of the sales order and automatically sync the information regarding orders like sale rates, customer name, etc., with the QuickBooks account.

    The below topic will explain to you about QuickBooks Magento integration through PowerSync and about the benefits of integrating QuickBooks with the Magento store.

    What do you Mean by PowerSync, its Features, and How it is used in QuickBooks Magento Integration?


    It is one of the most widely used tools for integrating QuickBooks to Magento and vice-versa. It refers to automated software that helps to sync entire tax rates between Magento and QuickBooks automatically.

    Features of Magento Integration by PowerSync in QuickBooks:

    • You need to enter data once and afterwards the data gets automatically sync according to any updation
    • It erases irrelevant, duplicate data entries if found with a manual entry process
    • Permits Customer Addresses support and integration
    • It allows payment, product and invoice integration
    • Supports all Magento payment method
    • It supports virtual product
    • It allows dynamic Tax synchronization.

    Working of PowerSync with Magento 2 Store and QuickBooks Integration:

    PowerSync’s QuickBooks integration provides the Magento 2 eCommerce platform that helps in integrating the Magento with QuickBooks account. It ensures the quality and accuracy of data. The data uninterruptedly gets entered into QuickBooks through automation synchronization. It automatically syncs information like sales products, data, services, and customer details.

    Lists of Plans Available with PowerSync for QuickBooks Magento 2 Integration:

    Following are three types of plans available:

    • Basic Plan
    • Business plan
    • Enterprise Plan

    Benefits Associated with QuickBooks Magento Integration to Enhance Business Productivity:

    Improve financial management

    This powerful Magento integration assists vendors to enhance their financial management through an automation feature of updating complete information from Magento to QuickBooks and Vice-Versa in real-time. It decreases the effort that you need to spend for manual data entering, fixing the error and monitoring the transaction data for instance data changes from Magento is automatic gets updated in QuickBooks.

    Save your precious time with automating workflow:

    It automatically syncs and updates all accounting related information like Product details, payment, invoices, and customer basic contact details. When you import any further data in Magento will automatically get entered in the corresponding fields of QuickBooks.

    No barrier of the data for auto-synchronization:

    QuickBooks Magento integration permits auto-synchronizing and updating information and product, including both general and advanced information, without any obstacles. For example, Type Sales, Qty on hand, Type, Name, and more. Moreover, it supports multiple product types like service, inventory, and non-inventory

    Ease of Listings:

    It allows publishing products from QuickBooks to Magento stores like images, PDF, and more. You can also import or export these listings in batches.

    Automation is creating purchase orders: 

    This integration automatically generates vendor emails and purchase orders.

    QuickBooks Magento integration provides Synchronization of Sales revenue, products, and Automatic updates in the Inventory system, and many more amazing benefits. So, start integrating Magento with QuickBooks Desktop using PowerSync. To explore more information about the same or to know more about other integration, call the QuickBooks Support number [email protected] The professional team is there to rectify your doubts. If you want immediate assistance while working on the project, you can use a live chat option. The expertise is 24*7 available for you. Meanwhile, you can send an email with your doubts screenshot and questions. Get connected with a Pro-advisor for an effective outcome!