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How to QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly?

    QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly

    An error message stating that “QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly” may appear occasionally when using QuickBooks software. The most common time this problem happens is when moving QuickBooks Desktop from one SSD to another. Even if it’s a standard error, it could result in data loss, so it’s crucial to fix it. The issue is discussed in this article along with several possible causes and solutions. Thus, make sure to read this article till the end.

    Why Do QuickBooks Migration Fail?

    If you are unsure of what is causing the issue with QuickBooks data migration, we have outlined the possible causes for you to better understand the error.

    Operating system settings that are incorrect prevent QuickBooks Desktop from working.
    QuickBooks is not compatible with the version of Windows you are currently using.
    In order to access QuickBooks, further system requirements might need to be changed.

    Now that we have discussed the causes of the error, it is time for you to learn the methods for troubleshooting.

    Method to Fix QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly Issue

    This section discusses a few methods a user can utilize to fix this issue. To prevent any loss of time or data, we advise that you use these methods wisely.

    Let’s start troubleshooting one by one:

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    Update your Windows with Latest Released Version

    The most recent version of Windows helped to isolate this issue and make it simple to fix.

    Here are the steps to updating Windows to the most recent version:
    ➤ Start by selecting the Windows Start tab
    ➤ Next, you have to choose settings from the menu
    ➤ Look for the Windows Update right now
    ➤ Once located, select Windows Update
    ➤ Open QuickBooks Desktop again and try the migration procedure once again.

    Try Manually to Fix QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly Error

    To restore the company files, utilize the QuickBooks Migration Tool. The QuickBooks company files from the backup file can be manually located and copied.

    Here’s how to carry out the task and resolve QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly:
    ➤ In the very first step, copy the backup file onto your new computer
    ➤ The Backup File can then be found by opening the folder
    ➤ Open the Restored Company Name Files folder after done with the above step
    ➤ Additionally, do a right-click on the folder name
    ➤ Then pick Copy from the menu
    ➤ Now, you’re supposed to paste the file into the required location

    You require the following files:
    ➤ QuickBooks Templates
    ➤ QuickBooks Letters
    ➤ Printer Setting
    ➤ Cash Flow Projector
    ➤ Financial Statement Designer.

    Move Company Files to Another Computer

    The product license will not be impacted by moving the QuickBooks company files.

    To resolve the QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly issue, follow the steps below:
    Install the QuickBooks Desktop Application first on your PC
    ➤ On the old computer, make a backup copy
    ➤ After that, transfer the backup files to your new computer
    ➤ Open the QuickBooks app on the new computer
    ➤ Once done with that, restore the backup file by following the on-screen instructions
    ➤ Now, you have to complete the restoration procedure
    ➤ Finally, download the most recent tax table to your system.

    Move QuickBooks Data Folder

    If you do not wish to make and copy a backup file, you should move the complete QuickBooks data folder.

    To fix the QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly problem, follow the steps below:
    ➤ Launch QuickBooks first, then look for the Company File
    ➤ Then, to open the Product Information tab, hit the F2 key on your computer
    ➤ Go to the File Information section by navigating
    ➤ Then find where the Company File is kept
    ➤ Click the Start button to launch File Explorer
    ➤ Then, access the company file folder
    ➤ Select the Copy option by performing a right-click on the folder name
    ➤ In the end, paste the file where it needs to be.

    Make Use of Intuit Data Protect

    Intuit Data Protect

    The entire PC, a single file, or files other than those used by QuickBooks are all backed up as part of the Intuit Data Protect package. It depends on the Data Protect plans. It will fix the QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly problem.

    To back up the file using Intuit Data Protect, just adhere to these steps:
    ➤ First, make a backup copy of your QuickBooks company files
    ➤ After that, log into Intuit Data Protect on the new computer
    ➤ In the QuickBooks app, select the File tab
    ➤ From the window, choose Backup Company
    ➤ Next step is to select the Set-Up or Activate Online Backup option
    ➤ Click Continue after choosing the QuickBooks company file
    ➤ Put a check in the box for “Back Up Local Selected Documents
    ➤ At last, select Continue to generate the backup.

    In Conclusion

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is QuickBooks Migration Tool for Windows & Mac?

    It enables you to move QuickBooks Desktop files to an another PC. With the help of the QuickBooks Migration Tool, you can copy three company files. Make sure both PCs are online. Install QuickBooks Desktop on your new computer. Launch the QuickBooks app after that, and activate it by providing your license number and product information. While transferring company files, you can have the QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly problem.
    To store the QuickBooks files, you will want a USB flash drive. Less than 300 MB of space on your external drive is required.

    These data cannot be copied using the QuickBooks Migration Tool for Mac & Windows:
    ➤ Older company files
    ➤ Payroll & payment setup
    ➤ Manual backup files
    ➤ Multi-user setup
    ➤ Intuit Data Protect
    ➤ Computer’s configuration.

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    Will Company File be Deleted When QuickBooks Migrates?

    No, the company files are not erased during the QuickBooks migration. A maximum of 3 files can be copied to a new system using the migration tool, if you notice it.

    Does Restoring Company Files Fix QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly Error?

    Yes, it may help you to fix the error by following the below steps:
    ➤ To begin with, copy the backup file onto your PC
    ➤ Next, locate the backup file by opening the specific folder
    ➤ Then, access the specific folder labeled Restored Company Name Files
    ➤ Right-click on the specific folder name now
    ➤ Choose Copy from the menu
    ➤ Copy the file and paste it where it is needed

    The documents you’ll need include:
    ➤ QuickBooks Templates
    ➤ Cash Flow Projector
    ➤ QuickBooks Letters
    ➤ Financial Statement Designer
    ➤ Printer Setting

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