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Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Not Working

    The QuickBooks accounting software has incorporated one important feature the facility to upgrade to the multi-user mode. If you are yet to upgrade to the multi-user mode and experience the multi-user capability in QuickBooks, we would say you are definitely missing something.

    However, some of the QuickBooks users have recently informed us that they have faced issues such as the Multi User mode not working issue after upgrading. In this blog, we will have a look at why such issues occur and what are the possible solutions to such issues.

    Here we go!

    Causes of Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Not Working Issue after Upgrade?

    Several reasons may lead to the occurrence of issues with QuickBooks multi-mode. Some of the most prominent ones are listed below-

    • QuickBooks may not have been installed on the server.
    • Improper configuration of the hosting settings
    • The firewall or antivirus installed on the system may be blocking the communication between the user computers.
    • The QuickBooks company file is not opened by the database server
    • Improper setting of the Windows Image of Windows icon png file permissions

    Solutions to Fix Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Not Working Issue after Upgrade

    Here, we will look at multiple solutions to this issue.

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Repair Firewall Permissions with QuickBooks Database Server Manager

    🔸 Open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server 
    🔸 Navigate to the Start menu 
    🔸 Type Database in the box provided
    🔸 If you are not able to view any folder location, click on Browse to navigate to the folder that contains the company file(s).
    🔸 Press the OK button. 
    🔸 Next, click on the Scan button to repair the firewall permissions
    🔸 Open QuickBooks and check if you are still getting the issues with the multi-user mode

    Verify Host Mode on User Computers

    🔸 Open QuickBooks on the user computer
    🔸 Go to the File menu
    🔸 Open Utilities
    🔸 If ‘Host Multi-User Access’ is appearing on the list, you should understand that the computer is not hosting the company file. In this case, move to the next computer. 
    🔸 If ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access’ is appearing on the list, you need to disable hosting. Then enable the QuickBooks single-user mode.
    🔸 Repeat the above steps on all the user computers
    🔸 Once you have made sure that the hosting mode is off on each of the user computers, perform a scan on the server, with the help of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager ( as shown in Method 1 above)

    Create a New Company File Folder

    🔸 Setup the folder for the company file
    🔸 Provide all the necessary permissions for windows to access this new folder. This is to ensure that you are able to share the folder across systems
    🔸 Copy the .QuickBooks file to the new folder 
    🔸 Check if the company file is opening in multiuser mode. If so, your issues with the
    🔸 QuickBooks multi user mode have been resolved

    Many CPAs, accounting professionals and tax preparers have informed that they have faced issues during and after upgrading QuickBooks to a multi-user license. If you are one of them, we hope, the sequential steps above would help you fix such issues with utmost ease.


    What are the Benefits of Upgrading to a Multi-user Platform in QuickBooks?

    Upgrading to a multi-user platform in QuickBooks provides manifold advantages. Some of them are listed below-
    🔹 In a multi-user platform, you can have your employees work simultaneously. This will strengthen their spirit and motivation
     🔹 A multi-user platform helps the proper distribution of work. It helps reduce the stress and work pressure as there will be more helping hands to accomplish a particular task
    🔹 You can switch between single-user and multi-user modes at your convenience. 
    🔹 You can enable about 30 users to work simultaneously in a multi-user environment

    What is the Procedure to Setup a Multi-user Network in QuickBooks?

    On a multi-user network, one system, called the server, hosts the company file. The other computer(s) in the network that does not host the company file is called workstation(s).

    Here are the steps to follow-
    🔹 Open QuickBooks Desktop.
    🔹 Set folder permissions on the server 
    🔹 Now, install the Database Server Manager on the server 
    🔹 Set the Windows admin rights.
    🔹 After the Database Server Manager gets installed,  scan the folder that contains the company files.
    🔹 Next, turn on hosting
    🔹 Navigate to the File menu 
    🔹 Click Utilities.
    🔹 Click Host Multi-User Access
    🔹 Click Yes to confirm. 
    Finally, to access your multi-user network, you should sign in with admin rights on the server computer and the workstations

    How can I Register and Activate QuickBooks after Migrating my License to Another System?

    Please follow the steps provided below:
    🔹 Open QuickBooks.
    🔹 Go to the help menu, 
    🔹 Click on Activate QuickBooks Desktop tab
    🔹 Enter the product and license numbers in order to verify the information.

    You can get the license and product numbers from the installation disc or your online Intuit account. If you have bought it from a third party, then get in touch with them to retrieve your QuickBooks software.

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