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How to Fix QuickBooks ND File Error

    QuickBooks ND files

    Network Data (.ND) files are pattern files that permits QuickBooks Desktop to the right of entry in an organizational file, whether be it in a QuickBooks network or multi-user atmosphere. The QuickBooks records Server Manager (QBServerUtilityMgr.exe) subsist to generate the file .ND is a file that represents the database server the application will be using. It makes the business run smoothly and accurately.


    • IP Address of Server – acquires the IP address server and match up to what is available in the .ND file.
    • QB Year and Server Name – The server name placed in the centre and the QuickBooks record Manager version is at the end of the page.
    • Use Port – In the firewall settings, the port must be opened and added
    • Full path to organizational file – Except C, any else pathway will necessitate supplementary troubleshooting.
    • Use 1 for Hosting On and 2 for Hosting Off – Turn hosting on for by using 1 key and use hosting 2 for turning off in a multi-user and network setting.
    • Usually blank space – Usually blank could be just unnoticed.

    An Essential Feature For QuickBooks .ND File

    • An .ND file is shaped in the same folder as the business file and is recognized with ND file addition such as MyCompanyFile.nd and MyCompanyFile.qbw.nd
    • The single-user atmosphere that before had multi-user right of entry turned on will also ND files.
    • The .ND file is 1 KB in volume. It is a text file that can be run with by editing in Notepad. .ND files are recognized with a text symbol.
    • The .ND files comprise of the details QuickBooks requires to interact with the server, especially the IP address & port. It also identifies whether the company file is in use or not.

    Note: You can verify the details like the server name & the IP address in the Product details by clicking F2 or by pressing a Ctrl+1 key.

    Resolution For QuickBooks .ND Files Errors;

    • The company will appear as an error and will not open if the .ND file is crushed, inaccurate, or if the QBW file was shacked while updating without moving the subsequent .ND file. You can also see and create again the .ND files to fix the errors when an organizational file.
    • To fix the error with .ND files which are inaccurate, misplaced, or crashed.
    1. Look for *.ND in the system consisting of the organizational files.

    Note: In case .ND files are not there in the list, start a QuickBooks organizational file on the PC where the file is located and to recreate it.

    1. Rename the files as (.NDOLD).
    2. You can use the Report/ Database server manager to scan the folder again.
    3. After the scan is done, new files will be generated automatically.

    Hope the above steps have guided you at best and you are no longer facing any regarding this issue while using QuickBooks.

    Final Words

    Hope the above article proved useful to you but in case you still want to know more and struggling with any issues regarding QuickBooks Software, you just need to chill out and connect with our experienced technical member. We have a group of customer service group who provides the best services for your QuickBooks product at a very limited time. You can also contact the team for any additional information as they are well versed in all the latest tricks and technology used by software companies to improve the application. You can either directly call at our QuickBooks Enterprise helpline number which is available for you 24×7 or you can drop a mail at our official mail ID, also you can connect via Quickbooks Live Chat Support.

    👉 Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is the .ND file in QuickBooks Desktop?

    A. If QuickBooks accesses the company file in a multiple member or internet configuration, an ND file is created. Even when the user worked briefly on a multi-user workstation and now utilizes an unified platform, an ND file will be available in QuickBooks. This file existed and was created with the file manager solely, and the. ND extension was used to capture it.

    The setting files that permit the bookkeeping software to view its business file in a multi-user environment are known as ND files (network data files). The QuickBooks database server manager is used to create these documents. These files are crucial for determining which database server programme is being utilized.

    Q. Does creating an exception with Windows Firewall resolve the .ND file error?

    A. The potential to construct sophisticated firewall rules is hidden behind Windows’ installed firewall. Without implementing additional firewalls, you may block apps from connecting to The internet, regulate network access using a whitelist, limit communication to specified ports and IP addresses, and much more.

    Three separate profiles are included in the firewall, allowing you to apply different rules to networks. The Windows Firewall with Real – time protection snap-in, originally debuted in Windows Vista, has these features.

    If you’re trying to access QuickBooks Desktop in multi-user mode and QuickBooks fails to connect with the company file, then you can add QuickBooks as an exception.

    Q. Can my internet Connection also cause QuickBooks Desktop .ND file error?

    A. If your internet connection isn’t working, then you’ll get network errors such as H101 and H202. So ensure that your internet connection is active. If not, then connect with your internet service provider so that they can assist you in fixing this problem. When the problem is fixed and your system is connected to the internet, you can open QuickBooks. If the error persists, then there may be something wrong with the .ND file, which you can fix using the steps provided in this post.