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QuickBooks Not Allowing Me to Submit a Direct Deposit

    QuickBooks Not Allowing Me to Submit a Direct Deposit

    The check and cash payments are traditional methods. Nowadays QuickBooks Payroll provides the direct deposit option to pay the employees more conveniently. The employees prefer the direct deposit method over the old complex paperwork. However, the direct deposit might get interrupted several times. These errors display in multiple formats and it becomes important to fix them as soon as possible as the on-time payments to the employee play a major role in reputation. The below jotted is the list of methods to resolve the issue when QuickBooks not allowing to submit the direct deposit.

    🔰 What Triggers the Error” QuickBooks Not Allowing me to Submit a Direct Deposit”?

    Here are the major causes of the error” QuickBooks not allowing me to submit a direct deposit”:

    ⏩ Incorrect bank account details
    ⏩ Wrong configuration of the employee’s information in QuickBooks
    QuickBooks desktop payroll failed to reach the Employees
    ⏩ The account details you trying to use is associated with another employee
    ⏩ When users try to submit the direct deposit payroll after 5 PM PST
    ⏩ Incorrect Accounting number
    ⏩ The account in which you created the paycheck is closed.

    🔰 How to Resolve Issue QuickBooks Not Allowing Me to Submit a Direct Deposit?

    Here is the list of solutions you need to fix the failure of direct deposit submission:

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Check the Bank Account

    During the account signup, the bank account gets verified. These amounts are used to confirm the user authorization. Setting up an account correctly ensures authorized payroll fees and transactions.

    Setup Employee’s Bank Account in QuickBooks

    Make sure the employee’s account details have been saved. The employees provide written approval for the paycheck direct deposits.

    Create the DD Paychecks

    Select the payroll check type to generate the paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. Enter the information correctly on the screen. Next, choose the desired printing options.
    QuickBooks Not Allowing Me to Submit a Direct Deposit Make sure you perform the task before 5.00 PM PT, i.e. banking days before the check date to prevent QuickBooks direct deposit issues.

    Submit direct deposit issues come in different forms. Here are the significant errors:

    🔰 What If QuickBooks Direct Deposit takes to Long?

    Verify the payroll status by contacting the employee’s bank. Before performing this verify the details using the below steps:

    ➤ Click menu named Employees
    ➤ Choose Send Payroll data
    ➤ Click on the field labeled items received, check for the payroll data confirmation
    ➤ Hit on the suitable payroll confirmation
    ➤ Choose the View button to view the confirmation information
    ➤ After you are done with the verification contact your banks to know the exact cause of the issue through the posted payroll details in the account.

    🔰 Fix the Issue When you Submit QuickBooks Direct Deposit for the First Time

    When the error message triggers during the first time direct deposit submission then it happens because of the incomplete paycheck process. To resolve this you need to perform a manual check of the employee net amount. The inability of the users to approve the direct deposit check during the first DD payroll creates an error.

    Here are the easy steps you need to follow to resolve the issue:

    ➤ Delete all paychecks of Direct Deposits
    ➤ Recreate entire direct deposit paychecks
    ➤ At last, approve all paychecks of the direct deposits

    Need Experts Help:

    Activate Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

    🔰 Resolve the Error Named” Problem Creating Request File, We Tried to Send the Payroll Information, but the Transmission Failed”

    The error message mainly pop-up on the screen when you create a file request. Therefore the payroll information transaction fails. Here is the list of steps to fix the same:

    ➤ Ensure that you using QuickBooks with admin credentials
    ➤ Now click the File button at the menu bar now switch to the single-user mode
    ➤ Choose Employee center to verify the employee information. Make sure the name of the employee does not contain double spaces or special characters.
    ➤ Now check the payroll connection by sending a zero payroll. For this here are the instructions:
    ➤ Click the Employees option then select Send Payroll Data
    ➤ Ensure that item to send has no paychecks
    ➤ Click Send button
    ➤ Fill out the Direct Deposit PIN
    ➤ Now wait for the successful full message

    🔰 Fix the DD Nnable to Reach the Employee Created in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

    To resolve these issues here are the steps:

    ➤ Check the Direct deposit information of the employee
    ➤ In case the DD has been disapproved, view and change the direct deposit information of the employee. Following is the list of steps:
    ➤ First of all open the QuickBooks Desktop
    ➤ Hit on the Employees
    ➤ Select the employee list
    ➤ Now double click on the name of the employee whose detail you need to change
    ➤ Hit Payroll info
    ➤ Click tab named Direct Deposit
    ➤ Verify the data and in case it is important to change the Account number & Routing number
    ➤ After this double click on the OK tab

    🔰 Recover the Funds if Mistakenly Created with Wrong Account Information

    In this case, firstly check the Routing number. For this talk to your financial institution to verify the bank account details. In case found the account is live then you can instantly reverse a direct deposit. QuickBooks Not Allowing Me to Submit a Direct Deposit For the scenario when the account has been closed then you need to check it through the bank help desk to know about rejected payroll.

    ➤ Check if the account belongs to another employee
    ➤ Verify the account in which paycheck was created is closed or not

    🔰 Closure:

    The QuickBooks Not Allowing Me to Submit a Direct Deposit is a widely used feature for payment. Hopefully, the above blog helped you to tackle the different direct deposit issues. It is comprehended with the frequent scenario that has been reported. If you face the direct deposit error for other reasons then get connected to the professional team.

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    🔔 Ask Yourself the Following Questions

    ♻ Q 1. How Would I Manually Fill a Deposit for Rejected Payroll in QB Desktop?

    👉 Ans: ➡ Locate Banking menu
    ➡ Hit the Make Deposit tab
    ➡ Search for a list named Deposit to
    ➡ Select the bank account for the deposit fund
    ➡ Make sure the Date field must take the date when returned rejected funds
    ➡ Click on the QuickBooks payroll service option in the received form
    ➡ Fill the account named Direct Deposit Liabilities in From Account fields
    ➡ Write the employee name in Memo
    ➡ Fill the reject direct deposit amount in the field named Amount
    ➡ Select a payment mode if using the Class tracking option
    ➡ Click Save & Close option
    ➡ Verify the DD Liabilities balance to check the info is correct

    ♻ Q 2. What if I Face the QuickBooks Direct Deposit Delay?

    👉 Ans: It has been a common error when the QuickBooks direct deposit is not going through?
    This issue generally happens because of the below issues:
    ➡ The incorrect bank account information of the employee
    ➡ The employee bank account is wrong
    ➡ If trying submitting form after 5 PM PST

    ♻ Q 3. Is There any Option Available to Reverse a Direct Deposit?

    👉 Ans: Of course, if the account is live then you can instantly proceed for direct deposit reverse.

    ♻ Q 4. What if my Account Details Belong to my Friend?

    👉 Ans: In case the account details are another person or you have selected the wrong employee account to submit the direct deposit then you can recover the funds by talking to the actual owner of the bank account and reversing a QuickBooks Not Allowing Me to Submit a Direct Deposit.

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