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How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 2002

    At times, users experience QuickBooks Payroll Error 2002 when they attempt to create a new data file but fail to do so during payroll. However, when using QuickBooks payroll, you may be asked for a PIN and if you input incorrect PIN, QuickBooks error code 2002 will most likely occur. If you’re also coming across the same issue while using payroll then don’t worry! As this kind of payroll issue can be easily resolved by attempting appropriate troubleshooting. This blog post will walk you through the methods to resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Error 2002. Simply, scroll through this post to discover the best way possible to get rid of the error and all other facts about the same.

    What Caused QuickBooks Error Code 2002?

    The following factors can lead to such a mistake. Take a look:

    Important Pointers Must be Taken into Considerations

    Before you begin the executing the troubleshooting steps to fix QuickBooks error code 2002, it is recommended that you must consider the following considerations:

    1. The PIN should be between eight and twelve characters long.
    2. At least one letter and one number should be included in the Pin.
    3. Also, because the PIN is case sensitive, be sure you use caps lock and num lock while inputting the PIN.
    4. Payroll transaction request.

    Troubleshooting Steps to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 2002 with Ease

    When you follow the procedures outlined here, resolving QuickBooks issue code 2002 becomes simple. Let’s look at each troubleshooting steps separately:

    Try Re-entering the PIN

    When using QuickBooks payroll, you may encounter such payroll errors if you enter the wrong pin. To resolve the issue, it is suggested that you retype the PIN correctly or generate a new PIN.

    Run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

    • Get the most recent version of the QuickBooks tool hub
    • Likewise, install it
    • To use the tool, you must accept the terms and conditions
    • Click on the tab for the company file issue
    • QuickBooks file doctor will be available as an option
    • You may now download it directly from the official site or via the tool hub
    • It may take a while for this to open
    • In the drop-down menu, select the company file
    • Select the file that needs to be corrected
    • If the file isn’t in the company file list, browse and search for it
    • Then select the Continue tab after checking your file
    • Hit the next tab after entering the admin password
    • Depending on the file size, the scanning procedure may take some time
    • After the scanning is complete, open QuickBooks and the company file to confirm the problem has been resolved.

    Make Use of Repair Tool

    • Using the admin ID and password, you should open QuickBooks as an administrator
    • Additionally, run payrollsubini.exe in the system after downloading it
    • To execute the repair utility, select it from the drop-down menu
    • Examine the latest payroll updates
    • The steps are as follows:-
      • Select the payroll updates tab from the employees tab
      • The software must now be updated
      • Select the Ok tab
    • Close and reopen QuickBooks to test the repair utility’s operation.

    Summing Up!

    Chucking off the QuickBooks Payroll Error 2002 is possible with the steps discussed in above. However, there can be circumstances when you might not be able to rectify such an error, in that case we would suggest you to connect with our professionals using our dedicated QuickBooks Customer Helpdesk, and they will come up with the most effective solutions for you.


    What is QuickBooks Payroll Error 2002? 

    QuickBooks users may run into a variety of issues when trying to access their payroll, as listed below. When attempting to use the payroll function within the accounting program, a user may get the QuickBooks error code 2002. When attempting to use the payroll feature in the accounting application, this notification appears on the user’s screen. An error notice will appear if you input an invalid PIN number. It’s likely that you’ll be asked to enter your PIN incorrectly while attempting to fix QuickBooks Error code 2002. If you input your PIN incorrectly in the future, you may see an error message “You have enter Incorrect PIN”

    What are the Important things needed to Remember While Entering PIN in QuickBooks?

    Here are a few things to keep in mind when entering your PIN.
    🔹 The PIN should consist of one letter and one number and should be between 8 and 12 characters long.
    🔹 When entering the PIN, make sure your keyboard’s NUM Lock and Caps Lock are turned off.
    🔹 Users can request their payroll transaction with ease.

    Does Disabling Firewall or Security Software Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error 2002?

    You must disable any antivirus or firewall software on your computer. It prohibits some QuickBooks program functions from being executed due to security concerns. As a result, you must either deactivate it or add QuickBooks to your firewall and security software configuration to enable access.

    What Causes of Quickbooks Payroll Error Code 2107?

    Many functional and technical issues may lead to the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error Code 2107. Some of these are listed below-
    🔹 The windows registry may have become corrupt due to some   changes made by you
    🔹 Some of the QuickBooks records may have got removed accidentally
    🔹 The QuickBooks application may not have been installed appropriately
    🔹 The supportive documents of QuickBooks & windows records may have been infected by Virus.
    🔹 A corrupt version of QuickBooks may have been downloaded.

    How Can i Setup QuickBooks Desktop Payroll for Mac?

    Please follow the  steps below-
    🔹 Start the QuickBooks Desktop application for Mac
    🔹 Click the  Employees option
    🔹 Now select the Add Payroll option
    🔹 Tab on Try it Now. It will  help you create your payroll account
    if you already have a payroll account , click on the Current Customer Sign button
    🔹 Click the To-Do tab
    🔹 Click the Complete setup option
    🔹 After the set up completes, you will be ready to process the payroll
    🔹 Click on the Run your first payroll tab to start using the QuickBooks payroll.

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