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How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS032

    QuickBooks Payroll Error PS032

    QuickBooks is known to provide excellent automation facilities with which businesses can accomplish their payroll activities with ease. The QuickBooks payroll module helps businesses and accounting professionals save time and ensure timely payroll compliance.But the QuickBooks software is not without its fair share of issues as well. One of the most common issues related to payroll that users often face is the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS032. If you are also facing this issue while using the QuickBooks Payroll module, we can offer a much-needed helping hand. In this blog, we will discuss some highly effective solutions to fix the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS032.

    When you try to download QuickBooks tax table updates, you sometimes face an update error with a message QuickBooks Payroll error code PSO32. This issue usually comes when carrying out tax and payroll management. The primary reason behind this error is misconfigured settings or maybe some other reasons. This article is beneficial for the users who stumbled with QuickBooks Payroll Error PSO32. It will help them to follow the quick steps to resolve this error.


    First things first! Let’s get to know why you experience this issue on your system!

    What is QuickBooks Error PS032?

    Users encounter many types of errors while downloading the payroll updates. The QuickBooks error code PS032 is one of them. This error message states that accounting software is facing problems in the installation of the payroll tax table update. It becomes a barrier across the work and hampers many QuickBooks activities.

    What are the Reasons for Occurrence of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS032?

    Several reasons may lead to the occurrence of the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS032 on your system. Some of these are listed below-

    Things Required while Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error PS032

    • Latest released updates
    • Must be correct billing information in the payroll account
    • Make sure you installed the QuickBooks application on the computer.
    • Don’t forget to create a backup of a company file in QuickBooks.
    • Restart the computer to close all the un-required active programs from the background
    • Open the QuickBooks and Verify if payroll needs an update.
    • There should be an active QuickBooks payroll subscription.
    • Now hit on the Home+F2 button to verify that you have registered in QuickBooks or not.
    • Check the UAC is switched off.
    • There should be only one version of QuickBooks is permitted on one system.
    • Uninstall the unnecessary software and then reset the payroll update of QuickBooks.
    • Ensure that you have noted down the license number associated with QuickBooks.
    • Here are the steps to discover the license number in QuickBooks:
    • Hit on the F2 button in the QuickBooks home option
    • It will display the product information Window.
    • Verify the license number
    • Enter the license number and then close the close

    Steps for Fix QuickBooks Error PS032

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Change the Name of CPS Folder

    💠 Press Windows + E keys together on your keyboard to open the file explorer
    💠 Select the option named This PC
    💠 Browse to the local C drive
    💠 Open the program files folder.
    💠 Now open the QuickBooks desktop folder, (resembling your software version)
    💠 Open the payroll folder
    💠 Do a right click on the CPS folder 
    💠 Select the rename folder option
    💠 Rename it as CPSOLD 
    💠 Hit Enter
    💠 Make a new CPS folder 
    💠 Open QuickBooks desktop.
    💠 Now download the latest payroll tax table (as shown in the previous section)
    Check if you are still getting the issue

    Perform a Clean Install in a Selective Startup

    Follow the steps to fix the error you need to perform a clean installation of QuickBooks desktop Windows:

    💠 Initially, prepare the data.
    💠 Now start the system in selective startup mode.
    💠 Once done, install the QuickBooks desktop.
    💠 Ensure that you click to normal startup mode

    Verify if you Have Taken a Duplicate Copy of QuickBooks

    💠 The user requires ensuring that only one installation of accounting software is present on the system.
    💠 Initially, the user requires hitting on Windows +R to display the run window.
    💠 Write the control panel and then select OK button.
    💠 Once done, the user requires choosing to uninstall a program.
    💠 Verify you have one version in the list

    Put off the User Account Control (UAC)

    Here is the process of turning off the User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10-

    💠 Press Windows+R. The Run window will open up.
    💠 Type Control Panel
    💠 Select OK.
    💠 Select User Accounts and then tap on User Accounts (Classic View).
    💠 Click on Change user account control settings. You may also receive a prompt from UAC. Select Yes to continue.
    💠 Move the slider. 
    💠 Then set it to Never Notify 
    💠 Select OK. It will turn UAC OFF
    💠 Restart the computer.

    Modify Billing & Subscription Settings

    💠 Go to the My Account section
    💠 Select the company you wish to modify
    💠 Navigate to the Billing section
    💠 Click Edit
    💠 Make changes as desired
    💠 Click on the Save and close tab
    💠 Preview the billing details and check for errors, if any 
    💠 Click Save 
    💠 Log out of the system

    Download Latest QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables

    💠 Here you will need to remove the existing tax tables and additional installations.
    💠 Once done, go to the Help menu 
    💠 Click on update QuickBooks
    💠 Next, you should click on the Reset Update tab
    💠 Now proceed to download the latest QuickBooks Payroll tax tables
    💠 Now go to the Employees section
    💠 Click on the Get Payroll Updates tab
    💠 Select the checkbox next to Download Entire Update
    💠 Click on Download Latest Update
    💠 Once the download is complete, a window will appear on your screen to confirm the same

    In this blog, we have provided some easy methods to resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060. You can implement any of these methods to get rid of the issue. However, if you are not able to fix this issue even after implementing them or if you have any more queries, you may speak to some of the experienced QuickBooks professionals.


    Why does the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15106 occur on my System?

    There following are the primary causes of this issue- 

    🔹 The system has installed a new security application 
    🔹 The user does not enjoy the admin privilege. This may have limited his access to read or write a new file.
    🔹 An antivirus is not allowing the update to happen 
    🔹 Improper installation of the QuickBooks software

    Why do I Get the ‘Employee Not Showing in QuickBooks Payroll Error’ Message on my Computer?

    Here are the primary reasons why this issue comes up –

    🔹 The employee has a termination date or release date mentioned in his records
    🔹 He is not attached to the proper payroll schedule
    🔹 The employee is set as ‘inactive’

    What are the Reasons behind the QuickBooks Payroll  Won’t Update Issue?

    🔹 The primary causes are as follow- 
    🔹 An issue with the internet settings in  your  computer 
    🔹 A file related to payroll update is missing  
    🔹 Incorrect system date and time settings 
    🔹 The QuickBooks application is not able to connect to the internet 
    🔹 Incorrect SSL
    🔹 incorrect billing information 
    🔹 Erroneous tax table