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Quickbooks POS Error 121

    QuickBooks POS error 121 usually occurs at the time you try to log in from the system that is not the administrator. Once you encounter this error code, a message pops up on your computer screen which is associated with a notification that you are not allowed to choose the timeouts. This QuickBooks POS error code 121 can also be referred to as permission denied that gets you in trouble while the software update installation is in the process. Being regular with the update installation is a very important task to ensure that the software operates seamlessly. If you want to download and install the latest updated version of the QuickBooks software then it is mandatory for you to login from the administration system. The occurrence of an error can significantly affect the work efficiency. Therefore, this article aims to cover the primary causes and easy resolutions of QuickBooks POS error 121.

    Primary Causes of QuickBooks POS Error 121

    The major cause of this error 121 in QuickBooks POS is that you log in to the system as a guest user and not the administrator, and then move ahead to download and install the available update.

    Resolutions to Fix QuickBooks POS Error 121

    When trying to troubleshoot the QuickBooks POS Error 121 with ease, the following two methods can help you do that.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Closing all QuickBooks POS Processes and Services

    You are supposed to clear or erase all the data and its information that is associated with the Entitlement Client folder and then go ahead to locate the SAactivity.xml.record. It is also crucial to check whether the QuickBooks Point of sale is closed or not. If it is still open, then follow the instructions mentioned below to close it. 

    🔹 Firstly, you need to end all the ongoing QuickBooks point of Sale products & services.
    🔹 After that, you are required to press the ‘CTRL’, ‘ALT’, and ‘Delete’ keys at the same time from your keyboard to open the task manager.
    🔹 Then you need to go to the processes section displayed on the system window.
    🔹 Once done, search for the processes that are named bpos.exe, Qbposshell.exe, and Qbposdbservice.exe and close them.
    🔹 Now you are supposed to close the task manager window appearing on the screen that you previously opened.
    🔹 After that, you have to press the windows and ‘R’ keys together to open the search window.
    🔹 Then you need to enter ‘services.msc’ in the search bar.
    🔹 Then you have to display the service window after entering the command.
    🔹 Now you are required to search for the database manager.
    🔹 The last step is to simply close the window along with the entire service.

    This method effectively fixes the QuickBooks POS error 121 but if you are still not able to resolve it in the first shot, be patient and make use of the next method to fix it.

    Deleting Files as Required

    🔹 To begin with, delete the required files.
    🔹 Then you need to open the hidden folders on the windows of your system.

    For Windows 8, 8.1, and 10

    You can open the hidden files by using the below-mentioned steps.

    🔹 Firstly, head on to the start option found on the left side of the screen of your system windows.
    🔹 Then type ‘control panel’ in the space given in the search box.
    🔹 After that, choose the option named Appearance. 
    🔹 Once done, tap on the folder options.
    🔹 Now you are required to visit the View tab.
    🔹 In the View tab, select advanced settings and tap on the option named show hidden files, drives & folder.
    🔹 Finally, hit a click on the Ok button.

    For Windows 7 and Vista

    🔹 The first and foremost step is to open the windows explorer window by making a right-click on the start button that is present on the left side of the computer screen.
    🔹 After that, make a click on the ‘Organize’ option and then choose Folder and search tab.
    🔹 Then, head on to the View tab.
    🔹 Once done, hit a click on the tab named show hidden files.
    🔹 Now a checkbox appears on the screen. Make a click on it to uncheck it.
    🔹 After that, click on ‘Yes’.
    🔹 Finally, hit the Ok button after receiving a warning message.

    For Windows XP

    🔹 Start by selecting Tools and then tap on ‘Folder Options’.
    🔹 Post that, hit a click on the ‘View’ tab and then unselect.
    🔹 Having done the above step, choose the option named ‘show hidden files and folders’ followed by deselecting ‘Hide protected Operating system files’.
    🔹 Then, ensure to hit a click on the Ok button.

    Every operating system has different locations depending upon its specifications. Following are the location links for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, Windows 7 and Vista, and Windows XP respectively:

    • Windows 8, 8.1, and 10: c:\Program data\intuit\entitlement client \v8.0
    • Windows 7 and vista: c:\Program data\intuit\entitlement client\ v8.0
    • Windows XP: c:\documents and settings\all users\ application data\intuit\entitlement client\v8.0
    • Now make use of an input device such as a keyboard or mouse to select all the files that are present on the folder.
    • You will be able to select the entire files by pressingthe ‘CTRL’ and ‘A’ keys simultaneously.
    • After selecting all the files, delete them.
    • Once you are done with the above step, search for the location of the file named ‘QuickBooks POS XX’.
    • Now move to the INI folder and delete the file named ‘WSActivity file.’
    • The next step is to open Point of Sale again and start the download process.
    • You need to wait till the download gets completed.
    • Now check if there are any updates available. If yes, install them.
    • The final step is to finish the registration task.


    Hopefully, you should be able to fix the QuickBooks POS error 121 after carefully following the solutions mentioned above. However, if you still can not resolve it on your own because of any kind of difficulty in performing the given instructions or if you want to learn more about the QuickBooks errors, do not hesitate to contact the QuickBooks customer helpdesk team who is always there to assist you 24/7 hours in the best possible way. The team experts are highly experienced in the respective domains and they will be glad to devote their time to listen to your concerns and help you out accordingly.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs).

    What are the Steps to Log in to the QuickBooks POS as an Administrator Mode to Resolve the QuickBooks POS Error 121 and Why is it Important?

    It is very important to log in to QuickBooks point of sale as an administrator and not as a guest user because it causes the error code 121, and the steps to do that are listed as under.

    🔸 On the desktop, make a right-click on the QuickBooks POS to open it.
    🔸 The next and the final step is to choose the option ‘Run as administrator’.

    Is it Important to Restart the Computer System after Troubleshooting QuickBooks POS Error 121?

    Yes, it is always recommended to reboot your computer system after you are done with resolving QuickBooks POS error 121 because some changes can be applied only after the system restarts. So, to avoid any glitches in future ensure to restart the system windows once the error gets resolved.

    What are Things to be Done before Resolving QuickBooks POS Error 121?

    🔸 Update your server windows prior.
    🔸 Ensure to have a good and secured Internet connection.
    🔸 Make a backup of the company file beforehand.
    🔸 Do not forget to update the QuickBooks POS to the current version.

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