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QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060

    QuickBooks Error 10060

    One of the most common errors faced by users is the Socket error 10060 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale. It is a type of ‘Connection time out’ error that is usually encountered when the payments with the help of credit or debit cards are being processed.

    Whenever you are making payments via credit cards or debit cards in the QuickBooks system, you need to make sure that the connection is active. This is because if the connection is inactive, it can result in QuickBooks POS socket error 10060.

    But need not worry, this article has got you covered. In this article, you are going to learn about the possible causes of the Socket error 10060 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale and the troubleshooting methods associated with it. So, make sure that you give this article a thorough read and set your QuickBooks POS error-free.

    Primary Reasons of Socket Error 10060 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale

    Now that you have come across the brief description of the Socket error 10060 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale, learning about its ground causes is equally important. Many causes can result in this error code. However, some of the most important ones have been listed below.

    • Poor connectivity to the Internet results in this error code in QuickBooks POS.
    • If there is some issue with the Socket connection.
    • If the QuickBooks POS has not been updated.
    • If the antivirus or antimalware is not configured properly on your system.
    • This error occurs if the network connection is blocked by the security software.
    • If QuickBooks encounters an EFT server problem, this error may occur.

    That was all about the causes of the QuickBooks POS Socket error 10060. Now is the time to learn about the methods using which you can troubleshoot this error code.

    Methods of fix QuickBooks Error 10060?

    There are ample methods that can be used to resolve the Socket error 10060 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale. However, some of the most effective ones corresponding to their respective reasons are given below.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    If the Socket connection is causing the error.

    You are required to follow the below-mentioned steps if this error occurs because of some issue with the Socket connection.

    🔹 Firstly, you need to check if the socket connection is proper.
    🔹 Then you have to make sure that all the wires are connected properly.
    🔹 Lastly, you need to check if it is functioning properly or not.

    If the socket connection was not creating an issue, refer to the further methods to be adopted if some other reasons are causing QuickBooks POS Socket error 10060.

    If the error occurs as the security software has blocked the network connection.

    If the security software finds anything suspicious, then it blocks the network connection. Get the following steps into use to fix this issue.

    🔹 The first step is to turn off the security software such as antivirus if it has blocked the network connection.
    🔹 Then you need to make the transaction once again to check whether the above steps worked for you or not.
    🔹 If the error is resolved, the transaction will be complete without any glitches. If not, it means that the error persists.
    🔹 Move ahead to make use of the next method if the problem isn’t resolved.

    When Multiple workstations are in use.

    Make use of the system where the credit card was used when the number of systems already in use is more than one, doing that involves the following steps.

    🔹 Firstly, you need to open QuickBooks and head to the Edit menu.
    🔹 After that, you need to choose Preferences and then the Company respectively.
    🔹 Then you are supposed to select the option named Communication setup.
    🔹 Once done, see if the option ‘use this computer for all credit card and debit transactions’ is check-marked. If it is not found to be tick-marked, tap on the option named ‘change to this device’.
    🔹 Having done the above step, click on Save now.
    🔹 Reopen your QuickBooks Point Of Sale after taking an exit from the current window.
    🔹 Visit the Tools tab and then hit a click on the ‘User Information’ option.
    🔹 After that, you need to check whether the WS-EFT server is present under the workstation or not. If found, process the card.

    Use the given steps properly and check whether this approach helps you to troubleshoot the Socket error 10060 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale or not. Get the next method into use if the error persists.

    Creating a new data file.

    If all the above methods fail to help you resolve QuickBooks POS socket error 10060, then creating a new data file can help you troubleshoot it, the steps for doing that are given below.

    🔹 Firstly, you need to open the File menu and then select Company data.
    🔹 After that, you are supposed to choose the option named New.
    🔹 Then head on to the Edit menu and pick out the option Choose Preference.
    🔹 Having done the above step, make a click on the Company.
    🔹 Now you have to enter the required details after choosing the option named Merchant Service.
    🔹 Once done, hit a click on the Save button to save the changes.
    🔹 After that, navigate the Tools tab and choose the ‘User Information’ option.
    🔹 Reopen QuickBooks Point Of Sale and try to process the card once again.

    These were all the required solutions to the Socket error 10060 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale. Try to understand and follow them in the respective order for the best results.

    Final Words: This article aims to make you familiar with the Socket error 10060 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale software. It also includes the root causes for this error code and the troubleshooting methods for the same. You should be able to help yourself out using them. However, if you fail in the very first shot and the error persists, do not lose patience and try to fix it once again. If you still can not help yourself out, feel free to reach out to the QuickBooks Customer helpdesk team anytime. The team experts have years of experience in handling such errors and their associated issues and they are available 24/7 to assist you in the best possible way.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is QuickBooks Error 10060 Won’t happen in any other product of QuickBooks than QuickBooks POS?

    Yes, as this error is related to the transaction or payment done by users that happen in the QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) system. So due to the unstable connection it happens in this. That’s why it won’t happen in any other product of QuickBooks.

    If the QuickBooks Error 10060 happens on my Windows 7 operating system then what to do?

    In this case, you have to find the reason and follow the solutions. All the solutions work with all the Windows operating systems; such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating system.

    Can I update my QuickBooks point of Sale software to fix QuickBooks error 10060?

    Yes, you can update your QuickBooks Point of Sale software and then check for the error. If error won’t happen again while doing payment then the error is resolved. But if error happens then try all the solutions given to resolve the problem.

    What are the Steps to update the QuickBooks POS to troubleshoot the Socket error 10060 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale?

    If you want to avoid errors, updating the QuickBooks Point Of Sale is crucial and the steps to do that are:

    🔸 Log in to your QuickBooks POS software as an admin.
    🔸 Go and navigate the Help menu and choose Software Update.
    🔸 Then choose the Update Preference option.
    🔸 After that, visit the General tab.
    🔸 Once done, pick out the option named Automatically download updates.
    🔸 Hit the Ok button after having done the above step.
    🔸 This way QuickBooks will automatically download and install the latest updates whenever available.

    What do you mean by Connection time out in POS which results in the Socket error 10060 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale?

    QuickBooks POS Connection timeouts are the problems that are caused when the POS finds it difficult to process the order requests. In simpler words, the system crashes if the POS receives multiple order requests as it depends upon the processing ability of every POS system. Timeouts can also happen when your internet connectivity is poor.

    Is there any other error code that relates to the Socket error 10060 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale?

    Yes, QuickBooks POS error 10061 is one such error that relates to the given error code in QuickBooks Point Of Sale which symbolizes that the host machine has actively denied the connection.