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QuickBooks Pro to Enterprise Data Conversion Service

    Depending on the business there may be massive data and more requirements. Therefore there is more chance for a need for the QuickBooks Pro to Enterprise data conversion service. Converting the accounting system from QuickBooks pro to Enterprise system can be challenging. Thus require a trustworthy service provider. The below article is rounded up with the guide related to QuickBooks Pro to Enterprise Data Conversion.

    How to Convert QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Enterprise Data Conversion?

    Once you are prepared to convert from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise then you are going to require setting up a network. Here are the steps for data conversion:

    • Prepare and test the network
    • Verify the system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise:

    System Requirements

    1. Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 update
    2. Windows Server 2012, 2019, or 2016
    3. Minimum 2.4 GHz processor
    4. 8GB RAM for 64-bit application
    5. Recommended 2.5 GB disk space
    6. 4x DVD-ROM drive
    7. Internet access is required for enterprise subscriptions and payroll QuickBooks Desktop App needs an active Enterprise subscription.
    8. There required a product registration
    9. Optimized for 1280×1024 screen resolution or advanced.
    • Now install QuickBooks Enterprise on the server
    • Before this download the advanced version of QuickBooks Enterprise. If you install the QuickBooks enterprise on multiple systems then they are all required to be on the same release.
    • Install the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise system on the server
    • Perform the Database server manager configuration
    • Now start company files scanning
    • Verify the hard drives
    • Now setup sharing
    • Start sharing the company file between systems

    Here are the steps:

    • Give access to the company files
    • Install QuickBooks enterprise on all the workstations
    • Setup the multi-user hosting
    • Now proceed with data conversion from Pro to enterprise
    • Before data transfer ensure that you took backup

    Configure Network and Server Settings

    • When you have enabled multi-user network then the system will get host the company files. Systems that link to the network that doesn’t host the company file are named workstations. Here are the steps:
    • Follow the below instructions to download the system and then start the installation of the QB Desktop on the system
    • Choose Custom & network install for the installation type
    • Give a click🖱️ on the option named I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer, and I’ll not be using QuickBooks on this system
    • Now follow the instructions on the screens to complete the installation process
    • Click🖱️ on the setup folder permissions on the server system
    • Ensure that the folder with company files have permission to be in the network
    • Now install the Database server Manager
    • This tool allows you to share the company files with the system over the network
    • Ensure you have installed QuickBooks server manager
    • Now set the admin rights on the server
    • Use the Database server manager
    • Next, install the system with the below steps:
    • Now scan the folder with the company file

    When do you Need a Data Conversion Service?

    If you need to upgrade the business to advanced functionalities then there require QuickBooks data conversion. Make sure you are performing it correctly to opt for the numerous advantages of QuickBooks. However, conversion is not too easy as it involves the transfer of the credential data from one system to another. Thus it is secure to take the expert’s help in converting data from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Enterprise with great performance.

    Want QB Pro to Enterprise Conversion Service Provider?

    Hopefully, the information helped you to convert the data from the QuickBooks Pro to Enterprise data. However, if you face any difficulty or you need 100% accuracy then it is the best decision to get assistance from the professional QuickBooks conversion service provider. The team would be experienced enough to assist you with the best QuickBooks version to convert data to minimize downtime and provide all other details to prevent the failure during executing the services and another onboarding process.


    How Would i Host Multi-user Access in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Open the QuickBooks Desktop
    Locate File menu
    Click🖱️ Utilities button
    Click 🖱️Host Multi-user Access
    Hit Yes

    How Can I take Backup my Company File in QuickBooks?

    First login to the QuickBooks in a single-user mode
    Choose the Backup company tab below the File menu
    Click 🖱️Create a local backup 
    Select the Local Backup button
    Hit Options and then hit on the location you need storing the backup 
    Choose the OK tab and then hit the Next tab
    Select the Save it now tab and then hit the Finish tab to start the backup process

    How would I Update the Company File in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Close the QuickBooks & company files 
    Give a click🖱️ on the windows start tab
    Find  the QuickBooks Desktop and now give a right-click 🖱️on the icon 
    Choose Run as administrator 
    Locate the Help button during the No company open window 
    Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop
    Click 🖱️the Options option then choose Mark All tab
    Hit Save button 
     Choose Update Now option 
    Click🖱️ on the checkbox named Reset update 
    Once you are prepared then hit the Get Updates tab

    Can I Convert Financial Transactions from QuickBooks Pro to Enterprise Data Conversion?

    Yes, the QB pro to QB enterprise data conversion converts all financial & non-financial invoices including purchase orders, A/R or A/P.

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