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Fix QuickBooks Registration Error

    QuickBooks Registration Error

    If you cannot register QuickBooks or are receiving an error that states that the validation code is incorrect, then you may be dealing with a QuickBooks registration error. These errors are usually caused by a damaged installation file, so they can be fixed easily.

    It simply says that user has to register QuickBooks before user makes any use of the software. If user does not register to QuickBooks user will not be able to open or create any company data file.

    Before starting for the registration rectifying process, first, the user needs to check whether the software is already registered or not.

    • Open QuickBooks Accounting Software, long press F2 key. A window will open which contains information related to your software.
    • Now, check registration status at the right of license number
    • If status shows registered, you don’t have to worry and your QuickBooks is active.
    • If it is not register, follow the steps that we are mentioning below.

    In this post, you’ll learn how to fix QuickBooks Registration Error.

    Here Are 2 Possible Causes For QuickBooks Registration Error

    • You may encounter QuickBooks Error Code 1904: Failed to Register
    • Microsoft Visual C++ Damaged Component.

    What Issues You Can Encounter While Registering QuickBooks Software?

    • Corrupt or Damaged ecml
    • Failed Registration
    • Unrecoverable error at the time of activating QuickBooks
    • dat
    • QuickBooks has stopped working
    • QuickBooks Error Code 176103: Unable to Activate
    • Registration Cookie Error
    • QuickBooks Failed to Register.

    What are QuickBooks License, Validation, and Registration Errors?

    QuickBooks registration error can often coincide with QuickBooks license and validation errors. These errors can make the solution more complex, but we’ve included the solutions to help you get to work asap.

    QuickBooks Registration Error

    Here are the errors that you may encounter because of registration issues:

    • “Error: The validation code is incorrect or the service is temporarily unavailable when activating.”
    • You must subscribe to the accountant’s copy file transfer service
    • “Message: You cannot use Online Banking because QuickBooks is not registered.”
    • The option to Sync License Data is disabled (grayed out)

    Using QuickBooks Tool Hub to Resolve QuickBooks Registration Error

    QuickBooks tool hub is a freeware service provided by Intuit that can scan program and company files for errors and issues. Once it troubleshoots the error, it can fix the problem or give you information to fix it yourself. This tool doesn’t cost anything, as it is provided for free.

    Here are the steps to download and run QuickBooks tool hub on your system:

    1. Close all instances of QuickBooks on your system.
    2. Download QuickBooks Tool Hub setup.
    3. Select the location where you want the setup file to be stored. We recommend tat you store it somewhere you can find easily, like the home screen.
    4. Double click on QuickBooksToolHub.exe to start working with this software.
    5. Follow the steps provided by the installer.
    6. Agree to terms and conditions for using this freeware.
    7. When the setup completes, you can find the icon for the tool on your desktop.

    If the shortcut icon for QuickBooks tool hub didn’t appear on the desktop, then you can find it from the search feature provided in the start menu.

    QuickBooks 3371 Error Fix

    Although the QuickBooks tool hub has multiple tools that deal with different types of issues related to the accounting software, we’re going to use the QuickBooks 3371 Error Fix tool to resolve QuickBooks registration errors.

    Here are the steps to use this tool to resolve license and validation errors in QB:

    1. Launch QuickBooks Tool Hub.
    2. Select Installation issues.
    3. Click on 3371 Error Fix.
    4. Click on Ok.
    5. When the scan finishes, open QuickBooks and launch a company file.

    This tool will look for any installation issues or problems with validation files. Once it has identified the problem, it’ll begin to resolve the issue automatically. It doesn’t take very long for the software to scan through the program files on your system.

    Need Experts Help:

    QuickBooks Error 3371 status code 11118

    Manual Method to Fix QuickBooks Registration Error

    Maybe you’re not connected to the internet currently, but still want to resolve this error. What you need to do is delete the Entitlement file, which contains the validation and registration details for your accounting software.

    Here are the steps to fix QuickBooks Registration Error manually:

    1. Go to the Start menu.
    2. Open the Run program.
    3. Input C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 into the text box and hit Run. If the folder doesn’t appear, then you can change v8 to v6 in the directory address.
    4. Right click on the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and choose Delete.
    5. Click on Yes to delete the file from the folder.
    6. Now launch QuickBooks and open a company file.
    7. The on-screen instructions will guide you through the registration process.

    Deleting the entitlement file doesn’t alter your data in any way. If this file is corrupt, then you can simply delete it. When you restart QuickBooks and launch a company file, the software itself will guide you through the whole registration process. After the registration completes, QuickBooks will create the Entitlement file once again, but this time it’ll contain the correct details.

    Conclusion :

    QuickBooks registration error can occur because of a damaged entitlement file. You can use the QuickBooks Tool Hub or the manual method to resolve this error and start working on your accounting software. You should also check your internet connection to make sure that QuickBooks can verify the registration.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Will Deleting the Entitlement File Delete my Accounting Data?

    Ans : No, it won’t. Your accounting data is saved in the company file, which is stored in a separate directory from the program files. The entitlement file, on the other hand, contains registration information that enables QuickBooks to offer you all the features. If the entitlement file is corrupt, QuickBooks won’t be able to verify your registration of the product, so the program will crash automatically. After deleting the entitlement file, you can open QuickBooks and register the product once again in order to recreate the entitlement file.

    Can Network Issues Lead to QuickBooks Registration Error?

    Ans : Yes, they can. If the software cannot connect to the internet, it won’t be able to verify the license information that you provided, so the registration error will persist. If your internet connection isn’t working, then you can get in touch with your internet service provider to resolve any network related issues. If, however, the issue is your security software, then you can disable for some time and then continue working on it.

    Does Updating the Software Resolve QuickBooks Registration Error?

    Ans : Updates have nothing to do with this error. You cannot simply resolve the error by updating your accounting software because the registration file isn’t altered when updates are installed on your system. So you’ll have to use one of the two methods provided above. Both the methods don’t cost you additional money. We recommend that you use QuickBooks tool hub instead of the manual method because it does most of the heavy lifting and automatically fixes the error.

    Does Restoring a backup Activate QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans : However, instead of using cloud drives, network servers, or other removable harddrive and USB, data may be kept and backed up immediately on the hard disc. 

    A cloud drive and a remote host may experience connectivity challenges at times, resulting in mistakes during a backup. External discs or USBs may have similar corruption or connection concerns. As a result, backing up straight to the hard drive may assist to simplify the procedure.