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QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

    QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

    Accessing the computer remotely helps a lot to people. You have to access remotely to do work, or access the files, or to repair the computer whatever the aim is remote access tool connect you to another computer without going there. QuickBooks also provide you remote access tool to access another computer right from your place.

    Many people don’t know what is Remote access tool, how to access it, how to use it etc. Don’t worry below article helps you step by step to know about remote access tools, how to access it, and how to use it. To know each step just go through the complete article.

    QuickBooks Remote Access Tool and its Benefits

    QuickBooks Remote access tool is a way through which a user can access other computers or do his work from a client computer using the internet. In this pandemic situation, many of the users are using this tool to access the file and work remotely.

    To start with first of all you need to download QuickBooks Remote access tool with the subscription plan. Using this tool you can get multiple benefits that enhance your business operations.

    Benefits are Mentioned Below

    • Client or manager can track all activities of accountants
    • You can use copy-paste between host and client computer
    • If you want to print something, that can also be done. You can print from remote computer to local printer
    • Multiple users can use the same file
    • You can also move the files and folders between computers
    • It saves your time and helps you to reduce the cost of office infrastructure

    Steps to Setup Remote Access to QuickBooks

    To use this tool it is obvious to first download it and set it up properly. Below steps are mentioned to set up the tool. Just proceed and read it carefully.

    • First of all, signup for QuickBooks remote access on the website.
    • Open a new browser and now go to QuickBooks Remote access website and log in to your website. This is the browser from where you can connect to remote.
    • Download the remote access tool installation file by clicking on set up a computer
    • Give a nickname to the computer in the “Nickname” field and click Next to go ahead.
    • Now give a checkmark next to the available option to initiate each time you log in to a remote session
    • Now click against all the applications which you want to access remotely. Once it’s done click Next.
    • Locate the authentication box to use. You can use either a pass code or phone number to authenticate the same. If you use pass code remember it to enter the same on the login page and for phone, the number option will give you a call. It asks you for the code to enter every time.
    • Finally, click on the Finish button.

    How to Access QuickBooks Remotely

    Once the remote access tool is downloaded and setup is completed. Next comes how to access it remotely. Follow the below steps and you can easily access QuickBooks remotely.

    • Open a web browser on the computer
    • Go to the QuickBooks remote access website and log in to your account.
    • You will see your nickname, mark a tick in the checkbox of your name
    • Now, click the connect button
    • Next step is to authenticate your desktop either through a pass code or through your phone number.
    • Selecting phone authentication sends you a call through a remote tool and you will be asked for a pass code. After that, you need to reenter the pass code on the phone
    • Select the drop-down option of “Remote Access”, click this option and select End QuickBooks Remote Access Session” option.


    While following the above steps if you face any error you can simply dial QuickBooks technical support number and get back to QuickBooks. Team members are polite, quick listeners and are always ready to help you 24*7. QuickBooks professionals are trained, certified, dedicated, and have many years of experience. You can also email at [email protected] and QuickBooks team to revert you with the relevant information. You can also fill the details on the form available on the website and submit it and soon you will get a call back from a dedicated QuickBooks advisor.