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QuickBooks Restore Failed Can’t Remove Log File Error

    This article deals with the QuickBooks error “Restore Failed Can’t Remove Log File”. When users try to restore data from QuickBooks backup files, the restore process fails and ones of these messages appears on the screen:

    “Error: Restore Failed. This is an Invalid Format of a Post QuickBooks 2007 Backup File”

    “Error: Restore failed. Can’t remove log file”

    Causes of QuickBooks Restore Failed Can’t Remove Log File

    The problem could be due to one of these reasons:

    • Users are restoring the backup over a company file that exists
    • There are special characters in the company file name
    • Users are restoring the backup from a USB flash drive or a network drive
    • The file that is restored isn’t a QuickBooks backup file
    • The file is created in a newer version but restored in an older one

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    Steps for Fix QuickBooks Restore Failed Can’t Remove Log File

    The actual reason for this QuickBooks restore failed can’t remove log file error might be difficult to identify at the beginning and finding the correct solution might require a few attempts. So, the solutions provided below should be tried in the given order to see which one works.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Not Overwriting a Company File that Exists during Restore

    When users are saving the file that’s being restored, they must go to the folder where the file is to be saved. If the name of the file is the same as an existing company file, a different name must be chosen for the file to be saved.

    Removing Special Characters from the Company File’s Name

    No special characters, such as /\<>!$, must be used in the file name.

    If the Backup is Saved in a USB/Network Drive, it Must be Copied to the Local System

    If the backup terminates midway due to connectivity problem, the data in the QuickBooks file could be permanently corrupted.

    eFile being Restored must be a Valid QBB File

    Restoring the QBB file to same QuickBooks Version that was used for Creating it

    Repairing QuickBooks with QuickBooks Repair tool

    💠 If the previous solutions don’t fix the error, the company file might be damaged. It must be repaired using the QuickBooks Rebuild and Verify utilities in the following way:
    💠 First, users must go to QuickBooks File menu and then Utilities, followed by Rebuild Data.
    💠 Next, users must go to File, followed by Utilities and then Verify Data.
    💠 At the same time, users should keep in mind that will have to review the QBWin.log and/or the QuickBooks.log file(s) when taking these steps. But the review process might be quite difficult for many users.

    Final Words

    If the error persists despite taking all the above steps or users need more information, they should call our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Tech Support Team at this toll-free helpline. You can also email [email protected] or Live chat.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. Why can’t I Restore my QuickBooks Backup?

    Ans : The QuickBooks company file is a work of art. Make certain you understand how to properly backup and restore it. You might not consider your QuickBooks company file to be transportable. It is securely stored on a computer. You wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?

    However, the most typical reason for organization’s to relocate these vital files is because they have acquired a new computer or feel the need to share their data. QuickBooks lets you generate a full backup that you may save to a USB device, CD, or another directory on your corporate servers. You (or another receiver) will be capable of restoring it after it arrives at its destination machine (in which a version of QuickBooks has been loaded).

    Q 2. What should I know before Creating a Backup File in QuickBooks?

    Ans : You must never back up a QuickBooks company file unless you need to relocate it. It’s something you can do on a regular basis.

    Before you begin, ensure that your QuickBooks version is up to date, which should not be an issue if you have automatic updates enabled. If you aren’t, and you’ve disregarded the update alerts that display when you open QuickBooks, we can assist you with doing a manual update and configuring QuickBooks to update automatically.

    Upon setting up automatic updates, QuickBooks downloads the update files in the background whenever an update is available. After the download is finished, the user is prompted to restart QuickBooks to install the updates. Before you agree to installation of the update, ensure that you’ve saved any progress in your data.

    Q 3. Can I Restore a Backup File Created using QuickBooks 2021 with QuickBooks 2019?

    Ans : No, you can’t. You can only upgrade to a newer version of the company file. Downgrading a company file is impossible through QuickBooks. Further, when you do decide to downgrade, you may require help from experts, as you’ll have to manually extract data and input it into a company file created using an older version of QuickBooks.

    Always make sure that you’re restoring the company file in the same or newer version of QuickBooks; otherwise the operation will fail.

    Q 4. What is a QuickBooks File Doctor?

    Ans : Intuit developed the QuickBooks file doctor software in 2012, with the goal of addressing the issues that customers commonly encounter while working with the QuickBooks accounting software. Intuit has introduced this function into QuickBooks 2016 and subsequent editions.

    It is a combination of a QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool and a company file diagnostic tool that is particularly intended for QuickBooks users. This utility discovers and repairs mistakes automatically. Many people are ignorant of this wonderful tool, which is absolutely free to use and can resolve many network and company file issues.