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QuickBooks Scan Manager: Install Scanner and Setting up

    Setting up the QuickBooks Scan Manager

    This article shows how to install a scanner by setting up the QuickBooks Scan Manager. The QuickBooks Scan Manager allows users to attach files to invoices, bills, sales receipts etc.

    When a new scanner is installed or documents are scanned initially, the QuickBooks Scan Manager has to be set up for QuickBooks Attached Documents. It is necessary to use a TWAIN-compliant scanner with the Scan Manager.

    Creating a Scan Profile

    • First, users must click on Docs in the QuickBooks icon bar, which will open the Doc Center. Then, users must choose Scan A Document.
    • Next, users must choose the required Scan Profile or select New for creating a new profile. Users must then edit the name of the profile and select Continue. Now, the profile settings must be changed as per requirements; once this is done, choose Save.

    NOTE: The default destination folder can’t be changed. All the scanned documents will be saved in the folder containing the company file (.QBW). If the scan destination path is to be changed, the location of the company file will also have to be changed.

    Setting up and Testing the Scanner

    • After highlighting the profile, users must choose Select, which will open the Select Scanner window. Users must select Scanner Setup Wizard in this window.

    NOTE: The scanner should be found in the Current Selection field. If the scanner is not listed here, users must choose the Yes radio button and then choose Next for downloading the latest scanner database from Nuance.

    • Next, users must select the correct mode, which is generally the Normal Mode. Next, users must select the Perform Tests box and then select Next.
    • Then, users must choose the tests they want to run and then choose Next two times for testing the scanner.
    • Users should then see the test page that was scanned instead of Your Scanner Document Here. Then, users must select the Repeat This Test In Order To Check All Modes box and then select Next for testing in other modes.
    • After all the modes have been tested successfully, the scanner can be used with QB.

    Steps for Fix QuickBooks Scan Manager Issues

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    Scan Manager not Working in QuickBooks

    To fix this, it must be checked if a TWAIN-compliant scanner is being used. Next, the scanner must be tested to check if it’s working properly. Users must check if the scanner can be used normally outside QB. If it can’t be used, there might be some issue with the scanner and users must contact the scanner manufacturer or an IT expert.

    QuickBooks Error 281, 1

    💠 If this QuickBooks error 281, 1 occurs when scanning with the Scan Manager, the following solutions should be tried in the given order:
    💠 First the scan profile must be deleted and a new one created.

    Then, the user account settings in Windows must be changed.

    Changing User Account Settings

    NOTE: While User Account Control (UAC) might have to be turned off for fixing QuickBooks Desktop issues, it should be switched on afterwards to prevent security risks.

    For Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

    💠 After pressing Windows + R, users must type Control Panel and then select OK.
    💠 Next, users must select User Accounts and then User Accounts (Classic View).
    💠 Following this, select Change User Account Control Settings. If there’s a prompt from UAC, users must select Yes.

    Next, the slider must be shifted.

    💠 It must be set to Never Notify and then OK selected for turning UAC OFF.
    💠 It must be set to Always Notify and then OK selected for turning UAC ON.
    💠 If there’s a prompt from UAC, users must select YES.
    💠 Once this is done, the computer must be restarted.

    Next, QuickBooks must be repaired and the scanning tried again.

    For Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

    NOTE: Users mustn’t be confused by reference to the Installation Wizard that actually runs the repair.

    💠 After restarting the computer to close programs blocking QuickBooks, the company file must be backed up.
    💠 Next, users must select Start, followed by Control Panel. In Windows 8 and 8.1, users must open Search in the Start menu and type Control Panel and then choose Control Panel in the results.
    💠 Next, Programs and Features must be chosen, followed by Uninstall A Program, if needed. If these options aren’t visible, users must choose Programs, followed by Program Features.
    💠 Next, QuickBooks must be chosen from the programs list, followed by choosing
    💠 Uninstall/Change. Then, choose Continue, followed by Next.
    💠 Now, users must choose Repair and then Next and wait for the repair to be finished.
    💠 When the repair is over, choose Finish and if there’s a prompt, reboot the system.
    💠 Users must also download the current QuickBooks release and the current payroll tax table (for US customers) after opening QuickBooks.

    The final solution is to reinstall QuickBooks via a clean install, set up the Scan Manger and try once more.

    For further info and clarity on any of the steps, please call our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline .