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How to Fix QuickBooks Script Error

    Occurring when the accounting software tries to connect with the internet using the integration with internet explorer, Quickbooks script error generally occurs because of problems with network connection, system security, or internet explorer.

    In this article, you’ll learn to fix QuickBooks script error. Generally, the errors are displayed as ‘Script Error’ or ‘Error in Script’. But the error scan also be shown in the following format:

    Script error line #### character ## object ####

    Causes of QuickBooks Script Error

    Whatever the format might be, script errors occur when the functions that process the scripts are blocked, or there’s damage to the script software and/or the data associated to it is incompatible.

    The Browser Cache is Full or It is Corrupted

    To solve this issue, users must delete Internet Explorer temp files, cookies and browsing history related to the merchant services.

    The Browser Configuration has a Problem

    Users must configure Internet Explorer to make it compatible with QuickBooks applications

    There’s Damage in the ActiveX components

    To fix the issue, the components that are damaged must be removed.

    Script Debugging has been Turned on

    In Internet Explorer, users must choose the Tools menu, followed by Internet Options. Next, after choosing the Advanced tab, users should go to the Settings box and here, choose Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable Script Debugging (Other).

    Security Application is not Allowing the Script to Function

    Users must configure the security application(s) in order to provide access to scripts when QuickBooks Desktop is processing or has been fully installed.

    NOTE: In case the security application is disabled, new data input will be disabled. This will deny access to functions as long as the application is installed. In case any assistance is needed, an IT expert must be contacted.

    The QuickBooks Data File is Corrupted

    The data damage must be resolved. For any data-related problem, users must contact the Accounting Problem QuickBooks Desktop Support Team.

    The Windows User has been Damaged

    The issue can be fixed by creating a new Windows administrator.

    There’s Damage to the Script Processing Software

    To solve this problem, Java, Adobe Flash and .NET Framework have to be be reinstalled. Users must also have Windows administrator access for these installations. Windows 8 users might not be able to install the applications using Internet Explorer. So, they will have to use another browser or use Windows Updates.

    Malware has been Installed

    To fix the problem, users must run a full system scan to find out if the computer or applications on it have been corrupted.

    NOTE: All the above-mentioned steps should be performed by an IT professional or the in-house IT team.

    Steps for Fix QuickBooks Script Error

    Total Time: 40 minutes

    Checking Files of the Operating System

    Users must go to the Start menu, choose ‘Search’ and type SFC/SCANNOW in the search box for checking all system files. If there’s any problem, all the recommended steps must be followed.

    Note: The process is lengthy and will take a few minutes to complete.

    Checking Disk Errors

    Users must go to Start menu and choose Computer. Then, after right-clicking on the C:/ drive, navigate to the Tools tab. Windows 7 users will have to select Properties, followed by Tools.

    Next, in the Error Checking section, the Check Now button must be selected.

    Note: The two boxes in the Check Disk window must not be selected unless told to do so by an expert.

    Reconfigure Internet Explorer

    Here are the steps to fix QuickBooks script error:

    🔷 Use an admin account to Log into Windows.
    🔷 Open the Internet Explorer.
    🔷 Select the Command Bar and select Tools.
    🔷 Choose Internet Options, then Security tab.
    🔷 Choose Trusted Sites.
    🔷 Choose Sites.
    🔷 Click on the Add column input field, enter *
    🔷 Click on Add.
    🔷 Return to the Trusted Sites window again.
    🔷 Unmark require server verification.
    🔷 Return to Trusted Sites once again.
    🔷 Unmark Enable Protected Mode.
    🔷 Quit Internet Explorer.

    When you install browsers other than internet explorer, you may set those browsers as the default for windows. This can create conflicts with QuickBooks, which requires internet connection to connect with the various online services.

    Set Internet Explorer as the Default once Again

    🔷 Open Internet Explorer in Windows.
    🔷 Click on the Gear icon, then click on Tools.
    🔷 Choose Internet Options.
    🔷 Go to the Programs tab.
    🔷 Choose Make Default under Default Web Browser.
    🔷 Select Ok.

    For resolving any errors related to IE, you need to turn To resolve any unexpected behavior, you can turn off notifications in Internet Explorer by following the steps provided below:

    🔷 Double click on the Internet Explorer icon.
    🔷 Click on the Tools menu.
    🔷 Go to the Internet Options, then click on the Advanced tab.
    🔷 Disable the option – Display a notification about every script error box.
    🔷 Choose ok.

    Alter Firewall Settings to Create Exceptions

    Firewall settings enable or disable certain programs for accessing internet connection. When these ports are blocked, QuickBooks cannot access the internet.

    This becomes a huge problem for anyone who has hosted his or her company file on a separate server. To connect with the company file, QuickBooks must access network connection through specific ports. When a firewall blocks such a connection from completing, you usually get a company file or network error because QuickBooks cannot open the company file nor connect to it.

    In such cases, users must create custom rules for inbound and outbound connections to enable QuickBooks to access the company file through a specific port. While the ports for latest versions of QuickBooks are clearly defined, they aren’t well defined for older versions of the accounting software.

    Steps to Create Firewall Rules for QuickBooks Desktop

    🔷 Press the windows key to open the Start menu.
    🔷 Click on Windows Firewall.
    🔷 From the left panel, select Advanced Settings.
    🔷 Click on Inbound Rules.
    🔷 Click on New Rule from the right panel.
    🔷 Select the radio button against Port.
    🔷 Select Next.
    🔷 Choose TCP, then input the Specific Local Ports that you want to make an exception for.
    🔷 Select next and Click on Allow the connection.
    🔷 Click on Next.
    🔷 Once you’ve selected all the ports, you can choose next to proceed with creating the exception.
    🔷 Input a unique name for this rule. This name makes it easier to identify the rule on a later date if you choose to alter the rule in any manner.
    🔷 Click on Finish.

    Following similar steps create an outbound rule for QuickBooks. Once you’ve created the outbound rule, QuickBooks won’t get interrupted while accessing the network connection. You’ll be able to connect to the separate server that stores the company file. This means that QuickBooks won’t encounter any error when accessing the company file, leading to the resolution of QuickBooks script error.

    Reconfigure your Security Software

    Apart from windows firewall, you may have other security software on your system, which you may have purchased from a third party. These software can sometimes block network connection.

    You need to check if any of the security software in your system is causing the problem. If yes, then you need to proceed with caution and reconfigure the security software so that you can get back to work.


    QuickBooks script error occurs generally because the accounting software cannot connect with the company file. There are many causes, the most serious of them being a permanent damage to the company file. If you can’t resolve Quickbooks script error on your own or believe that the company file is damaged

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the QuickBooks Script Error?

    QuickBooks script errors might be challenging to resolve. However, you may fix the problem by following the steps outlined in this article. Restart your system and check for faults after using a certain approach. If the error persists, proceed to the next procedure until the QuickBooks script error is resolved.

    How does Configuring the Firewall impact QuickBooks Script Error?

    In addition to establishing the Windows firewall, you have to check that any loaded antivirus and firewall products are not interfering with the network connection. Contact the programme supplier for instructions on how to properly set up third-party security software.

    For Windows Firewall, you may have to set more rules by going into advanced options. These advanced options enable you to create inbound and outbound rules for any application present on QuickBooks. When you’ve created the specific rules, then QuickBooks will be allowed network connection via the ports that you enabled for it. You may also have to do this for other applications related to QuickBooks so that you won’t face QuickBooks script error in the future.

    How does Changing the Firewall Rule Impact my System and Security?

    To remedy the QuickBooks script problem, you must upgrade Internet Explorer and configure custom firewall rules. You’ll continue getting the script problem unless you establish new rules that allow QuickBooks to connect to a network without being prohibited.

    You certainly can. That is why you must give the firewall rule a distinct name; otherwise, you risk forgetting about it and losing the ability to modify it.

    No, it will not compromise the security of your system in any manner. QuickBooks will continue to connect to its server over an encrypted connection. Your information will be kept safe.