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QuickBooks Search Not Working: How to Fix

    QuickBooks Search Not Working

    QuickBooks has many features, tools and functions through which you can keep track on all data and even you can check and analyze your QuickBooks files in the future.

    QuickBooks has search bar also. The search bar will land you to the desired field when you want to land on. In every condition, the search bar needs to be in working mode as there are certain files or transaction made long back which are quite difficult to find out manually. In such cases, search bar saves time. In the search bar, you just have to type relevant keyword from the topics and the information will be available for the same.

    Why Does QuickBooks Search Not Working?

    When Does QuickBooks Search not Working?

    • Search bar not updated
    • Need to Check the Index
    • Restart your QuickBooks Accounting Software
    • Verify Firewall Settings
    • Reinstall QuickBooks

    Steps for Fix QuickBooks Search not Working

    QuickBooks Basic Search Engine Says That You Can Find The Transaction Quickly. Follow Certain Steps. There Are Three Ways You Can Execute Search:

    • Basic Search: Transaction Date and Amount
    • Reference Number/Transaction Basic Search

    Advance search is the best way to get the detailed search fulfilled. You can easily access the advance search with the help of basic search in search box.

    Now imagine, you in the middle of performing an important task and your QuickBooks has stopped working. What would your action be? You may face some problematic situations in such cases.

    You don’t have to be worried about such issues. To sort out the problem, make sure that you are using the latest version of QuickBooks or updated version of QuickBooks. We provide periodic maintenance of your QuickBooks Software to make sure that the issues don’t occur to your software again and again.

    Once you update QuickBooks to the latest available version. Open Search preferences settings. Click on Update Automatically and then click on Update Now button.

    Final Words :

    Find all the necessary information on our website Else, we are at your service through various modes of connectivity. Connect with us via Live Chat Support which is available on our website You can also call us on our QuickBooks Help Desk or you can send us email on our official email address. Through any of the mode, we will surely connect with you and provide you all relevant information that you may need to understand the software or to provide solution method to your software.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What is the Advanced Search in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans : QuickBooks also contains a search bar. When you click on the search bar, it will take you to the desired field. The search bar must always be active since there are some files or transactions that were done a long time ago that are impossible to locate manually. In some circumstances, the search bar saves time. Simply input a relevant term from one of the themes into the search field, and the information will be shown.

    The best approach to complete a comprehensive search is to conduct an advanced search. With the aid of the simple search in the search field, you may simply access the advanced search.

    Q 2. How are Updates Related to Fixing the Search Fields Option?

    Ans : Updating the software can fix this issue easily. When the search box was a new feature, there were a few bugs that interfered with the feature. But these bugs were removed by subsequent updates provided by the company.

    So you can use the update option in QuickBooks to resolve any issue with search or advanced search. When updating the software, you can also switch on automatic updates, which is a feature that can download all the available updates in the background. When the update is downloaded, QuickBooks will prompt you to install the update. We recommend that you use this feature so that you always have the latest fixes provided by Intuit.

    Q 3. What are Ways in Which I can Easily Search through Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans : Here are a few options to easily search for anything in QB desktop:

    Method 1
    QuickBooks keeps a record for every balance sheet account, including bank accounts, inventories, receivables, and other resources. Accounts payable, loan funds, and proprietors’ equity are all tracked in separate registers. A register may be a quick method to find whatever you’re searching for, based on what you’re looking for.

    Remember that registers are really just one way to discover transactions in QuickBooks, and they aren’t always suited for every case. For example, income and spending accounts do not even have a record; in those circumstances, you must use a different method.

    Method II
    Use the simple find feature to look for any type of form or report. You can simple enter the following information to look for a particular transaction or report:

    ▪ Type
    ▪ Transaction #
    ▪ Name of Customer
    ▪ Job Date
    ▪ Other fields

    Method III
    To use Advanced Filter, choose a field from the Filter column and then provide the appropriate criteria. Your input options may change depending on the field you select.

    For example, if you click on Name City, you can input the name of a particular city. If you choose a category such as Item or Account, you can make numerous selections. Continue to add more filters as required. In this manner, you may create some really complex searches. To remove a filter, click when on the object in the right-hand panel and then press the Delete key. Alternatively, pressing the Reset button will clean the cards.

    Method IV
    You can also integrate Google Desktop Search after integrating it with QuickBooks. This feature uses the powerful algorithm of Google to search for various forms and reports in your company file. The feature is a must have and you should definitely enable it in your QuickBooks Desktop.