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How to Employees Time Tracking in QuickBooks

    QuickBooks Time Tracking for Employees

    β€œRealize that time tracking is a core thing you can do to enhance your business productivity.” QuickBooks allows you to track the time of your employees. Tracking time plays a primary role in an organization. You can quickly pay your employee according to the working hours. QuickBooks permits the synchronization of time-tracking applications where you can setup employee timesheets and maintain their working hours. It ensures an accurate way of paying your employee. This article complies with useful information on QuickBooks Time Tracking for Employee, benefits and T-Sheets usage to track time in QuickBooks.

    How can you Track Employee Time in QuickBooks?

    QuickBooks provides the most useful time-tracking feature to allow your staff to easily log how much time they have spent on a particular task. They can easily determine and select the client who received the bill. The only need is an internet connection which accessing QuickBooks for time tracking. You can even provide time-based entry for accessing the information. Don’t worry about the number of users! Add as many users you need to add without affecting the license cost.

    Three Methods to Track Employees in QuickBooks

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    First Method: Setting Timesheets in QuickBooks: Following are the Steps to Track Employee Time in QuickBooks:

    πŸ’  Open QuickBooks
    πŸ’  Locate the Employee tab located at the top menu
    πŸ’  Choose Enter time
    πŸ’  For weekly timesheets, you have to hit on Use Weekly Timesheet.
    πŸ’  Select an employee listed in drop-down named Name
    πŸ’  You should bill the time, select a customer & service item and then mark the time status as billable
    πŸ’  Select a payroll item for the time
    πŸ’  Write the number of hours worked in the column referring to the day.
    πŸ’  Repeat the above-mentioned steps to enter the week timesheet
    πŸ’  Hit on Save and then Close to save the generated timesheet

    Second Method: Activate Time Tracking Function

    You can “enable the time tracking feature in QuickBooks” through the gear option and locating advanced accounts and settings. Here are the steps:

    πŸ’  Click on the pencil icon appearing on the right corner of Time tracking.
    πŸ’  Use fields named Add Customer and Add Service for customizing how your staff can use the timesheets
    πŸ’  You can even convert the timesheet into bills for your client.
    πŸ’  Once you complete, Hit the Save option and then Done to return back to QuickBooks.

    Third Method: TSheets Tool to Track Time with Better Optimization

    QuickBooks supports TSheets software to create schedules. It allows your employees to clock in and out from anywhere across the world. You can use the GPS capabilities to determine the location of your employee in the field. Moreover, you can immediately track which worker is working, where he is, and how many hours he works and log in.

    Key Benefits of Employee Time Tracking

    Get Accuracy in Generating Estimates for Client

    Time tracking permits you to give your client accurate estimates. You can easily guess the actual time requirement of a particular project. The time-tracking system lets you access a database with precise records that display the perfect estimate of how much time your employee will take to do a similar project.

    Enhance Workflows Efficiency

    Time tracking helps your employee to use time efficiently. Since it decreases the inefficiency and enhances time management and organization, it, in turn, results in boosting workflows efficiency.

    Exceptional Project Management

    Time tracking lets you collect reliable information regarding workflows. It includes Employee start time, Name of the project, objective of the project; you can get all these data instantly. It enhances the chances of keeping records of real-time projects. It makes ease of discovering in-efficiency and spot process which require additional assistance. Moreover, you can view the project-based to budget and set the workflow accordingly.

    Lessen Scope Creep

    One of the common scenarios in small organizations is when customers have specific requirements but add some additional requests and modifications. Consequently, this condition is generally known as scope creep. Fortunately, Time tracking is more beneficial in eliminating scope creep. You can easily show your client records of time tracking to stop the additional requests and get charged for covering additional works. It increases profits.

    Seeking the helping hand? Give a call

    Hopefully, the above guide provides you awareness about how QuickBooks time-tracking for employees helps to enhance productivity. If still confused in any of the elements given above and need to explore more about the TSheets app or anything else, give a ring to QuickBooks technical support number. The expertise is there for you to address your doubts instantly with a QuickBooks live chat. Drop an email with a Question. Get timely, useful, and accurate solutions ahead!