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QuickBooks was Unable to Decrypt File with the Password

    QuickBooks was Unable to Decrypt the File with the Password

    Many users of QuickBooks accounting software usually run into unable to decrypt the file with the password error. This sort of QuickBooks was Unable to Decrypt the File with the Password error is primarily caused as a result of the impairment in the encryption of highly confidential fields such as credit card numbers, social security or social insurance, and bank accounts.

    In this article, I’ll explain how to go about changing your password so that QuickBooks can decrypt the file

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    Troubleshoot QuickBooks was Unable to Decrypt the File with the Password

    Note: Before you proceed to fix the QuickBooks was Unable to Decrypt the File with the Password issue, ensure you do upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop Software to the newest release and back up your company data.

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Verify whether the QuickBooks Admin User is Impaired or Not

    🔹 Sign in to the company account as the admin user.
    🔹 Modify the admin password. To do this:
    🔹 Open the Users list.
    🔹 For QuickBooks Pro or Premier Users: You need to open Company >then look for Setup Users and Passwords >click on the Set Up User.
    For the Enterprise Solutions users: Select the Company menu >Click on Users >and choose Set Up Users and Roles.
    🔹 Choose the Admin user, after that Edit user.
    🔹 Modify the password to a provisional password.
    🔹 Choose Next and click on Finish.
    🔹 QuickBooks software will again encrypt information in your file. This process will take some time so you need to wait

    Note: If QuickBooks Desktop crashes when you are trying to encrypt, then try to send your file to Data Services to eliminate all confidential info from the file.
    Exit from the company file: Go to File > look for Close Company and then exit from the program.

    🔹 Exit from the company file: Go to File > look for Close Company and then exit from the program.
    🔹 Again open your QuickBooks software and again sign in as the Admin user to finish the encryption process again. To ensure whether the re-encryption process was successful or not, look for the QBWin.log file. For this, you have to follow given steps:
    🔹 Open the Verify Data utility.
    🔹 Try to find the given below in the current entries of the record file depending on the date or time hallmark after resolving:
    🔹 LVL_SEVERE_ERROR–GetMasterKeyUnsuccessful: The decryption has abortive; or
    🔹 LVL_SEVERE_ERROR–GetDataAccessKeyUnsuccessful: The decryption has abortive.
    🔹 If you don’t experience any of these errors, simply modify your password by repeating step 2.
    🔹 If you experience one of the above-mentioned errors, your file has to be sent to Data Services to patch-up the impairment.

    Repair Broken Encrypted Fields

    You need to proceed further with the given steps resolve the lost or impaired encrypted fields. However, these steps are explicit to credit card numbers.
    Open the Verify Data utility.

    🔹 Search for the error notification in QBWin.log.
    🔹 Try to locate the QBWin.log and ensure you save the same on your Desktop.
    🔹 Do the right click on the file option, then choose Open With >click on the Notepad.
    🔹 Pen down the information related to the Customers that were displayed in the record file.

    Revise the Credit Card Number of Impacted Customers

    🔹 In QuickBooks software application, look for the Customers menu and after that choose the Customer Center option.
    🔹 From the pull down list, you need to choose All Customers then try to locate the Customer or Customer: Job that is displayed in the record file.
    🔹 Click twice on the Customer or Customer: Job to revise, then look for the Payment Settings button.
    🔹 Provide at least a 16-digit mock credit card number and expiration date, then choose OK.
    🔹 Return to the Payment Settings button.
    🔹 Provide the accurate credit card number and expiration date for the client, then press on the OK button.
    🔹 Try to do again the steps 3 for other Clienteles as given in the record file.
    🔹 You need to run the Verify Data utility one more time.
    🔹 If no issues are identified, then it means that the glitch has been resolved.
    🔹 If Authentication is unsuccessful, you need to again cross check the QBWin.log for clienteles that you have neglected or for other faults that result in the failure of the authentication.

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    Final Words :

    Want to get rid of the QuickBooks Error: Unable to decrypt the file with the password? Contact our Accounting Problem QuickBooks help desk team member on and get instant resolution for the issue.


    QuickBooks Cannot Decrypt File With The Password

    If you use the same password for many different accounts, you might find yourself maintaining a list of passwords that you cannot decrypt and enter into your accounting software.

    What is Encryption?

    Encryption is a method of protecting information by transforming it into a form that is unreadable without the proper key. When data is encrypted, it is transformed into an unreadable format that can only be accessed by someone who possesses the correct key. Encryption is used to protect data in a variety of applications, including email, files, and messages

    How Do You Know if Something Has Been Encrypted?

    If you are using QuickBooks to manage your finances, you may be wondering if something has been encrypted. If you cannot decrypt a file with the password, it likely has been encrypted. Here are some tips to help determine if something has been encrypted:

    🔹 Check the file size. If the file size is significantly smaller than it should be, it may be encrypted.
    🔹 Look for strange characters or symbols in the file. This could be a sign that the file has been encrypted.
    🔹 Check for unusual permissions. If the file does not have standard permissions, it may have been encrypted

    How Do You Unlock an Encrypted File?

    If you are having trouble decrypting a file that QuickBooks encrypted with your password, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure that you have the correct password. If you do not know the password, you can try to reset it. You can also try to use a different password oracle if the encrypted file was created with QuickBooks. Finally, if all else fails, you can contact QuickBooks Experts for help decrypting the file.

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