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QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server – [Infographic]

    QuickBooks Unable to Connect with Remote Server
    • When user tries to access the company files.
    • Due to wrong/inappropriate firewall settings.

    Steps to Fix QuickBooks Data Connectivity Issue with Server

    QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is a well pronounced diagnostic tools that will you user to test the connection between QuickBooks Database Server Manager and the Client.

    If your Diagnostic Tool does not connect with the server, it means that there is some error in the server.

    If diagnostic tool doesn’t work, here is what you can do:

    1. Connect with us via Live Chat Support or Call us on our Toll-Free Number
    2. Follow the procedure that we are mentioning below to resolve the issue.

    Steps for Connect QuickBooks Database Server Manager

    You must have your QuickBooks Database Server Manager installed. This tool helps you monitor your data files. If QuickBooks Database server manager doesn’t know your data location, you can’t make presence of that file to the clients.

    • It is better to place file in a shared folder which have roots c:\\(such as c:\\Data or c:\\QB)
    • Make sure that all the users have all the rights to access the files.

    Repair Prevention

    If you follow such tips, all your data will be intact and tip-top. This will help you resolve the connection error in the near future.

    • Clean Junk Data
    • Verify your Data and then Rebuild it.
    • Log out from QuickBooks properly every time.

    QuickBooks Unable to Connect with Remote Server – [Infographic]

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    Seeking for Assistance

    1. Connect with us via Live Chat Support.
    2. Call our Technical Support Toll-Free Number –
    3. Drop a mail on our Official Email Address – [email protected]


    How do I Connect QuickBooks to My Server?

    The best way to connect QuickBooks with your servers is by creating a connection over the Web. However, you first need to login to your account and then choose which method you’ll want to connect through (you can use our secure SSL connection or create a port-forwarding connection). After that, you’ll be able to choose from an abundance of options, such as importing or generating a new external accounting file.

    Can not Connect to QuickBooks?

    Confirm that your server is up and running. Sometimes the connection between the Windows computer where you’re using connect QuickBooks and the server hosting your company file may be interrupted by a power outage, software update, or otherwise.

    How do I Access QuickBooks Remotely?

    If you are running Quickbooks online on a remote network, connect your computer to the internet and locate the IP address assigned to Quickbooks on our website. You can now go to that IP address from your computer to access your account remotely.